Lebanon (Women) 2012/13

Championship 2012/13

[Feb 23]
Sadaqa                  10-0 Shooters
[Feb 24]
Arabi Tripoli            1-1 Athletico
GFA                      4-0 FC Beirut    
[Mar 3]
GFA                      bt  Arabi Tripoli
Sadaqa                    -  Athletico
Shooters                  -  FC Beirut   
[Mar 10]
GFA                      3-1 Athletico  
[Mar 16]
GFA                       -  Sadaqa
[Apr 4]
Sadaqa                    -  Arabi Tripoli
GFA                       -  Shooters
FC Beirut                 -  Athletico 
[May 4] (final match)
Sadaqa                   3-2 GFA
Champions:  Sadaqa
Runners-up: Girls' Football Academy (GFA) 



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