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Bantu, Majantja, Matlama, Lioli and Linare are foundation members of what was then called Basutoland Sports Association, predecessor for the Lesotho Football Association. A first "nationwide" tournament was introduced in 1932, the Basutoland Football Cup; there were several annual tournaments for school teams after World War II, in particular the Stuart Cup, won by Basutoland Training College in 1948, Lerotholi Technical School and Basutoland High School (joint) in 1949, Basutoland High School in 1950 and Roma College in 1951.

A national premier league was first contested in 1970.

1969    Matlama FC (Maseru)
National Premier League
1970    Maseru United
1971    Majantja
1972    Police (Maseru)
1973    Linare FC (Leribe)
1974    Matlama FC (Maseru)
1975    Maseru FC
1976    Maseru United
1977    Matlama FC (Maseru)
1978    Matlama FC (Maseru)
1979    Linare FC (Leribe)
1980    Linare FC (Leribe)
1981    Maseru Brothers 
1982    Matlama FC (Maseru)
1983    LPF (Maseru)
1984    LPF (Maseru)
1985    Lioli FC (Teyateyaneng)
1986    Matlama FC (Maseru)
1987    RLDF (Maseru)
1988    Matlama FC (Maseru)
1989    Arsenal (Maseru)
1990    RLDF (Maseru)
1991    Arsenal (Maseru)
1992    Matlama FC (Maseru)
1993    Arsenal (Maseru)
1994    RLDF (Maseru)
1995    Majantja 
1996    Roma Rovers 
1997    RLDF (Maseru)
1998    RLDF (Maseru)
1999    RLDF (Maseru)
2000    Lesotho Prisons Service (Maseru)               
2001    RLDF (Maseru)
2002    Lesotho Prisons Service (Maseru)               
2003    Matlama FC (Maseru)
2004    RLDF (Maseru)
2005    Likhopo (Maseru)   
2006    Likhopo (Maseru)   
2007    Lesotho Correctional Services (Maseru)
2008    Lesotho Correctional Services (Maseru)
2009    Lioli FC (Teyateyaneng)
2010    Matlama FC (Maseru)
2011    Lesotho Correctional Services (Maseru)   
2012    Lesotho Correctional Services (Maseru)   
2013    Lioli FC (Teyateyaneng)
2014    Bantu Rovers (Mafeteng)
2015    Lioli FC (Teyateyaneng)
2016    Lioli FC (Teyateyaneng)
2017    Bantu Rovers (Mafeteng)
2018    Bantu Rovers (Mafeteng)
2019    Matlama FC (Maseru) 
2020    Bantu Rovers (Mafeteng)
2021-22 Matlama FC (Maseru) 
2023    Bantu Rovers (Mafeteng)
2024    Bantu Rovers (Mafeteng)

Number of Titles (53):

11 Matlama FC (Maseru) [does not include 1969 as this title is not considered official]

10 Lesotho Defence Forces (Maseru) [LDF; formerly Royal Lesotho Defence Forces, Lesotho Paramilitary Forces]

 6 Lesotho Correctional Services [LCS; includes Lesotho Prisons Service]

 5 Bantu Rovers (Mafeteng)
   Lioli FC (Teyateyaneng) 

 3 Arsenal (Maseru) 
   Linare FC (Leribe)
   Maseru Brothers [includes Maseru United]

 2 Likhopo (Maseru) 
   Majantja (Mohale's Hoek)

 1 Maseru FC 
   Police (Maseru)
   Roma Rovers 

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