Congo (Brazzaville) 1990

Final Standings:

 1.Inter Club (Brazzaville)                         33  Champions
 2.Patronage Sainte Anne                            32 
 3.Diables Noirs                                    31 
 4.Etoile du Congo                                  29 
 5.CARA                                             23 
 6.SUCO Nkayi                                       22 
 7.Kotoko de Mfoa                                   18 
 8.Elecsport Bouansa                                18 
 9.Kahounga                                         17 
10.Cheminots (Pointe Noire)                         17 
11.E.P.B. (Pointe Noire)                            12 
12.Petrosport (Pointe Noire)                         9  Relegation Playoff

Promoted: AS Mbako (Brazzaville), Léopard (Dolisie) 

Promotion/Relegation Playoff 
Patronage (Kinkala)       0-0 1-3 Petrosport 

NB: top level extended to 14 clubs     

Dinzebi (Patronage) 
Bakana (Diables Noirs) 



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