Jamaica (Women) 2003

Zone A
Portmore Strikers (champions 2002/03)
Harbour View
Duhaney Park
Portland Strikers
Brown's Town 
Vineyard Town (KSAFA) 

Zone B
Barbican (runners-up 2002/03) 
Rae Town
Namow (Clarendon)
Olympic Gardens
Greater Portmore (St Catherine)
St Catherine Upliftment 
Untouchable Strikers

Round 1 [Jun 14]
Zone A
Portmore Strikers  8-0 Brown's Town
Harbour View       bt  Maverley/Hughenden 
Duhaney Park       bt  Vineyard Town
Portland Strikers  bye
Zone B
Greater Portmore  0-10 Barbican
Rae Town           bt  Waterhouse 
Namow              ppd Upliftment 
Olympic Gardens    lt  Untouchables 

Round 2 [Jun 18]
Portland Strikers  ppd Duhaney Park
other fixtures not known; matches postponed due to school exams

Round 3 [Jun 21]
Zone A
Maverley/Hughenden ppd Brown'sTown
Portmore Strikers 22-0 Portland Strikers
Harbour View       1-0 Duhaney Park
Vineyard Town      bye
Zone B
Untouchables       4-1 Greater Portmore
Barbican           1-1 Rae Town
Waterhouse         2-2 Olympic Gardens

Round 4 [Jun 25]
Zone A
Portmore Strikers  4-1 Duhaney Park
Harbour View      17-0 Portland Strikers
Vineyard Town      3-1 Brown's Town
Maverley/Hughenden bye
Zone B
Untouchable        2-1 Waterhouse
Barbican           8-0 Upliftment
Rae Town           2-0 Olympic G.
Namow              3-1 Greater Portmore

Round 5 [Jun 28]
Zone A
Harbour View       4-0 Brown's Town
Vineyard Town     11-0 Portland Strikers
Maverley/H.        3-0 Duhaney Park
Portmore Strikers  bye
Zone B
Upliftment         2-1 Greater Portmore
Olympic G.         5-2 Namow

Round 6 [Jul 2]
Zone A
Harbour View       2-2 Portmore Strikers
Maverley/H.        n/p Portland Strikers
Duhaney Park       1-1 Brown's Town
Vineyard Town      bye
Zone B
Waterhouse         0-5 Barbican
Greater Portmore   0-2 Olympic G.
Upliftment         1-5 Rae Town
Untouchable        ppd Namow

[Jul 5]
Zone A
Vineyard Town       -  Maverley/H.
Brown's Town        -  Portland Strikers    
Zone B
Rae Town            -  Untouchable
Upliftment          -  Waterhouse    

Round 7 missing

Mid-season Final [Jul 19]
Portmore Strikers  7-2 Untouchable Strikers

Round 8 [Jul 23?]
Zone A
Portmore Strikers  9-0 Maverley/H.
Harbour View       2-1 Vineyard Town
Duhaney Park       1-1 Portland Strikers
Zone B
Barbican           4-1 Untouchables
Waterhouse         3-0 Namow
Olympic G.         4-1 Upliftment

Round 9
Maverley/H.        1-2 Browns' Town
Portmore Strikers   -  Portland Strikers       [Portland dns]
Harbour View        -  Duhaney Park            [DP dns]
Untouchables       2-0 Greater Portmore
Rae Town           2-0 Barbican
Waterhouse         1-1 Olympic G.

Zone A
1.Portmore Strikers     28
2.Harbour View          24
3.Vineyard Town         10
4.Broiwns' Town         10
5.Duhaney Park           5
6.Maverley/Hughenden     5
7.Portland Strikers      4
Zone B
1.Untouchable Strikers  28
2.Rae Town              22
3.Barbican              19
4.Waterhouse            17
5.Olympic Gardens       15
6.Upliftment             6
7.Namow                  3
8.Greater Portmore       0

Round 10 [Aug 2]
Zone A
Browns' Town            -       Vineyard Town
Portland Strikers       -       Harbour View
Duhaney Park            -       Portmore Strikers
Maverley/H.             bye
Zone B
Upliftment              -       Barbican
Waterhouse              -       Untouchable
Olympic G.              -       Rae Town
Greater Portmore        -       Namow

[Aug 9]
Zone A
Portmore Strikers      2-1      Harbour View
Zone B
Untouchable            9-0      Namow
Barbican              11-0      Waterhouse
Rae Town               2-0      Upliftment    


First Legs [Aug 20]
Portmore Strikers      1-3      Barbican
Harbour View           1-2      Untouchables

Second Legs [Aug 23]
Barbican               3-0      Portmore Strikers
Untouchable            1-1      Harbour View


First Leg [Aug 28]
Untouchable            2-0      Barbican

Second Leg [Aug 31]
Barbican               5-0      Untouchable

Champions: Barbican



list of champions

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