Young Yugoslavia tour of Indonesia 1953

A Yugoslavian selection denoted as Mlada Jugoslavenska Reprezentacija ("Young Yugoslavia") played five matches on Java in August and September 1953, including a match against the Indonesian national team which was considered official by the PSSI (in accordance with contemporary FIFA regulations stipulating that the host country decided on the status of a match).
The Yugoslav team consisted of 17 players, most of them under 25 (the oldest player was centre half Vladimir Klaić, who celebrated his 28th birthday a few weeks after the tour), and was also described as Yugoslavia B in local newspapers.
At the end of 1956, following the Olympics in Melbourne, three participants (Ibrahim Biogradlić, Muhamed Mujić and Todor Veselinović) returned to Indonesia when the full Yugoslavia side toured Indonesia; Mujić and Veselinović were also part of the Yugoslavia B side touring Asia between December 1955 and February 1956, playing three matches in Djakarta in January.
Match Overview

Date     Venue            Hosts                      Score

23- 8-53 Djakarta         Persib (Bandung)            1-8 Yugoslavia XI   [HT: 1-5]
26- 8-53 Djakarta         Indonesia                   0-2 Yugoslavia XI   [HT: 0-0]
29- 8-53 Semarang         Central Java XI             0-7 Yugoslavia XI   [HT: 0-3]
30- 8-53 Surabaja         Persibaja (Surabaja)        0-2 Yugoslavia XI   [HT: 0-2]
 2- 9-53 Djakarta         Persidja (Djakarta)         2-3 Yugoslavia XI   [HT: 1-1]

Squad Mlada Jugoslavenska Reprezentacija

Players (17):
GK Srboljub Krivokuća (born 14 Mar 1928)
   Drago Ančić
DF Zdravko Juričko (born 1929)
   Ibrahim Biogradlić (born 8 Mar 1931)
   Lazar Lazarevski
MF Ranko Borozan (born 25 Jul 1933)
   Vladimir Klaić (born 14 Sep 1925)
   Sreten Davidović (born 9 Mar 1931)
   Aleksandar Ivoš (born 28 Jun 1931)
FW Tihomir Ognjanov (born 2 Mar 1927)
   Stanoje Jocić (born 5 Jun 1932)
   Antun Rudinski (born 1 Oct 1934)
   Miloš Milutinović (born 5 Feb 1933)
   Todor Veselinović (born 22 Oct 1930)
   Ilijas Pašić (born 10 May 1934)
   Radivoje Ognjanović (born 1 Jul 1933)
   Muhamed Mujić (born 25 Apr 1932)
coach: Aleksandar Tirnanić
trainer: Antun "Toni" Pogačnik

NB: trainer Antun Pogačnik later coached Indonesia at the 1954 Asian Games and the
    1956 Olympics

Match Details

NB: all matches were played over 2x45 minutes (contrasting with the 2x35 minutes usual in
    Indonesia at the time)

Persib (Bandung)            1-8 Yugoslavia XI

Aug 23, Djakarta, Ikada Stadion; att: 40,000

Persib: Sulaksono; Anas, Jaja; Jachja, Ahmad, Wagiman; Aang Witarsa, Mucharam, Kartono,
        Freddy Timisela, Isak
Yugoslavia: Krivokuća; Biogradlić, Juričko; Davidović, Klaić, Ivoš (46' Borozan);
            Ognjanov, Jocić (46' Rudinski), Milutinović, Veselinović, Pašić

Goals: 5' Milutinović 0-1, 8' Jocić (pen) 0-2, 17' Ognjanov 0-3, 25' Ognjanov 0-4,
       33' Milutinović (pen) 0-5, 43' Jachja (pen) 1-5, 54' Rudinski 1-6, 75' Pašić 1-7,
       80' Veselinović 1-8
Half-Time: 1-5

Indonesia                   0-2 Yugoslavia XI

Aug 26, Djakarta, Ikada Stadion; att: over 50,000; ref: J.Ferguson (Singapore)

Indonesia: Nol van der Vin (Djakarta); Chris Ong (Djakarta), Chaeruddin Siregar (Djakarta);
           Tan Liong Houw (Djakarta), M.Sidhi (Surabaja), Frans van der Berg (Djakarta);
           Aang Witarsa (Bandung), Djamiat Dalhar (Djakarta), Andi Ramang (Makassar),
           Tee San Liong (Surabaja), Sugiono (Djakarta)
Yugoslavia: Krivokuća; Biogradlić, Juričko; Borozan, Klaić, Davidović;
            Ognjanov, Jocić, Milutinović, Veselinović, Pašić

Goals: 66' Veselinović 0-1, 85' Veselinović 0-2
Half-Time: 0-0
NB: the over 50,000 spectators, who occasionally spilled over the sidelines as their number
    far exceeded the capacity, included former world heavyweight champion Max Schmeling (Germany);
    Klaić also played against Indonesia representing Croatia on Sep 12, 1956.

Central Java XI             0-7 Yugoslavia XI

Aug 29, Semarang; att: 25,000
Half-Time: 0-3
NB: the attendance included Indonesian vice president Hatta

Persibaja (Surabaja)        0-2 Yugoslavia XI

Aug 30, Surabaja; att: 30,000; ref: Van Yperen (Semarang)

Goals: 10' Ognjanov 0-1, 25' Milutinović 0-2
Half-Time: 0-2
NB: Persibaja players included Pasqua (goalkeeper) and Saderan (left half)

Persidja (Djakarta)         2-3 Yugoslavia XI

Sep 2, Djakarta, Ikada Stadion; ref: Dijkman (Bandung)

Persidja: Nol van der Vin; Chris Ong, Chaeruddin Siregar; Saleh, Frans van der Berg, Masono;
          Hasan, Djamiat Dalhar, Anhar, Thio Him Tjiang, Herman Pattipeilohy
Yugoslavia: Krivokuća; Lazarevski, Biogradlić; Borozan, Klaić, Davidović;
            Ognjanov, Milutinović, Rudinski, Veselinović, Pašić

Goals: 25' Milutinović 0-1, 44' Hasan 1-1, 70' Djamiat Dalhar 2-1, 74' Veselinović 2-2,
       90' Rudinski 2-3

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