International Women's Club Championship

Tournament held in Japan which apparently pretends to crown the women world club champions although none of the three editions so far featured both the reigning European and South American club champions, none featured any North American club side (a serious omission in the women's game) and neither AFC nor CAF organise a continental club tournament for women.
The only consistent feature of all three editions has been the entry of two Japanese sides and one from Australia, all selected on domestic performance rather than any international merit. So in fact this is just another invitational friendly tournament.


2012 Olympique Lyonnais        2-1 INAC Kobe Leonessa        [aet]
2013 INAC Kobe Leonessa        4-2 Chelsea FC
2014 São José Esporte Clube    2-0 Arsenal FC


Participants (4):
INAC Kobe Leonessa    (champions Japan 2012)
NTV Beleza            (runners-up Japan 2012)
Canberra United       (champions Australia 2011/12)
Olympique Lyonnais    (winners UEFA Women's Champions League 2011/12)

Semifinals [Nov 22, Urawa]
NTV Beleza                2-5 Olympique Lyonnais        
INAC Kobe Leonessa        4-0 Canberra United

Third Place Match [Nov 25, Omiya]
NTV Beleza                4-3 Canberra United

Final [Nov 25, Omiya]
INAC Kobe Leonessa        1-2 Olympique Lyonnais        [aet]


Participants (5):
INAC Kobe Leonessa    (champions Japan 2013)
NTV Beleza            (runners-up Japan 2013)
Sydney FC             (champions Australia 2012/13)
Colo Colo             (winners Copa Libertadores Femenina 2012)
Chelsea               (invited; 7th in England 2013)

Preliminary Round [Nov 30, Okayama]
NTV Beleza                0-1 Sydney FC                 

Semifinals [Dec 4]
INAC Kobe Leonessa        3-0 Colo Colo                 [in Kagoshima]
Chelsea                   3-2 Sydney FC                 [in Okayama]

Third Place Match [Dec 7, Kagoshima]
Sydney FC                 3-3 Colo Colo                 [4-2 pen (no extra time)]

Final [Dec 8, Tokyo]
INAC Kobe Leonessa        4-2 Chelsea                   


Participants (6):
Urawa Red Diamonds    (champions Japan 2014)
Okayama Yunogo Belle  (first regular season Japan 2014)
Melbourne Victory     (champions Australia 2013/14)
São José EC           (winners Copa Libertadores Femenina 2013)
Jiangsu Huatai        (winners preliminary tournament)
Arsenal               (invited; 4th in England 2014)

Preliminary Round [Nov 30, Mimasaka]
Urawa Red Diamonds        5-1 Jiangsu Huatai            
Okayama Yunogo Belle      5-0 Melbourne Victory         

Semifinals [Dec 3, Tokyo]
Urawa Red Diamonds        0-1 São José                  
Okayama Yunogo Belle      0-2 Arsenal                   

Third Place Match [Dec 6, Tokyo]
Urawa Red Diamonds        4-0 Okayama Yunogo Belle      

Final [Dec 6, Tokyo]
São José                  2-0 Arsenal                   

2014 Preliminary Tournament

The 2014 edition was preceded by two qualifying matches which were also grandly referred to
as the "Asia Women's Club Championship", most probably the most ridiculous misnomer in the
history of world football: none of the three participants were champions of their country;
Ryukyu Deigos, the Okinawa-based host side, did not even play at the Japanese top level.

Participants (3):
Jiangsu Huatai        [China]
Taipei SCSC           [Taiwan]
Ryukyu Deigos         [Japan]

Semifinal [Nov 25, Okinawa]
Jiangsu Huatai            4-2 Taipei SCSC               
Ryukyu Deigos             bye

Final [Nov 27, Okinawa]
Ryukyu Deigos             0-7 Jiangsu Huatai            

NB: Jiangsu Huatai qualified for 2014 tournament.

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