Ivory Coast 1951/52

Championnat du District d'Abidjan 1951/52

NB: 3-2-1 points system

Division I

Final Table:

 1.Africa Sports           57  Champions
 2.USC Bassam              55
 3.USFA                    53
 4.Olympique               50
 5.AS Providentia          49
 6.Jeunesse Club           45
 7.USBLA                   43  (GA : 42-39)
 8.ASEC                    43  (GA : 38-51)
 9.Etoile Adjamé           42
10.Red Star                39
11.OCSA Moussou            27  Relegated
12.Dabou Sports            21  Relegated

NB: 4 fewer points than corresponding to a full programme of matches, presumably due
    to forfeits or one unplayed match (in particular Dabou either failed to play a 
    match or must have forfeited one or more); 
    USBLA and Etoile Adjamé merged after the season (August 1952) into Etoile Abidjan.

Division II

 1.ASRAN                   37  Promoted
 2.AS Jeanne d'Arc         32  Promoted  [*]
 3.FC Abidjan              30            [*]
 4.Racing CA               30            [*]
 5.RICC Sports             26
 6.Excelsior               23            [*]
 7.Sporting                23            [*]
 8.Radical                 17            [*]

[*] these clubs all forfeited one match (therefore obtaining 0 points instead of 1 for a loss)

Championnat du District de Bouaké 1951/52

Champions: Renaissance Sportive de Bouaké

Championnat du District de Daloa 1951/52

Champions: Association Sportive de Daloa

Championnat du District de Dimbokro 1951/52

Champions: Union Sportive de Dimbroko

Championnat du District de Gagnoa 1951/52

Champions: Racing Club Gagnoa.


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