Latin Cup

After the Mitropa Cup, the second important cup for club teams in Europe. It was played from 1949 to 1957 between the champions of France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. After every four competitions, a country ranking was made based on the club performances in those years. After the introduction of the European Cups, it disappeared.


1949 Barcelona
1950 Benfica
1951 Milan
1952 Barcelona
---- country ranking 49-52: Spain
1953 Stade Reims
1954   not played
1955 Real Madrid
1956 Milan
1957 Real Madrid
---- country ranking 53-57: Spain

Clubwise list of winners

Barcelona                 2
Milan                     2
Real Madrid               2
Benfica                   1
Stade de Reims            1

Countrywise list of winners

Spain                     4
Italy                     2
France                    1
Portugal                  1


1949    Barcelona           2-1 Sporting CP
1950    Benfica             3-3 Girondins de Bordeaux      AET
        Benfica             2-1 Girondins de Bordeaux      AET
1951    Milan               5-0 Lille OSC
1952    Barcelona           1-0 OGC Nice
1953    Stade de Reims      3-0 Milan
1954      not played
1955    Real Madrid         2-0 Stade de Reims
1956    Milan               2-1 Athletic Bilbao
1957    Real Madrid         1-0 Benfica

Country Rankings

1949-52 Spain 12  France 10  Italy  9  Portugal 9
1953-57 Spain 12  Italy  11  France 9  Portugal 8

                win   fin
Spain            4      5
Italy            2      3
France           1      5
Portugal         1      3
                 8     16

Full Results

1949 (in Madrid and Barcelona)

Sporting CP         3-1 Torino
Barcelona           5-0 Stade de Reims

Third Place Match
Torino              5-3 Stade de Reims

Final [July 3, Estadio Chamartín, Madrid]
Barcelona           2-1 Sporting CP
  Barcelona: Velasco, Calvet, Curta, Calo, Gonzalvo III, Gonzalvo II, Basora, Seguer, 
             Canal, Cesar, Navarro
  Sporting: Azevedo, Octavio, Vazquez, Juvenal, Canário, Veríssimo, Correira, Vasques,
            Peyroteo, Travassos, Albano
  Goals for Barcelona: Basora, Seguer

1950 (in Lisboa)

Girondins Bordeaux  4-2 Atlético de Madrid
Benfica             3-0 Lazio

Third Place Match
Atlético de Madrid  2-1 Lazio

Final [June 17, Estádio Nacional, Lisboa]
Benfica             3-3 Girondins de Bordeaux      [aet]
Final Replay [June 18, Estádio Nacional, Lisboa]
Benfica             2-1 Girondins de Bordeaux      [aet; after 120 minutes, 
  sudden death extra time was played, the winning goal came in the 146th minute]
  Benfica: Bastos, Jacinto, Fernandes, Félix, Moreira, José da Costa, Rogério, Corona,
           Arsénio, Julinho, Rosário

1951 (in Milano and Torino)

Milan               4-1 Atlético de Madrid
Lille OSC           1-1 Sporting CP
Semifinal Replay
Lille OSC           6-4 Sporting CP

Third Place Match
Atlético de Madrid  3-1 Sporting CP

Final [June 24, San Siro, Milano]
Milan               5-0 Lille OSC
  Milan: Buffon, Silvestri, Bonomi, Annovazzi, Tognon, De Grandi, Burini, Gren, 
         Nordahl, Lienholm, Vicariotto
  Lille: Angel, Van Cappelen, Poitevin, Dubreucq, Sommerlynck, Van der Hart,
         Jansen, Tempowsky, Strappe, Vincent, Lechantre
  Goals: Nordahl 32, 57, 67, Burini 40, Annovazzi 70
  Referee: Scherz (Switzerland)

1952 (in Paris)

OGC Nice            4-2 Sporting CP
Barcelona           4-2 Juventus

Third Place Match
Juventus            3-2 Sporting CP

Final [Jun 29, Parc des Princes, Paris]
Barcelona           1-0 OGC Nice
  Barcelona: Ramallets, Martin, Biosca, Seguer, Bosch, Escudero, Basora, César, Kubala,
             Aldecoa, Manchon
  OGC: Domingo, Kiroud, Martinez, Gonzalez, Poterin, Belver, Courteaux, Nurember, Carre,
       Franzoni, Bentifour
  Goal: César

1949-52 Countrywise Ranking

Country      1st 2nd 3rd 4th     Points (4-3-2-1)
Spain         2       2            12
France            3   1            10
Italy         1       2   1         9
Portugal      1   1   2             9

1953 (in Lisboa and Porto)

Stade de Reims      2-1 Valencia
Milan               4-3 Sporting CP                [aet]

Third Place Match
Sporting CP         4-1 Valencia

Final [Jun 7, Estadio da Luz, Lisboa]
Stade de Reims      3-0 Milan
  Milan: Buffon, Silvestri, Zagatti, Annovazzi, Tognon, Celio, Burini, Gren,
         Nordahl, Liedholm, Frignani.
  Stade Reims: Sinibaldi, Zimny, Marche, Penverne, Jonquet, Cicci, Appel, 
         Glovacki, Kopa, Templin, Méano.
  Goals: Kopa 2, Meano
  Referee: Vienza Costa (Portugal)

1955 (in Paris)

Real Madrid         2-0 Belenenses
Stade de Reims      3-2 Milan                      [aet; after 120 minutes,
  sudden death extra time was played, the winning goal came in the 138th minute]

Third Place Match
Milan               3-1 Belenenses

Final [Jun 26, Parc des Princes, Paris]
Real Madrid         2-0 Stade de Reims
  Madrid: J.Alonso, Navarro, Oliva, Lesmes II, Múñoz, Zárraga, Molowny, Pérez Payá, 
          Di Stéfano, Rial, Gento
  Stade: Sinibaldi, Zimny, Jonquet, Giraudo, Penverne, Siatka, Hidalgo, Glovacki, Kopa, 
         Bliard, Templin
  Goals: Rial (2)
  Referee: Campos (Portugal)

1956 (in Milano)

Milan               4-2 Benfica
Athletic Bilbao     2-0 OGC Nice

Third Place Match
Benfica             2-1 OGC Nice

Final [Jul 3, Arena Civica, Milano]
Milan               3-1 Athletic Bilbao
  Milan: Buffon, Fassetta, Zagatti, Liedholm, C.Maldini, Radice, Mariani, Bagnoli,
         Dal Monte, Schiaffino, Frignani.
  Athletic Bilbao: Carmelo, Orue, Trapeo, Maui, Goraj, Maguregui, Arteche, 
         Marcaida, Arieta, Uribe, Gainza.
  Goals: Bagnoli 21, Dal Monte 80, Schiaffino 88; Arteche 50
  Referee: Guigue (France)
1957 (in Madrid)

Benfica             1-0 AS Saint-Etienne
Real Madrid         5-1 Milan

Third Place Match
Milan               4-3 AS Saint-Etienne

Final [Jun 23, Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid]
Real Madrid         1-0 Benfica
  Madrid: J.Alonso, Torres, Marquitos, Lesmes II, Múñoz, A.Rúiz, Joseíto, Kopa,
          Di Stéfano, Rial, Gento
  Benfica: Bastos, Calado, Serra, Angelo; Zehinho, Alfredo, Palmeiro, Coluna, Águas, 
           Salvador, Cavem
  Goal: Di Stéfano 50
  Referee: Lequesne (France)

1953-57 Countrywise Ranking

Country      1st 2nd 3rd 4th     Points (4-3-2-1)
Spain         2   1       1        12
Italy         1   1   2            11
France        1   1       2         9
Portugal          1   2   1         8

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