ISF Championship

International School Sport Federation championships. Girls tournament since 1985.


Year   Winners (boys)        Winners (girls)            Venue
1972   Belgium                                          Herentals, Belgium
1973   Romania                                          Lille, France
1974   China                                            Mödling, Austria
1975   Turkey                                           Izmir, Turkey
1977   Nigeria                                          Dublin, Ireland
1979   France                                           Ciudad Real, Spain
1981   Sweden                                           Halmstad, Sweden
1983   Sweden                                           Brugge, Belgium
1985   Nigeria               Denmark                    Tampere, Finland
1987   Israel                China                      Hasselt, Belgium
1989   France                Italy                      Firenze, Italy
1991   Sweden                China                      Borlänge, Sweden
1993   Austria               China                      Ramat Gan, Israel
1995   Israel                Finland                    Duisburg, Germany
1997   Turkey                Finland                    Cuzco, Peru
1999   France                Finland                    Cagliari, Italy
2001   China                 Finland                    Cagliari, Italy
2003   Turkey                China                      Shanghai, China
2005   Iran                  Germany                    Skaerbaek, Denmark
2007   Germany               China                      Santiago, Chile
2009   Cyprus                China                      Antalya, Turkey
2011   Germany		     Germany		        Fortaleza, Brasil
2013   Turkey                Finland 		    	Bordeaux, France     
2015   Turkey                France			Guatemala
2017   Qatar		     Austria			Praha, Czech Rep.

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