Latvia - List of Foundation Dates

1907        Britannia FC Rīga
            RV Union Rīga 
1909        SV Kaiserwald Rīga
            SK Liepājas Metallurgs         [founded as Olimpija Liepāja]
1913        Amatiertis Rīga                [founded as SK Amateur Rīga]
            FK Ventspils (1)                          
1923        Rīgas FK
            FK ASK Rīga
1927        Rīga Vanderer 
1932(?)     Vulkāns Kuldīga    
1936(?)     FC DAG Rīga                    [founded as FK VEF Rīga; merged 1995 with Olimpija Liepāja to FC DAG Liepāja]                       
1944        FC Daugava Daugavpils
1945        Daugava Liepāja
            Spartaks Rīga
1946        FK Pardaugava Rīga
1948        Olimpija Rīga
1950        Valmieras FK/LFK               [founded as Dinamo Valmierā]
1956        FK Dizhvanagi Rezēkne          [founded as FK Rezēkne]  
1959        FK Jurnieks Rīga               [founded as KBRR Rīga]
1960        FK Dinaburg Daugavpils         [founded as Celtnieks Daugavpils]  
1961        FK Saldus Broceni
            LMR Liepāja 
1964        FK Venta Ventspils             [merged 1997 with FK Nafta Ventspils to FK Ventspils (2)]
1965(?)     Energija Rīga
1967        FK Auda Rīga                   [founded as Kolkhoz 9. majis Vetsmilgravis]        
1968        Betons Vangaži                 [founded as Celtnieks Vangaži]        
            FK Lokomotiv Daugavpils  
            FK Jurnieks Rīga 
196?        Elektrons Rīga                 [aka FK Alfa Rīga; founded as RABR Rīga]  
1974        FK Auniba Daugavpils           [founded as Khimik Daugavpils]
197?        FK Jelgava                     [founded as Avtomobilists Jelgava]
1979        FK Daugava Rīga                [founded as Torpedo Rīga; merged 1998 with Universitāte Rīga to LU/Daugava Rīga]
1983        FK Kvadrats Rīga               [founded as Sarkanais-Kvadrats Rīga]
1988        FK Ilūkste  
1989        ZS Beikas Rīga
1991        Skonto FC Rīga                 [founded as Forums-Skonto Rīga]
1992        FK Gemma Rīga                  [founded as Gemma-RFS Rīga] 
1994        RKB Arma Rīga                  [founded as FK Rīga-LSPA] 
1995        FC DAG Liepāja                 [merger of FC DAG Rīga and Olimpija Liepāja]
            FK Nafta Ventspils             [merged 1997 with FK Venta Ventspils to FK Ventspils (2)]
1997        FK Ventspils (2)               [merger of FK Venta Ventspils and FK Nafta Ventspils] 
1998        Policijas FK Rīga              [merged 2001 with LU/Daugava Rīga to PFK/Daugava Rīga]
1999        FK Rīga                        [merged 2009 with Olimps/ASK Rīga to Olimps/RFS Rīga]
2000        FK Tukums
2001        FK Alberts Rīga                [merged 2007 with FK Auda Rīga to JFK Auda Neo Rīga]
            FK Dinamo Ogre 
            PFK/Daugava Rīga               [merger of Policijas FK Rīga and LU/Daufava Rīga] 
2002        SK Upesciems    
2003        FK Jūrmala
2004        Ogres Sporta Centrs/FK 33  
2005        FB Gulbene
            JFK Olimps Rīga                [merged 2009 with RFS Rīga to Olimps/RFS Rīga] 
            FK Daugava Rīga                [founded as FSK Daugava-90 Rīga; merged 2010 with RFS Flaminko Rīga to FK Daugava/RFS Rīga] 
2006        FS Metta                       [merged 2007 with Latvijas Universitāte to FS Metta/LU Rīga]
            FC Tranzīt Ventspils 
            FK Abuls Smiltene
            FK Adaži 
            FK Kauguri/PBLC Jūrmala        [merged 2008 with FK Multibanka Rīga to JFC Kauguri/Multibanka]   
2007        FS Metta/LU Rīga               [merger of FS Metta and Latvijas Universitāte] 
            SKL Blāzma Rezēkne
2008        FK Olaine
2009        Olimps/RFS Rīga                [merger of JFK Olimps Rīga and FK Rīga] 
2010        FK Daugava/RFS Rīga            [merger of  FK Daugava Rīga and RFS Flaminko Rīga] 
            FK Kuldīga 

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