Jamaica 1975/76

Kingston (KSAFA) Major League 1975/76

NB: Santos entered for the first time

Zonal Stage

Round ?
Santos               abd Boys' Town
  [abandoned at 0-1 in 55', Santos conceded the points]

Final Round [Dec 15, 1975]
Boys' Town           1-0 Santos            
  [Boys' Town had already qualified for the final four, Santos
   needed a draw in this match to follow them there; because of
   Santos' loss, Liguanea qualified as group runners-up]

Final Four:
Boys' Town
Tivoli Gardens
Liguanea United

Boys' Town won their first three matches all after having been behind

Round 4
Boys' Town           4-3 Tivoli Gardens

NB: Boys' Town assured of championship after this match

Round 5
Boys' Town           3-1 Liguanea United

Round 6
Cavaliers            2-0 Boys' Town

18 Allie McNab (Boys' Town)




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