Toernooi ter Ere van Huwelijk Juliana en Bernhard 1937

NB: all matches at Cultuurtuin in Paramaribo; originally a double round robin was
    to be played with all three teams playing four matches, but after the first
    two losses of British Guiana (generally called Demerara in the local press)
    the tournament continued as a prolonged playoff for first place between the
    hosts and Trinidad. 

[Jan 4]
Surinam          8-0 British Guiana   [HT: 4-0]
  [Nelom 1-0, 4-0, 5-0, Henny Landkoer (sr.) 2-0, 3-0, 6-0, Hugo Landkoer 7-0, 8-0]

[Jan 5]
Trinidad         3-0 British Guiana   [HT: 0-0]
  [Lovell (og) 1-0, Sutherland 2-0, 3-0]
  [TRI: Ambard; Feuck, Rignault; Wilkinson (cap.), Henderson, Wilkes;
        Alkins, Sutherland, Alkins, Chambers, Daniels;
   DEM: Paddenburg; McLoed, Lovell; Young, Weekles, Gonsalves;
        Greene, Olkon, Moore, Martins, Clark]

[Jan 6]
Surinam          1-1 Trinidad         [HT: 1-1]
  [Hugo Landkoer 1-0, Henderson 1-1]
  [SUR: Casper; Monkou (cap), Rijzenburg; Monkou jr., Wijdenbosch, Goedhart;
        Gouvernante, Nelom, Landkoer sr., Landkoer jr., Naloop;
   TRI: Ambard; Remy, Rignault; Wilkes, Henderson, Wilkinson (cap.);
        Alkins, Sutherland, Alkins, Barnett, Daniels]

[Jan 8]
Surinam          3-3 Trinidad         [HT: 1-2]
  [N.N. 0-1, Daniels 0-2, Henny Landkoer (sr.) 1-2, Nelom 2-2,
   Monkou jr. (og) 2-3, Ch. Naloop 3-3]
  [SUR: Naloop; Monkou (cap), Rijzenburg; Monkou jr., Wijdenbosch, Brakke jr.;
        Gouvernante, Nelom, Landkoer sr., Landkoer jr., Charles Naloop]

[Jan 9]
Surinam          2-2 Trinidad         [HT: 1-0]
  [Nahar 1-0, Holband (og) 1-1, Nahar 2-1, N.N. 2-2]

NB: after the above three draws, Trinidad were declared winners of
    the tournament and awarded the cup.

On their trip back, Trinidad played an additional friendly in Demerara.

[Jan 11, Georgetown]
British Guiana   2-3 Trinidad         

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