Jamaica - List of Foundation Dates

NB: a first club on Jamaica was founded in 1893 but its name is not known

1940         Boys' Town FC (Kingston)
1942  3 Aug  Montego Bay Boys' Club
195?         Kensington
             Melbourne FC
             St George's Old Boys
1955         Constant Spring FC                              [founded as Golden Aces]
1956         Straths FC
1958         Real Mona FC 
196?         Duhaney Park FC  
1961         Benfica FC (St Ann's Bay)                       [founded as Lime Hall Community FC; name change 1966]
1962  1 Aug  Cavalier SC (Kingston)                          [founded as Cavalier FC]
             Saint George's United SC (Buff Bay)             [founded as Saint George's SC; merged Aug 2019 with
             Duhaney Park FC                                  Sporting West CC (Buff Bay) to Portlanders FC]
1964 16 Apr  Santos FC (Kingston)
1966         Tafari Lions FC (Lacovia)
1968  8 Sep  Village United SC (Falmouth)
             Shortwood United FC
             Waterhouse FC (Kingston)                        [founded as Harlem Kickers, 1972-1979 Great West FC, 1979 renamed Waterhouse]
1971         Allman/Woodford FC (Allman Town/Woodford Park)  [founded as Allman Town FC]
1972    Jun  Montego Bay United FC                           [founded as Beacon FC, later Seba United]                   
             Black Lions FC (Spanish Town)
             Progressive FC (Port Antonio)
             Rivoli United FC (Spanish Town)
             August Town FC (Kingston)
1973         Reno FC (Savannah del Mar)                      [founded as Stylo]
             Invaders SC (Bunkers Hill)
1974  4 Mar  Harbour View FC (Kingston)
             Humble Lion FC (Effortville)
1975         Bull Bay FC (Bull Pen)
             Barbican FC (Kingston) 
1976         Shortwood United FC (Kingston)                  [founded as Shortwood Sports Youth Club] 
1977         Arnett Gardens FC (Kingston)                    [merger of All Saints and Jones Town]
             Meadhaven United FC (Kingston)                  [founded as Meadowbrook and Havendale Sports Association] 
             Seaview FC (Whitehouse)
1978         Greenwich Town FC
             Maverley Hughenden (Kingston)
1979         Montpelier FC     
             Naggo's Head FC
1980         Christian Pen FC (Portmore)
1981         Passley Gardens Teacher College                 [merged 1995 with College of Agriculture]
1982         Priory Academy FC                               [founded as Volvo SC (Seville Heights/Priory)]
             Olympic Gardens (Kingston)
1983         Seaview Gardens FC                              [founded as Seaview Dynamics Youth Club]
             Tivoli Gardens FC (Kingston)                    [founded as Railways]      
             Wadadah FC (Montego Bay) 
1984         Denton Youth FC
1985         Portmore United FC                              [founded as Hazard United]
             Galaxy United (Lucea)
1986         Fletcher Moss Rangers FC
1988         Jamaica Defence Force (Kingston)
1991         Legend United FC (Lucea)
             Molynes United FC (Kingston)   
1992         Dunbeholden FC
             White Horses FC (Morant Bay)
1993         Invadors United (Bunkers Hill)
1994         Star Cosmos (Port Maria)
1995         FC Platinum
1996         Duanvale United FC
1997         Campro FC (Longwood)
1998    Jul  Reggae Youths FC (Mount Salem)                  [founded as Reggae Kidz Youth Club]
2000    Sep  Seaforth SC
2000         Sporting Central Academy (Brancourt)
2001    Feb  Holland United FC (Falmouth)
2001    Mar  Granville FC 
2002         University of the West Indies (Mona)
             Highgate United
             Arlington FC (Spanish Town)
             Rio United SC (Port Antonio)
2003  1 Jul  Frazsiers Whip FC (Red Pond)                    [founded as Frazsiers United FC]
2005         Kendal FC                                       [merged 2010 with Kendal CC]
2006         Spartan Athlectic FC (Chapelton)
2007  1 Jan  Sandals South Coast (Savannah-la-Mar)
             Savannah SC (Savannah-la-Mar)
2009         Lilliput Rovers FC
2010         Jamalco FC (Hayes)
2013         Saint Bess FC
2014         Ricam Academy FC (Greenvale)
2016         Mount Pleasant Academy (St Ann's Bay) 
2018 15 Dec  Tuscany Warriors FC (Spring Garden)
2019    Aug  Portlanders FC (Buff Bay)                       [merger of St George's United SC and Sporting West CC] 
             Ujama CC (Golden Grove)
2020         Farm Pen United

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