Kosovo - List of Women Champions

2010/11 Kosova (Prishtinė)
2011/12 Kosova (Prishtinė)
2012/13 FFC Prishtina (Prishtinė)
2013/14 FFC Prishtina (Prishtinė)
2014/15 FFC Prishtina (Prishtinė)
2015/16 KFF Hajvalia (Hajvalia)
2016/17 KFF Hajvalia (Hajvalia)
2017/18 KFF Mitrovica (Mitrovicė)
2018/19 KFF Mitrovica (Mitrovicė)
2019/20 KFF Mitrovica (Mitrovicė)
2020/21 KFF Mitrovica (Mitrovicė)
2021/22 KFF EP-COM Hajvalia (Hajvalia)
Number of Titles (12, since 2010/11)

 4  KFF Mitrovica (Mitrovicė)

 3  KFF EP-COM Hajvalia (Hajvalia) (includes KFF Hajvalia) 
    FFC Prishtina (Prishtinė)

 2  Kosova (Prishtinė)

NB: FFC Prishtina were founded in 1985 as ZEK Priština and entered the second level
    league in Yugoslavia in 1985/86, obtaining promotion to the top level in their
    first season;
    KFF Hajvalia retired from competitions on January 2018. In 2021 was created a 
    new club, named EP-COM Hajvalia, who can be considered the continuation of the 
    historic Hajvalia.

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