Cameroon Women 2014

Championnat de Division 1 2014
Coupe du Cameroon 2014
Tournoi de la Femme 2014
Tournoi d'Accession en Première Division 2015

Championnat de Division 1 2014

Participating Teams (14):
ASF Diamaré
AS Kirikou de Garoua
Panthère Security de Gaoroua
Femina d'Ebolowa
Caïman filles de Douala
Ecole Franck Rohliceck de Douala
Sawa United Girls de Douala
AS Police de Yaoundé
Louves Minproff de Yaoundé 
Lorema FC de Yaoundé
Yaoundé 5ème
Emergence filles de Yaoundé
AS Locomotive de Yaoundé
Canon Sportive de Yaoundé
Round 1
[Mar 22]
AS Kirikou                  2-1 ASF Diamaré
[Apr 12]
Femina Stars                 -  Sawa United
AS Yaoundé                   -  Lorema
Canon                        -  Panthère Security
Police                       -  Emergence
Locomotive                   -  Louves Minproff 
[May 10]
Caiman                       -  Franck Rohlicek
Round 2
[Apr 18]
AS Yaoundé                   -  Locomotive
Louves Minproff              -  Caiman
Sawa United                  -  Police
[Apr 19]
Lorema                       -  ASF Diamaré
Femina Stars                 -  Canon  
[Apr 21]
Panthère Security            -  AS Kirikou
[May 14]
Emergence                    -  Franck Rohlicek
Round 3
[Apr 16]
Panthère Security            -  Emergence
[Apr 25]
Canon                        -  AS Yaoundé
Police                      4-0 Femina Stars
Caiman                       -  Lorema
[Apr 26]  
Franck Rohlicek              -  Locomotive
ASF Diamaré                  -  Sawa United
[Apr 29]
AS Kirikou                   -  Louves Minproff   
Round 4
[Apr 22]
Femina Stars                 -  ASF Diamaré
[May 2]
Locomotive                   -  Canon
AS Yaoundé                   -  Police
Sawa United                  -  Caiman
[May 3]
Lorema                       -  AS Kirikou
Panthère Security            -  Franck Rohlicek
[May 4]
Louves Minproff              -  Emergence
Round 5
[Apr 29]
AS Kirikou                   -  Sawa United          

Round 6 
[May 6]
Femina Stars                 -  AS Kirikou  

NB: on Aug 20, eight clubs were relegated by two levels for forfeiting matches
    in rounds 4 and 5: Sawa United Girls de Douala, Lorema Filles de Yaoundé,
    AS Locomotive de Yaoundé, Ecole Franck Rholiceck de Douala, AS Kirikou de Garoua,
    Caïman Filles de Douala, AS Yaoundé V, and Emergence de Yaoundé;
    the championship was resumed on Sep 20 with the remaining 6 clubs:
    Canon filles, Louves Minproff, Panthère Security, ASFF Diamaré,
    Femina d'Ebolowa, and AS Police de Yaoundé.

Round 5 [Sep 21]
Panthère Security           0-3 Louves Minproff             [or 1-2?]

Round 6 [Sep 20]
Canon                       0-7 Police

Coupe feminin 2014

Round 1 [Sep ?]
Zone 1
Espérance de Ngousso        lt  AS Police
ASBO Caysa                  lt  Canon de Yaoundé
Amazone FAP de Yaoundé      bt  Femina Stars d'Ebolowa 
A. Awa Football F.          lt  Louves Minproff de Yaoundé   
Zone II
ETOW FC                      -  Abakwa Girls of Bamenda 
Bafut Queens                 -  Best Stars de Limbé         [both qualified ?!]
Magic FC de Bafoussam        -  AS Solidarité de Dschang
Indian Rivers de Mundemba    -  Multisports de Mbouda
Gentile Ladies de Bamenda   bye

1/8 Finals
AS Police                   bt  Canon de Yaoundé            
Quarterfinals [Oct 19]
Bafut Queens                0-6 Amazone FAP de Yaoundé
Best Stars de Limbé         1-3 AS Police
Panthère Security de Garoua 4-1 ASFF du Diamare
Louves Minproff de Yaoundé  6-1 Gentile Ladies de Bamenda

Semifinals (date ?]
Louves Minproff de Yaoundé  1-0 Panthère Security de Garoua
Amazone FAP de Yaoundé      1-2 AS Police
Final [Nov 21]
Louves Minproff de Yaoundé  2-1 AS Police

Tournoi de la Femme 2014

NB: 4th edition

Final [Mar 6, stade  Ahmadou Ahidjo]
Panthère (Garoua)           1-1 Caïman FF (Douala)           [6-5 pen]
  [Yoh Carine 8; Mbororo Theleck 42]  

Tournoi d'Accession en Première Division 2015

Zone I (Adamoua, Nord, Extrême Nord)
Promoted: Vent du Nord
Zone II (Centre, Sud, Est)
Promoted: Green City de Yaoundé
Zone III (Littoral, Ouest, Sud.Ouest, Nord-Ouest)

Qualifying Matches
[Feb 1]
AS Solidarité de Dschang    5-0 Best Stars de Limbe
[Feb 4]
Abakwa Girls de Bamenda     1-3 Best Stars de Limbe
[Feb 7]
Abakwa Girls de Bamenda     3-1 AS Solidarité de Dschang
Final Table:  

 1.AS Solidarité de Dschang        2   1  0  1   6- 3   3
 2.Abawka Girls de Bamenda         2   1  0  1   4- 4   3  
 3.Best Stars de Limbe             2   1  0  1   3- 6   3

NB: Best Stars reportedly promoted, possibly because the other two participants failed
    to meet certian admission criteria; eventually none of the above three clubs entered
    the 2015 top level



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