Congo (Brazzaville) - List of Women Champions

1994    FCF La Source     5-0 Azur-Sport
1996    FCF La Source    11-0 Azur-Sport
2000    FCF La Source     0-0 AC Colombe        [4-3 pen]
2001    FCF La Source     3-0 Fleur du Ciel 
2002    FCF La Source     5-0 AC Colombe
2003    FCF La Source 
2004    FCF La Source     drw AC Colombe        [4-2 pen]
2005    AC Colombe        1-0 Espérance
2006    FCF La Source     bt  Espérance
2007    FCF La Source
2008-10   not played
2011      not played
2012-13   not known
2014      not held
2015      not held (AC Colombe won Brazzaville league)
2016    AC Léopards (Dolisie)  
2017    FCF La Source 
2018    AS Epah Ngamba (Pointe-Noire)  
2019-20   not held
2021    AC Colombe
2022    AS Epah Ngamba
2023    CSMD Diables Noirs (Brazzaville)  

NB: one more edition was played, presumably in 1995 or 1998,
      but the winners (not FCF La Source) are unknown;
    reportedly, AC Colombe won the league 7 times between 1996 and 2022

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