Congo (Brazzaville) 2001

National Championship

Number of Participants:
Brazzaville:   3 
Pointe-Noire:  3
Niari:         3
Bouenza:       3
other regions: 2

Brazzaville: Etoile du Congo, AS Police and Tout Puissant Mystère de Brazzaville.
Pointe-Noire: Pigeon Vert and Manchester.
Sud: Léopard du Kouilou, Socobois de Dolisie, Inter Club de Mouyondi,
     Diables Noirs, Espérance du Pool and Carpillon de Sibiti.
Nord: Black-Stars d'Owando, Olympic de la Sangha and ASL de Lékana.

First Stage

Round 5
[Sep 26]
Etoile du Congo        7-0 Carpillon (Lékoumou)
Socobois (Dolisie)     2-1 Nico-Nicoye (Pointe-Noire)
Tout Puissant Mystère  7-0 Diables-Noires Espérance du Pool
[Sep 27]
Pigeon Vert (Pt.Noire)  -  Olympic (Pokola)
Black-Stars (Cuvette)   -  ASL des Plateaux

Second Stage

no infos.

Semifinals [Oct 7]
Etoile du Congo		2-0 Pigeon Vert
Manchester		1-0 AS Police

Third Place Match [Oct 9]
AS Police (Brazzaville)         bt  Pigeon Vert (Pointe-Noire)	

Final [Oct 11, Stade Marchandde, Brazzaville]
Etoile du Congo (Brazzaville)	1-0 Manchester (Pointe-Noire)

It was the 16th edition of National Championship which kicked off on 22 September.

NB: For 2002, the top-4 teams from the regional league of Brazzaville,
    the top-4 from Pointe-Noire, the top-2 from Dolisie and the top-2
    from Nkayi combine to form a 12-team national championship.
    The other regional leagues, including Djambala, Owando, Ouesso, 
    Impfondo and others, organise their own championships in 2002, the 
    winners of which play off to determine the best regional team, to
    be included in the national champiosnhip 2003.

Ligue de Brazzaville 

Round 2
Etoile du Congo        ppd Inter Club 
AS Police              ppd Jambon

Round 3 [Jun 24?]
CARA                   1-0 Kotoko
Diable Noir            0-0 AS Police
St. Michel             1-0 Etoile du Congo
Inter Club             ppd FC Jambon
Patronage              ppd Union Sport

Current leaders: Diable Noir 7, CARA 7.

[Jul 4] 
Kotoko de Mfoa         1-1 Club 57 
Etoile du Congo        0-0 FC Jambon

[Jul 7] 
Patronage              1-0 Inter Club 
Diables Noirs          2-0 Union Sport Mbingui 
[Jul ?]
Club 57                2-0 Makengui
[Jul 9]
Inter Club             1-1 Kotoko

Round 5
[Jul 10]
CARA                   0-2 Club 57          [first goal(s) against CARA]
FC Jambon              1-1 Diables Noirs

Top of table:
1.Diables Noirs          11
2.Club 57                 8     [1 game in hand]

Round 7
[Jul 18]
Diables Noirs          2-0 CARA
Etoile du Congo        3-0 Patronage

Top of table:
1.Diables Noirs          17
2.Etoile du Congo        10

Round 8 [Jul 24,25]
Diables Noirs          1-0 St. Michel
CARA                   2-0 Union Sport
Patronage              4-1 Club 57
Jambon                 2-0 Kotoko
AS Police              2-0 Inter Club
TP Mystère             ppd Etoile du Congo

[Jul 28]
Patronage              1-0 St. Michel
Etoile du Congo        2-0 AS Police
[Jul 29]
Inter Club             2-0 Jambon

Top of table:
1.Diables Noirs         17
2.Etoile du Congo       16

[Aug - matches postponed from earlier rounds]
Etoile du Congo        4-0 Club 57
CARA                   1-0 AS Police
TP Mystère             4-2 St. Michel

Round 9
[Aug 11]
AS Police               -  Kotoko
St. Michel de Ouenzé   2-1 CARA
Patronage              2-1 Jambon            [1-2?]
Club 57                 -  Union Sport
[Aug 12]
Inter Club              -  Etoile du Congo
TP Mystère             2-2 Diables Noirs

1.Etoile du Congo       19
2.Diables Noirs         18
NB: Kotoko were relegated after a playoff against 2nd division
    Jeunesse Sportive de Talangaï (JST). 

Coupe du Congo 2001

1/16 Finals (?)
[May 19,20] 
[Pointe Noire]
V. Club (Vita Club?)   3-0 ASP (AS Police?)
Niko Nikoye            3-0 Muni sport
Manchester             4-1 Pigeon verts 
FC Abeilles            1-0 AS Cheminot


First Legs
[Jun 29]
AS Police              2-0 Tout Puissant Mystère
[Jul 1]
CARA [*]               1-0 Manchester
Patronage              3-1 V. club Mokanda
Ami Sports (Nkayi)     1-1 Etoile du Congo

[*] RA apparently abbreviates Renaissance Aiglon 

Second Legs 
[Jul 5]
Tout Puissant Mystère  4-1 AS Police
[Jul 7,8]
Manchester              -  CARA
V. club Mokanda         -  Patronage
Etoile du Congo        3-1 Ami Sports (Nkayi)    

TP Mystère were disqualified, Police progressed instead


First Legs [Jul 21] 
Etoile du Congo        2-0 CARA 
AS Police              4-0 Patronage         [also reported 3-0]

Second Legs
CARA                   1-1 Etoile du Congo
Patronage              1-0 AS Police

Final [Aug 15]
Etoile du Congo        0-1 AS Police

Super Coupe du Congo 2001

Final [Nov 25, Stade Marchand, Brazzaville]
Etoile du Congo	       --- AS Police



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