Italy - U-23 - International Results

Also labelled as “Nazionale Cadetti” by the Press, and “Nazionale Giovani” or “Nazionale Primavera” 
by FIGC (Italian Federation).  

06.04.1942 Torino     Italy U.23           Hungary U.23         3-0  Stadio Comunale
06.01.1943 Padova     Italy U.23           Croatia U.23         0-0  Stadio S.Appiani  
08.04.1951 Palermo    Italy U.23           Greece A             3-0* Stadio la Favorita
06.05.1951 Istanbul   Turkey XI            Italy U.23           0-0*    Mithat Paşa Stadi 
11.11.1951 Cairo      Egypt A              Italy U.23           3-0* Al-Gezira Stadium 
24.02.1952 Napoli     Italy U.23           Turkey XI            1-0* Stadio Vomero 
26.10.1952 Bari       Italy U.23           Egypt A              6-1* Stadio Vittoria
26.04.1953 Athens     Greece A             Italy U.23           0-0* Stadion A.Nikolaidis
20.01.1954 Bologna    Italy U.23           England U.23         3-0  Stadio Comunale
13.04.1954 Bologna    Italy U.23(1)        W.Germany U.23(2)    3-1  Stadio Comunale
19.05.1854 Firenze    Italy U.23           Hungary U.23         2-2  Stadio Comunale
13.10.1954 Genova     Italy U.23           Switzerland U.23     3-1  Stadio Marassi
11.11.1954 Vicenza    Italy U.23           France”Espoirs”      1-3  Stadio R.Menti
19.01.1955 London     England U.23         Italy U.23           5-1  Stamford Bridge
29.03.1955 München    W.Germany U.23(2)    Italy U.23(1)        1-2  Grünwalder Stadion
11.11.1956 Marseille  France “Espoirs”     Italy U.23           0-3  Stade Vélodrome
15.05.1958 Gzira      Malta A              Italy U.23           1-1  Imperial Stadium
08.11.1958 Bologna    Italy U.23           Bulgaria U.23        2-1  Stadio Comunale
01.03.1959 Madrid     Spain U.23           Italy U.23           0-0  Estadio S.Bernabéu
07.05.1959 Milano     Italy U.23           England U.23         0-3  Stadio San Siro
13.03.1960 Palermo    Italy U.23           Spain U.23           3-0  Stadio la Favorita
02.11.1960 Newcastle  England U.23         Italy U.23           1-1  St.James’ Park
11.12.1960 Sofia      Bulgaria U.23        Italy U.23           4-4  Stadion V.Levski
20.12.1967 Nottingham England U.23         Italy U.23           1-0  City Ground
25.05.1968 Trieste    Italy U.23           England U.23         1-1  Stadio Valmaura
16.10.1968 Genova     Italy U.23           France U.23          0-1+ Stadio Marassi
26.03.1969 Brescia    Italy U.23           North.Ireland U.23   2-1  Stadio M.Rigamonti
16.04.1969 Grenoble   France U.23          Italy U.23           2-0+ Stade C.Berty
30.10.1969 Sabadell   Spain U.23           Italy U.23           2-0+ Estadi Creu Alta 
19.02.1970 Genova     Italy U.23           Spain U.23           1-0+ Stadio Marassi
01.11.1970 Varese     Italy U.23           Austria U.23         3-1# Stadio F.Ossola
17.02.1971 Bari       Italy U.23           Israel A             2-0  Stadio Vittoria
10.06.1971 Udine      Italy U.23           Sweden U.23          1-0# Stadio Moretti
10.10.1971 Växjö      Sweden U.23          Italy U.23           4-1# Värendsvallen
21.11.1971 Klagenfurt Austria U.23         Italy U.23           2-1# Wörtherseestadion
01.03.1972 Tel Aviv   Israel A             Italy U.23           0-1  Bloomfield Stadium
22.10.1972 Verona     Italy U.23           Switzerland B        1-1  Stadio M.Bentegodi
14.01.1973 Ankara     Turkey U.23          Italy U.23           1-3# 19 Mayis Stadi
24.02.1973 Palermo    Italy U.23           Turkey U.23          1-0# Stadio la Favorita
29.03.1973 Lisboa     Portugal U.23        Italy U.23           1-0  Estádio do Restelo
21.10.1973 St.Gallen  Switzerland B        Italy U.23           1-1  Stadion Espenmoos 
27.02.1974 Taranto    Italy U.23           E.Germany U.23       0-1# Stadio E.Jacovone
17.04.1974 Magdeburg  E.Germany U.23       Italy U.23           2-1# E.Grube Stadion
29.09.1974 Cesena     Italy U.23           Yugoslavia U.23      2-2  Stadio la Fiorita
19.11.1974 s’Hertogenbosch  Netherlands U.23  Italy U.23        3-2# de Vliert
16.04.1975 Novi Sad         Yugoslavia U.23   Italy U.23        0-0  Stadion Karađorđe
05.06.1975 Pescara          Italy U.23        Finland U.23      3-0# Stadio Adriatico
28.09.1975 Helsinki         Finland U.23      Italy U.23        2-3# Pallokenttä
27.10.1975 London           Chelsea FC        Italy U.23        0-0§ Stamford Bridge
14.01.1976 Roma             Italy U.23        Netherlands U.23  1-1# Stadio Olimpico
02.07.1991 Athens           Turkey U.23       Italy U.23        2-0°
04.07.1991 Athens           Italy U.23        Egypt U.23        1-0°
17.06.1993 Perpignan        Italy U.23        Morocco U.23      2-0° Stade J.Laffon
19.06.1993 Perpignan        Italy U.23        Slovenia U.23     2-1° Stade J.Laffon
24.06.1993 Nîmes            Algeria U.23      Italy U.23        1-0° Les Costières
26.06.1993 Nîmes            France U.23       Italy U.23        2-1° Les Costières
19.06.1997 Foggia           Italy U.23        Albania U.23      4-0° Stadio P.Zaccheria
21.06.1997 Andria           Italy U.23        Yugoslavia U.23   0-0° Stadio degli Ulivi
23.06.1997 Lecce            Italy U.23        Spain U.23        2-0° Stadio Via del Mare
25.06.1997 Bari             Italy U.23        Turkey U.23       5-1° Stadio San Nicola 

(1) : Northern Selection
(2) : Southern Selection

* : Mediterranean Cup 1950/53, won by Italy.
    According to the odd rules of this Tournament, Italy fielded a Team of U.23 players
    (with a maximum number of three over age,in each Match), where the under 23 age was
    referred to the date of the establishment of the Tnmt (May 1st, 1948) and not to the 
    starting date (year 1950).
    It was, realistically, a B Team. However, it is here listed as U.23, to distinguish 
    it from the B Team (without restriction), which played during the same years against
    other foreign Teams.    
+ : Latin Cup for U.23 Teams (France, Spain and Italy), won by France. 
# : UEFA U.23 Championship. 
    1970 and 1971 Matches valid for the first Edition, won by Czechoslovakia. 
    1973 and 1974 (until April) Matches valid for the second Edition, won by Hungary.
    1974 (November), 1975 and 1976 Matches valid for the third Edition, won by Soviet Un. 
° : Mediterranean Games.
    1991 Matches valid for the XI Edition, won by Greece.
    1993 Matches valid for the XII Edition, won by Turkey.
    1997 Matches valid for the XIII Edition, won by Italy.
    Italy participated to the XI Edition of the Games, with a rearranged Mil.Team, which
    had just won the XXXIV Edition of the Military World Championship.
§ : Prince Philip Cup.

In many Sources ("Almanacco Panini" and others):
a. most of the above-quoted “U.23” Matches, from years 1942 to 1960, are listed in Italy
   "U.21” Team’s Matches
b. the above-quoted “U.23” Matches, from year 1969 to the end (1997),are listed in Italy
   “B” Team’s Matches.
Both of them (a. and b. criteria) are not strictly correct.  

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