Kyrgyzstan - Foundation Dates of Clubs

1934  FK Dinamo-MVD (Bishkek)          [founded as FK Dinamo Frunze]
1947  FK Alga (Bishkek)                [founded as FK Zenit Frunze]
1952  DSK Neftchi (Kochkor-Ata) 
1958  FK Instrumentalshchik (Bishkek)  [founded as FK Instrumentalshchik Frunze; merged 1994
                                        with Selmashevets Bishkek into FK Rotor Bishkek]       
1960  FK SKA-PVO Bishkek (Bishkek)
      FK Alay (Osh)                    [founded as FK Osh] 
1968  FK Dinamo-UVD (Osh)              [founded as FK Dinamo Osh]
1969  FK Jalal-Abad                    [founded as FK Stroitel Jalal-Abad]
1975  FK Jayil Baatir (Kara-Balta)
1985  Kurban 100 (Kadamjay)            [founded as Metallurg Kadamjay] 
      FK Olimpia-85 (Bishkek) 
1990  FK Orto-Nur (Sokuluk)            [founded as FK Dostuk Sokuluk; dissolved 2004]
199?  FK Uchkun (Kara-Suu)
1992  FK Kara-Balta                    [founded as KVT Khimik Kara-Balta] 
      FK Kokart (Jalal-Abad) 
      FK Shakhtjor (Kyzyl-Kiya)        [founded as FK Semetey Kyzyl-Kiya]  
      FK Abdish-Ata (Kant)             [founded as Tunguch (Kant)]
      FK Ak-Maral (Tokmok)             [founded as FK Spartak Tokmok; dissolved 1995] 
      FK Manas-Ordo (Talas)            [founded as FK Namys-APK Talas; dissolved 1992] 
      FK Ala-Too (Naryn)               [dissolved 1993]
      FK Talas                         [founded as FC Namys-APK (Talas)] 
1993  FK Zhashtyk Ak-Altyn (Kara-Suu)  [founded as FK Aka-Atyn Kara-Suu] 
      FK Alga-RIIF (Bishkek)           [split from FK Alga; merged 1994 with FK Alga]
      FK Dinamo-Manas-SKIF (BIshkek)   [founded as DFK Shumkar-SKIF Bishkek]   
      FK Belovodskoye                  [founded as FK Maksat (Belovodskoye)]
      FK Kant (Kant)                   [founded as FK Ha-Tengri (Kant); dissolved 1996]
1994  SK RUOR Guardia (Bishkek)        [founded as FK AIK Bishkek] 
      FK Aldier (Kurshab)
      FK Rotor (Bishkek)               [merger of FK Instrumentalshchik and Selmashevets Bishkek] 
1996  FK Metallurg (Kadamjay)          [dissolved 1997]
1997  FK Polyot (Bishkek)              [founded as SK Sverdslovskogo RUVD Bishkek; merged 2003 with FK Dinamo Bishkek]
      FK Dordoi (Bishkek)              [founded as FK Dordoi Naryn]
      FK Ak-Zhol (Aravan)              [founded as FK Yangiyul Aravan]
      FK Dinamo (Kant)                 [dissolved 1999]   
1998  FK Aldiyer (Kurshab)
2000  FK Abdish-Ata 91 (Kant)          [founded as FK Abdish-Ata FSHM]
      FK Ekolog (Bishkek)              [dissolved 2002] 
2002  FK Sher Ak-Dan (Bishkek)         [founded as FK Sher Bishkek]  
2003  FK Shoro (Bishkek)               [dissolved 2004]
      FK Nashe Pivo (Kant)             [founded as FK Abdish-Ata 2]  
      FK Kelechek (Osh) 
      FK Dinamo-Polyot (Bishkek)       [merger of FK Dinamo and FK Polyot; dissolved 2004]
2006  FK Muras-Sport (Bishkek)         [dissolved 2007] 
      FK Dordoi-Plaza (Bishkek)        [dissolved 2009]
2007  FK Kant (Kant)                   [founded as FK Kant-77]
2008  FK Ata-Spor (Sokuluk)

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