Cape Verde Islands - List of Topscorers

NB: refers to the Campeonato Nacional (playoff between island champions)

Season   Player            Team                    Island                Goals

1975/76  Bernôld           Mindelense              São Vicente              3
1976-99    not known
1999/00 Diamantino         Académica da Boa Vista  Boa Vista                2
2000/01    not known
2001/02  Di                Sporting da Praia       Santiago (Zona Sul)      9  
2002/03    not known
2003/04  Ravs              Sal-Rei                 Boa Vista               11 
2004/05  Zé di Tchétcha    Sporting da Praia       Santiago (Zona Sul)     14  
2005/06  Mendes            Académico do Sal        Sal                      7  
2006/07  Kadú              Académica do Mindelo    São Vicente              9 
2007/08  Fufuco            Bairro                  Santiago (Zona Sul)      7 
2008/09  Kadú              Mindelense              São Vicente              7 
2009/10  Fufuco            Boa Vista da Praia      Santiago (Zona Sul)     12 
2010/11  Fufura            Mindelense              São Vicente              5 
2011/12  Gerson            Atlético                São Nicolau             13 
2012/13  Dukinha           Mindelense              São Vicente              6 
2013/14  Sy                Académica do Fogo       Fogo                     5 
2014/15  Matchona          Boavista da Praia       Santiago (Zona Sul)      6 
2015/16  Djony             Mindelense              São Vicente              5 
2016/17  Patchick          Ultramarina             São Nicolau              7 
2017/18  Xolote            Académica do Porto Novo Santo Antão (Zona Sul)   7 
2018/19  Patchick          Ultramarina             São Nicolau              8

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