Juventus Rangers (Seychelles) tour of Tanzania 1976

The team apparently included nine regular international players.

 Trainer: Gunther Elchler
 Players: G.Pelissier (guest player), M.Racombe, G.Constance, R.Betsy, R.Payet, S.Laporte,
          S.Bescormet, P.Kilindo, G.Hoareau, C.Whiting, T.Sandapit, M.Manciene, J.Denouse,
          P.Marquerte, T.Mend, Anderp, Jerard Hoareau (player/coach)

 9-12-1976  Simba SC        2-0  Juventus Rangers   [in Dar es Salaam]
11-12-1976  Pan African SC  4-0  Juventus Rangers   [in Dar es Salaam]
13-12-1976  Young Africans  6-1  Juventus Rangers   [in Dar es Salaam]
15-12-1976  Miembeni        3-1  Juventus Rangers   [in Zanzibar]

The team may also have played in Kenya.

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