Italy B - International Results

Also labelled as “Nazionale Cadetti” by the Press.
Labelled as “Nazionale Sperimentale” by FIGC (Italian Federation), starting from 1976 year.  

17.04.1927 Esch/Alzette  Luxembourg A       Italy B             1-5  Stade la Frontière
24.04.1927 Dublin        Eire A             Italy B             1-2  Lansdowne Road
07.04.1929 Athens        Greece A           Italy B             1-4  Stadion A.Nikolaidis 
09.02.1930 Marseille     France(1)          Italy B             3-2  Stade de l’Huveaune
02.03.1930 Napoli        Italy B            Greece A            3-0  Stadio G.Ascarelli
06.04.1930 Genova        Italy B            Luxembourg A        8-1  Stadio Marassi
12.04.1931 Luxembourg    Luxembourg A       Italy B             0-3  Stade Municipal
19.04.1931 Alessandria   Italy B            France(1)           2-0  Stadio G.Moccagatta
14.05.1931 Budapest      Hungary B          Italy B             0-1  Űllöi út
17.05.1931 Sofia         Bulgaria A         Italy B             2-2  Stadion Yunak
20.03.1932 Padova        Italy B            Bulgaria A          4-0  Stadio S.Appiani
20.03.1932 Roma          Italy B(2)         Austria B           3-1  Stadio P.N.F.
10.04.1932 Como          Italy B            Luxembourg A       12-0  Stadio G.Sinigaglia 
08.05.1932 Firenze       Italy B            Hungary B           4-2  Stadio Comunale
28.10.1932 Napoli        Italy B(2)         Poland A            3-0  Stadio G.Ascarelli 
28.10.1932 Trieste       Italy B(3)         Hungary B           3-3  Stadio Valmaura 
30.10.1932 Genova        Italy B(4)         Poland A            5-1  Stadio Marassi 
02.04.1933 Novara        Italy B            Switzerland B       5-0  Stadio Via Alcarotti
07.05.1933 Praha         Czechoslovakia B   Italy B             1-2  Stadion Slavia
22.10.1933 Vercelli      Italy B            Hungary B           4-3  Stadio S.Piola
22.10.1933 Berlin        Brandenburg XI     Italy B(5)          0-1  Poststadion
03.12.1933 Lugano        Switzerland B      Italy B             0-7  Campo Marzio
11.02.1934 Trieste       Italy B            Austria B           2-0  Stadio Valmaura
11.11.1934 Genova        Italy B            Austria B           8-1  Stadio Marassi
17.02.1935 Antibes       France(1)          Italy B             1-2  Stade du Fort Carré
24.03.1935 Livorno       Italy B            Austria B           0-0  Stadio Ardenza
27.10.1935 Cornigliano   Italy B            Czechoslovakia B    3-1  Stadio Littorio
05.04.1936 Novara        Italy B            Switzerland B       2-0  Stadio Via Alcarotti
25.10.1936 Luzern        Switzerland B      Italy B             1-3  Stadion Allmend
21.03.1937 Vigevano      Italy B            Austria B           3-2  Stadio D.Merlo
25.04.1937 Luxembourg    Luxembourg A       Italy B             3-2  Stade Municipal
31.10.1937 Bergamo       Italy B            Switzerland B       4-1  Stadio Comunale
05.12.1937 Marseille     France(1)          Italy B             2-2  Stade Vélodrome 
15.05.1938 Milano        Italy B            Luxembourg A        4-0  Stadio San Siro
22.05.1938 Genova        Italy B            Germany(6)          5-2  Stadio Marassi
20.11.1938 Lugano        Switzerland B      Italy B             0-0  Campo Marzio
04.12.1938 Nice          France(1)          Italy B             0-1  Stade du Ray
26.03.1939 Frankfurt     Germany(6)         Italy B             2-1  Waldstadion
11.06.1939 Zürich        Switzerland        Italy B(5)          1-7  Forrlibuck Sportpl.
11.11.1945 Locarno       Switzerland B      Italy B(5)          1-4  Stadio del Lido 
20.05.1949 Athens        Italy B            Turkey A            3-2* Stadion A.Nikolaidis 
22.05.1949 Athens        Italy B            Egypt A             2-1* Stadion A.Nikolaidis 
25.05.1949 Athens        Greece A           Italy B             2-3* Stadion A.Nikolaidis
02.04.1950 Firenze       Italy B            Austria B           2-1  Stadio Comunale
02.04.1950 Lyon          Ligue Lyonnaise    Italy B(4)          0-5  Stade de Gerland
11.05.1950 Milano        Italy B            England B           5-0  Stadio San Siro
25.11.1951 Cagliari      Italy B            Switzerland B       2-0  Amsicora
28.12.1952 Bellinzona    Switzerland B      Italy B             0-5  Stadio Comunale
15.11.1953 Roma          Italy B            A.I.K. Stockholm    2-1  Stadio Olimpico
11.12.1953 Istanbul      Turkey A           Italy B             0-1**Mithat Paşa Stadi
11.04.1954 Roma          Italy B            France B            0-0**Stadio Olimpico
29.05.1955 Athens        Greece A           Italy B             0-0**Stadion A.Nikolaidis
26.06.1954 Trieste       Italy B            Turkey A            1-1**Stadio Valmaura 
27.11.1955 Livorno       Italy B            Hungary B           2-1  Stadio Ardenza
16.12.1955 Cairo         Egypt A            Italy B             0-1**Al-Gezira Stadium
15.02.1956 Marseille     Trance B           Italy B             2-1**Stade Vélodrome
22.04.1956 Napoli        Italy B            Greece A            7-1**Stadio Vomero 
08.12.1956 Cagliari      Italy B            Spain B             0-1**Amsicora
12.05.1957 Pescara       Italy B            Egypt A             0-1**Stadio Adriatico
16.10.1958 Zaragoza      Spain B            Italy B             3-1  Estadio la Romareda
28.11.1959 Budapest      Hungary B          Italy B             2-0  Népstadion
03.01.1960 Lugano        Switzerland B      Italy B             2-3  Stadio Cornaredo
06.05.1962 Toulouse      France B           Italy B             2-2  Stadium
11.05.1962 Bari          Italy B            Hungary XI          3-1  Stadio Vittoria 
20.03.1963 Firenze       Italy B            Bulgaria B          1-0  Stadio Comunale
08.05.1963 Wien          Austria B          Italy B             2-0  Prater
05.06.1963 Udine         Italy B            Austria B           2-0  Stadio Moretti
07.11.1963 Sofia         Bulgaria B         Italy B             5-1  Stadion V.Levski
08.04.1964 Verona        Italy B            Belgium B           1-1  Stadio M.Bentegodi
16.03.1966 Charleroi     Belgium B          Italy B             3-3  Stade la Neuville
20.03.1966 Esch/Alzette  Luxembourg A       Italy B             0-3  Stade la Frontière
25.02.1976 Essen         West Germany B     Italy B             0-1  G.Melches Stadion
19.01.1977 Udine         Italy B            Eire League XI      2-0  Stadio Friuli
13.04.1977 Basel         Switzerland A      Italy B             0-0  Stadion St.Jacob
07.10.1977 Bremen        West Germany B     Italy B             1-0  Weserstadion
26.04.1978 Verona        Italy B            Scotland League XI  1-1  Stadio M.Bentegodi
08.11.1978 Ferrara       Italy B            Switzerland A       1-0  Stadio Comunale
23.02.1979 Bologna       Italy B            Soviet Union A      1-3  Stadio Comunale
19.12.1979 Genova        Italy B            West Germany B      1-2  Stadio Marassi
08.01.1986 Genova        Italy B            Netherlands XI      ---# Stadio Marassi 

1. : South-East League
2. : Centre/South Selection.
3. : North/East Selection.
4. : North/West Selection.
5. : North Selection.
6. : South-East Selection
All friendly Matches, with exclusion of: 
*  : Mediterranean Cup 1949 (“Friendship Tournament”).
** : Mediterranean Cup 1953/58.
#  : Not played due to heavy rain.

The above Match List shows the Matches played by Italy “B” Team, where "B" means a second 
choice Team, without age restrictions. 
In many Sources ("Almanacco Panini" and others), most of “U.23” Team’s Matches are included 
in Italy "B” Team’s Matches, which is not strictly correct. 

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