Djakarta triangular tournament 1957

27-12-57 Indonesia        0-2 SC Wacker        [HT 0-2]
28-12-57 Bulgaria XI      1-0 SC Wacker        [HT 1-0]
29-12-57 Indonesia        0-2 Bulgaria XI      [HT 0-1]

 1.Bulgaria XI        2  2  0  0  3- 0  4
 2.SC Wacker (Wien)   2  1  0  1  2- 1  2
 3.Indonesia          2  0  0  2  0- 4  0

Note: the Bulgarian and Indonesian teams were reported as national teams,
      but the match between the two is not an official international for
      Bulgaria (Bulgaria played a full international in France on 25-12-57);
      apparently the Bulgarian side was mostly an U-23 team.

Wacker were on an Asian trip 1957/58.

Around the tournament, Bulgaria XI played the following additional matches in Indonesia:

12-12-57 Bandung      Persib           2-6 Bulgaria XI 
15-12-57 Medan        PSMS             0-7 Bulgaria XI 
19-12-57 Padang       PSP              1-6 Bulgaria XI 
22-12-57 Jogjakarta   PSSI Jawa Tengah 0-3 Bulgaria XI 
25-12-57 Makassar     PSM              1-3 Bulgaria XI 
 1- 1-58 Djakarta     Persidja         3-5 Bulgaria XI 

Additional data

12-12-57 Bandung      Persib           2-6 Bulgaria XI 
  Stadion Siliwangi, Bandung
  Persib: Djudju (keeper), Djunaedi, Nandang, Rukma, Ade (Sulaeman), Parhim, Omo (Witarsa), 
          Henkie Timisela (Omo), Witarsa (Ade).
  Bulgaria: Yordan Yosifov  (keeper), Atanas Manolov, Aleksandar Vasilev, Ivan Georgiev,
            Iliya Kirchev, Yoncho Arsov, Georgi B. Gugalov, Doycho Bachev, Pavel Vladimirov
            (Dimitar Yordanov), Stefan Abadzhiev, A. Kostov I (Aleksandar Dr. Kostov?).
  Referee: Kuntadi (Semarang) and Max Hosli (Bandung)/J. Tahitu (Bandung).

15-12-57 Medan        PSMS             0-7 Bulgaria XI 
  Stadion Teladan, Medan
  PSMS: Jazir (keeper), Rasjid, Ramlan, Chaeruddin, A. Nur (Cornel), Bakir, Sjamsudin,
        Sunarjo, Ramli, Saari, A. Daulay (Harry).
  Bulgaria: Nikola Parchanov (keeper), Atanas Manolov, Aleksandar Vasilev, Yoncho Arsov, 
            Kostov I (Aleksandar Dr. Kostov?), Deaganov (= Draganov?), Georgi B. Gugalov,
            Deshev (= Bogdan Dochev?), Pavel Vladimirov, Stefan Abadzhiev 
            (Kostov III (= Dimitar Kostov?)), Kostov II (= Aleksandar Dim. Kostov?).

NB: one of the Kostov's may actually have been Lyuben Kostov; please note that newspaper
    reports only gave family names, often in fanciful spelling, and the above two line-ups
    are educated guesses only

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