Cameroon Women 2017

Championnat de Ligue 1 2017
Coupe du Cameroon 2017
Tournoi de la Femme 2017

Championnat de Ligue 1 2017


Amazones FAP                       [defending champions]
Awa Football Filles de Yaoundé     [promoted]
Caïman Footbal Filles de Douala    [promoted]
ASFF Diamaré de Maroua 
Eclair Filles de Sa'a
Femina Stars d'Ebolowa
AS Green City 
Panthère Security 
Renaissance Women de Guider        [promoted]
Social de Mbam  
Louves Minproff   
Vent du Nord de Garoua 

Round 1
[Apr 8]
Green City               0-2 Louves Minproff   
Amazones FAP             1-1 Femina Stars
[Apr 12]
Eclair                    -  Vent du Nord
Caïman                    -  Social de Mbam  
[Apr 13]
Awa                      bt  Renaissance 
Panthère Security         -  ASFF Diamaré 
Round 2 [Apr 9,10] 
Louves Minproff          1-1 Amazones FAP  
Femina Stars             0-3 Caïman 
Panthère Security        7-0 Renaissance
Awa                      3-0 Vent du Nord 
Eclair                   5-0 ASFF Diamaré 
Social de Mbam           0-2 Green City
Round 3
[Apr 18]
Awa                      bt  ASFF Diamaré
Panthère Security         -  Vent du Nord
Green City                -  Femina Stars
Caïman                    -  Louves Minproff 
Eclair                    -  Renaissance
[Apr 19]
Amazones FAP              -  Social de Mbam 
Round 4
[Apr 22]
Louve Miniproff          1-0 Panthère Security   
Social de Mbam           1-2 Awa 
Fémina Stars             1-3 Eclair
[Apr 23]
Renaissance              0-2 Green City
ASFF Diamaré             2-1 Amazones FAP
[May 5]
Vent du Nord              -  Caïman
Round 5
Caiman                    -  ASFF Diamaré
Awa                      2-0 Eclair
other matches not known
Round 6 [May ?]
ASFF Diamaré             1-1 Green City
Vent du Nord             1-3 Amazones FAP
Renaissance              0-4 Caïman
Social de Mbam           2-3 Eclair
Louves Minproff          1-1 Awa    
Panthère Security         -  Femina Stars                        -  
Round 7
[Jun 24]
Green City                -  Panthère Security
Amazones FAP             3-1 Awa
Caïman                    -  Eclair
[Jun 25]
Louves Mniproff           -  Renaissance
Social de Mbam            -  Vent du Nord 
[date ?]
Femina Stars              -  ASFF Diamaré
Round 8
[Jun 28]
Femina Stars             1-3 Social de Mbam
Louves Minproff          2-0 Vent du Nord
Caïman                   1-0 Amazones FAP
[Jun 29]
Panthère Security        3-1 Eclair
Awa                      2-0 Green City
[date ?]
Renaissance               -  Femina Stars
Round 9 
[Jul 4?]
Eclair                   1-1 Amazones FAP
Social                   0-0 Louves Minproff
Panthère Security        0-0 Awa
Green City               1-3 Caïman
ASFF Diamaré             9-0 Renaissance   
[Jul 5]  
Vent du Nord              -  Femina Stars   
Round 10
not known
Round 11
[Jul 8]
Green City                -  Eclair
Panthère Security         -  Amazones FAP
Vent du Nord              -  ASFF Diamaré
Renaissance               -  Social de Mbam
Caïman                   2-1 Awa
[Jul 18]
Louves Minproff           -  Femina Stars   
Round 12
[Jul 20]
Femina Stars             0-2 Amazones FAP
Louves Minproff          1-3 Green City
[Jul 23]
Social de Mbam           1-0 Caïman
Renaissance              1-5 Awa
ASFF Diamaré             0-0 Panthère Security
Vent du Nord             0-2 Eclair
Round 13
[Jul 26]
Vent du Nord              -  Awa
Renaissance               -  Panthère Security
ASFF Diamaré              -  Eclair
Caïman                    -  Femina Stars
[Jul 27]
Green City                -  Social de Mbam
Amazones FAP              -  Louves Minproff    
Round 14
[Jul 29]
ASFF Diamaré             0-0 Awa
Renaissance              0-3 Eclair
Vent du Nord             0-0 Panthère Security
Social de Mbam           2-2 Amazones FAP
[Jul 31]
Femina Stars             0-1 Green City
Louves Minproff          3-0 Caïman        

Round 15-16 not known
Round 17 [Aug 20?]
Femina Stars             1-0 Panthère Security
Awa                      0-0 Louves Minproff
Caïman                   2-0 Renaissance
Amazones FAP             2-0 Vent du Nord
Green City               4-1 ASFF Diamaré
Eclair                   0-0 Social de Mbam
NB: league interrupted in fall, while Caïman were leading the standings

Coupe du Cameroon 2017

Round 1 [Oct 28,29]
St. Etieno               1-3 Dauphin FC
Panthère Security        4-0 AS Lifa     
Emeraude                 0-2 ASBO Caysa
Green City               3-3 Espérance                [4-5 pen]
Social Mbam              2-0 Eclair de Saa
Messia Kessa Sport Acad. awd Mossisi                  [Messia Kessa dns; awarded to Mossisi]
Sporting                0-16 Louves Minproff
Eding Dreams Yaoundé     2-6 AS Inter Sport de Mbalmayo
Canon Sportif           0-10 AWA Football
Amazone FAP              8-0 Lekié
AS Patriote              1-0 Jeunesse Sportif de Ngousso  
Union FC Ngauoundéré     awd Ngadeu FC Academy        [Union dns; awarded to Ngadeu]       
Hakuna Matatah de Lara   0-9 ASSF Diamaré
Soleil Sport Academy     2-6 Amazone FC du Septentrion
AS Djambouto             lt  Vent du Nord             [awarded?]
Maranatha                5-2 ASJAC Douala
AS Ladies               0-17 Sawa United    
AS Estuaires             0-5 Caiman
Magic Bafoussam          1-7 Binam Bafoussam
Noun Sport Academy       7-4 Fusée Babouatou
Charité de Bandjoun      3-1 AS for Foot Bamendjou
Gentile Ladies Bamenda   2-0 Boyo Progressive Ladies
Bui Dynamic de Kumbo      -  Vision Sport Bamenda     [not played?; both to round 2]
Abakwa Girls             0-1 ITA Mbong FC de Nkambe   
Round 2 [Nov 1]
Amazone FAP              bt  AS Inter Sport de Mbalmayo
Moissisi                 lt  AWA Football
Louves Minproff          bt  Espérance
ASBO Caysa               bt  Dauphin FC
AS Patriote              bt  Social Mbam
Amazon FC du Septentrion  -  ASFF Diamaré
Ngadeu FC Academy        lt  Vent du Nord
Maranatha                lt  Sawa United
Caiman                   bt  ASJAC Douala             [?; ASJAC elminated in round 1]
Charité de Djebem        bt  Binam Bafoussam
Vision Sport Bamenda     bt  Gentile Ladies Bamenda
Noun Sport Academy        -  Fusée Babouatou          [?; already part of round 1]
ITA Mbong FC de Nkambe    -  Bui Dynamic de Kumbo                 
Panthère Security        bye
1/8 Finals
[Nov 4]
ASBO Caysa               lt  Amazone FAP
Louves Miniproff         bt  Panthère Security
[Nov 5]
AWA Football             bt  Social Mbam
other matches not known
Quarterfinals [Nov 8]
AWA Football             1-2 Caiman
Charité de Djebem        0-3 Amazone FAP
Sawa United              1-4 Louves Minproff
Vision Sport Bamenda     1-4 Vent du Nord  
Semifinals [Nov 11]
Louves Minproff          7-0 Vent du Nord
Amazone FAP              3-2 Caiman 
Final [Nov 15, Yaoundé, Military stadium]
Amazone FAP de Yaoundé   2-1 Louves Minproff (Yaoundé)
    [Nkou 4, Ngatchou 40; Touta 50]   

Tournoi de la Femme 2017

NB: 7th edition

Green City               bt  Vent du Nord             
Awa                      bt  Sawa United

Final [Mar 7, annexe N°1 du stade Omnisport de Yaoundé]
Awa FF (Yaoundé)         2-0 AS Green City (Yaoundé)   



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