Japan (Women) 1988

Empress Cup 1988

Round 1 [Mar 24]
Shimizu Dai-hachi                             3-0 Ladies Saijo
Nissan FC                                     3-0 Hyogo University of T.E.
FC Kodaira                                    7-0 Hiroshima Minami FC
Shimizu FC                                    0-3 Kobe FC
Takatsuki FC                                  1-0 Miyagi Hirose Club                            
Tendai FC                                     0-0 Iga-ueno FC                                   [2-3 pen]
Kumamoto Akita                                4-0 FC Atletica
Ota Gal                                       0-5 Yomiuri
Quarterfinals [Mar 25]
Shimizu Dai-hachi                             2-2 Nissan FC                                     [3-2 pen]
FC Kodaira                                    0-2 Kobe FC
Takatsuki FC                                  1-0 Iga-ueno FC                                   
Kumamoto Akita                               0-11 Yomiuri
Semifinals [Mar 26}
Shimizu Dai-hachi                             2-1 Kobe FC
Takatsuki FC                                  0-1 Yomiuri
Final [Mar 27]
Shimizu Dai-hachi                             0-2 Yomiuri



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