Labour Olympiads 1925-1937

Held on three occasions, for worker-based national football associations. A fourth olympiad was planned for Helsinki 1943 but was cancelled for obvious reasons.


1925 Germany
1931 Austria
1937 Soviet Union


Held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Round 1 [Jul 24]
Germany        6-0 Switzerland
France         1-6 Czechoslovakia
Finland        4-2 Belgium

Consolation Tournament
[Jul 25]
Belgium        2-1 Switzerland
[Jul 26]
Switzerland    3-0 France

Semifinals [Jul 25]
Germany        6-1 Czechoslovakia
Finland        bye

Final [Jul 28; att: 40,000]
Germany        2-0 Finland


Held in Wien, Austria.

1/8 Finals [Jul 23]
Switzerland    3-0 Latvia
Austria        5-1 Finland
Hungary        3-1 Palestine
Germany        8-1 Denmark 
Poland         1-0 Estonia
Norway         4-4 Czechoslovakia [Czechoslovakia qualified on lots]  
Belgium        bye
France         bye

Friendlies [Jul 23]
Belgium        0-3 SC Technische Union Wien 
France        2-10 SK Gaswerk 8 St. Veit Wien 
Palestine      1-0 Columbia 1920 Favoriten

Quarterfinals [Jul 24]
Belgium        5-0 France
Austria        8-1 Switzerland  
Germany        9-0 Hungary  
Poland         3-2 Czechoslovakia

Semifinals [Jul 25]
Austria        6-2 Belgium
Germany        4-1 Poland         [abandoned at 4-1 in 67']  

Final [Jul 26]
Austria        3-2 Germany     

Consolation Tournament  

Quarterfinals [Jul 24]
Palestine      3-2 Denmark
Finland        6-2 Latvia
Norway         5-0 Estonia 
France         bye

Semifinals [Jul 24]
Palestine      1-0 France
Norway         6-3 Finland

Final [Jul 25]
Norway         4-0 Palestine


NB: originally planned for Barcelona 1936, but abandoned shortly
    after the opening due to Spanish civil war; then move to
    Antwerpen, Belgium for 1937; Germany did not enter.

Soviet Union were represented by Spartak Moskva;
Spain was under civil war and were represented by the republican
side which had its stronghold in Catalonia.

Round 1 [Jul 29]
Netherlands    2-5 Czechoslovakia
Switzerland    3-2 Finland        [aet]
France         3-0 England
Spain          2-0 Belgium
Norway         7-1 Palestine      
Soviet Union   8-0 Denmark

Round 2 [Jul 30]
Czechoslovakia w/o Hungary
Spain          w/o Poland
Soviet Union   7-1 France
Norway         5-0 Switzerland

Semifinals [Jul 31]
Norway         3-1 Czechoslovakia
Soviet Union   2-0 Spain

Third Place Match [Aug 1]
Spain          2-1 Czechoslovakia

Final [Aug 1; att: 25,000]
Soviet Union   2-0 Norway

Consolation Tournament  

NB: Belgium and Netherlands eliminated by draw

Semifinals [Jul 30]
Finland        awd Palestine      [awarded 5-0; abandoned at 1-1 when
Denmark        1-2 England         players Palestine attacked referee]

Final [Jul 31]
England        2-1 Finland

NB: in the week following this event, an international tournament was held in Paris
    in which four of the entrants (England, Soviet Union, Spain and Switzerland)

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