Italy - Olympic Team - International Results

A. Amateurism Era
  1936 Olympic Games 
     03.08.1936 Berlin        Italy               USA A              1-0   Poststadion
     07.08.1936 Berlin        Italy               Japan A            8-0   Mommsenstadion
     10.08.1936 Berlin        Italy               Norway A           2-1[1]Olympiastadion
     15.08.1936 Berlin        Italy               Austria Am.        2-1[1]Olympiastadion
  1948 Olympic Games 
     02.08.1948 London        Italy               USA A              9-0   Griffin Park
     05.08.1948 London        Denmark A           Italy              5-3   Highbury
  1952 Olympic Games 
     16.07.1952 Tampere       Italy               USA A              8-0   Ratina Stadion
     21.07.1952 Helsinki      Hungary A           Italy              3-0   Pallokenttä
  1959 Mediterranean Games 
     12.10.1959 Beirut        Lebanon A           Italy              0-2   C.Chamoum Stadium
     16.10.1959 Beirut        Italy               Turkey Am.         1-1   C.Chamoum Stadium
     18.10.1959 Beirut        Lebanon A           Italy              0-5   C.Chamoum Stadium
     23.10.1959 Beirut        Italy               Turkey Am.         2-1   C.Chamoum Stadium
     09.03.1960 Bern          Switzerland Am.     Italy              1-4   Stadion Wankdorf
     03.04.1960 Ankara        Turkey Am.          Italy              0-1   19 Mayis Stadi
     14.05.1960 Brescia       Italy               Great Britain Am.  5-1   Stadio M.Rigamonti
     05.06.1960 Grosseto      Italy               France Am.         1-1   Stadio C.Zecchini
     16.06.1960 Catania       Italy               Turkey Am.         1-3   Stadio Cibali
  1960 Olympic Games  
     26.08.1960 Napoli        Italy               Taiwan A           4-1   Stadio San Paolo
     29.08.1960 Roma          Italy               Great Britain Am.  2-2   Stadio Flaminio
     01.09.1960 Firenze       Italy               Brazil Am.         3-1   Stadio Comunale
     05.09.1960 Napoli        Italy               Yugoslavia Ol.     1-1[2]Stadio San Paolo
     09.09.1960 Roma          Italy               Hungary Ol.        1-2   Stadio Flaminio
  1963 Mediterranean Games 
     21.09.1963 Napoli        Italy               Tunisia A          2-0   Stadio San Paolo
     25.09.1963 Benevento     Italy               Syria A            6-0   Stadio G.Meomartini
     27.09.1963 Caserta       Italy               Morocco A          4-1   Stadio A.Pinto
     29.09.1963 Napoli        Italy               Turkey Am.         3-0   Stadio San Paolo

  Qualifications of 1964 Olympic Games 
     20.11.1963 Ankara        Turkey Am.          Italy              2-2   19 Mayis Stadi
     11.03.1964 Bergamo       Italy               Turkey Am.         7-1   Stadio Comunale
     18.06.1964 Roma          Italy               Poland Ol.         3-0   Stadio Olimpico
     25.06.1964 Poznań        Poland Ol.          Italy              0-1   Stadion E.Szyca
     22.03.1967 Firenze       Italy               Yugoslavia Am.     2-1   Stadio Comunale
     23.03.1967 Roma          Italy               Austria Am.        2-1   Stadio Flaminio
     05.08.1967 London        Queen’s Park Rang.  Italy              5-1   Loftus Road
     07.08.1967 Peterborough  Peterborough Utd.   Italy              3-0   London Road
     09.08.1967 Southampton   Southampton FC      Italy              2-2   The Dell
     13.08.1967 London        Millwall FC         Italy              1-0   Old Den
     15.08.1967 Manchester    Manchester Utd.     Italy              2-0   Old Trafford 

  1967 Mediterranean Games 
     07.09.1967 Tunis         Morocco A           Italy              1-0   Stade C.Zouiten     
     09.09.1967 Tunis         Italy               Algeria A          2-0
     12.09.1967 Tunis         Italy               France Am.         4-1   Stade El Menzah
     15.09.1967 Tunis         Italy               Spain Am.          2-0   Stade El Menzah
     17.09.1967 Tunis         Italy               France Am.         0-0[1]Stade El Menzah

[1]: aet
[2]: aet; Yugoslavia Ol. winner on coin toss. 

Italy also played the Qualifications of 1972 Olympic Games (two Matches versus E.Germany) and 
of 1980 Olympic Games (two Matches versus Greece, two Matches versus Yugoslavia and two Matches
versus Turkey).
Because Italy fielded, in those occasions, the Under 21 Team, above Matches are listed in 
“Italy Under 21” Section.


1.The eight Matches of 1936, 1948 and 1952 Olympic Games are considered as full “A” International 
  by FIGC (Italian FA). 
  Officially, those Teams were composed of “Students”; only few players (nobody, in 1936) had been
  previously fielded in “A” Matches.
2.Italy won 1936 Olympic Games, 1959, 1963 and 1967 Mediterranean Games (the latter one “ex-aequo”
  with France). 
3.Italy won the Qualifications of 1964 Olympic Games, but were disqualified by the Olympic Committee,
  for professionalism. 
B. Professionalism Era

27.04.1983 Roma       Italy            Eire League XI  2-0   Stadio Olimpico       Fr
08.06.1983 Padova     Italy            Yugoslavia Ol.  2-2   Stadio S.Appiani      qOG84
21.09.1983 Genova     Italy            Portugal Ol.    1-0   Stadio Marassi        Fr
26.10.1983 Brasov     Romania Ol.      Italy           0-0   Stadionul Tineretului OG84
09.11.1983 Rijeka     Yugoslavia Ol.   Italy           5-1   Stadion Kantrida      qOG84
25.01.1984 Pisa       Italy            Netherlands Ol. 2-2   Arena Garibaldi       qOG84
28.03.1984 Bologna    Italy            Romania Ol.     1-2   Stadio Comunale       qOG84
18.04.1984 Utrecht    Netherlands Ol.  Italy           1-1   Stadion Galgenwaard   qOG84
29.07.1984 Pasadena   Italy            Egypt A         1-o   Rose Bowl             OG84  
31.07.1984 Pasadena   USA A            Italy           0-1   Rose Bowl             OG84
02.08.1984 Pasadena   Costa Rica A     Italy           1-0   Rose Bowl             OG84   
05.08.1984 Palo Alto  Italy            Chile Ol.       1-0[3]Stanford Stadium      OG84
08.08.1984 Palo Alto  Brazil Ol.       Italy           2-1[3]Stanford Stadium      OG84
10.08.1984 Pasadena   Yugoslavia Ol.   Italy           2-1   Rose Bowl             OG84  
14.01.1987 Patras     Greece Ol.       Italy           0-2   Stadium of Panachaiki Fr     
04.02.1987 Palermo    Italy            Romania Ol.     2-2   Stadio della Favorita Fr
18.02.1987 Lecce      Italy            Portugal Ol.    1-0   Stadio Via del Mare   qOG88
25.03.1987 Magdeburg  E.Germany Ol.    Italy           0-0   E.Grube Stadion       qOG88
15.04.1987 Pescara    Italy            Iceland Ol.     2-0   Stadio Adriatico      qOG88    
28.10.1987 Arezzo     Italy            Greece Ol.      2-0   Stadio Comunale       Fr        
18.11.1987 Roma       Italy            E.Germany Ol.   1-1   Stadio Flaminio       qOG88
24.02.1988 Lisboa     Portugal Ol.     Italy           0-0   Estádio Nacional      qOG88
09.03.1988 Groningen  Netherlands Ol.  Italy           0-1   Stadion Oosterpark    qOG88  
13.04.1988 Padova     Italy            Netherlands Ol. 3-0   Stadio S.Appiani      qOG88 
29.05.1988 Reykjavik  Iceland Ol.      Italy           0-3   Laugardalsvöllur      qOG88
17.09.1988 Gwangiu    Italy            Guatemala A     5-2   Mudeung Stadium       OG88
19.09.1988 Gwangiu    Zambia A         Italy           4-0   Mudeung Stadium       OG88
21.09.1988 Seul       Italy            Iraq A          2-0   Dongdaemun Stadium    OG88
25.09.1988 Daegu      Italy            Sweden Ol.      2-1[3]Civic Stadium         OG88
27.09.1988 Busan      Soviet Union Ol. Italy           5-2[3]Gudeok Stadium        OG88
30.09.1988 Seul       W.Germany Ol.    Italy           3-0   Olympic Stadium       OG88

[3]: aet

aet   : after extra time
Fr    : friendly
OG84  : 1984 Olympic Games
OG88  : 1988 Olympic Games
qOG84 : Qualification of 1984 Olympic Games
qOG88 : Qualification of 1988 Olympic Games

C. Age’s Restriction Era

It starts from 1992 Olympic Games. 
The main Rule is that each Squad must be composed of “Under 23” players, with a maximum
of three (3) over aged players.   

Because the “UEFA Under 21 Championship” also doubles as “Olympic Qualifying Tournament”,
the Matches played by Italy in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games are listed in 
“Italy Under 21” Section.
In 2012, Italy did not reach the Qualification to the Olympic Games.

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