LG Cup Four Nations Tournaments

Held (usually) in Islamic countries. Sponsored by a South Korean electronics group in order to promote their new brand name (LG Electronics; originally the company was called Gold Star).

There appears not to be any direct relation between the tournaments apart from the (main) sponsors. The 2003 tournament in Nigeria was reported to be the ninth in the series, and the 2004 tournament in Libya the thirteenth, implying that not all tournaments below are 'officially' part of the series. The 1997 tournament in Tunisia definitely was the first one.


Ed. Year  Winners             Runners-Up            Venue
 1  1997  Tunisia         2-0 Nigeria               Tunisia
    1998  Hungary         0-0 Macedonia   [4-2 pen] Iran 
    1999  France          1-0 Morocco               Morocco 
    2000  South Korea     1-0 Egypt                 Iran
    2001  South Korea     2-1 Egypt                 Egypt
    2001  Iran            4-0 Bosnia-Hercegovina    Iran
    2002  Iran            0-0 Algeria B   [9-8 pen] Morocco
    2002  Belarus         2-0 Ukraine               Russia
    2002  India U-23      3-2 Vietnam               Vietnam
    2002  Iran            1-1 Paraguay    [4-3 pen] Iran
 9  2003  Nigeria         3-0 Cameroon    [aet]     Nigeria
    2003  Uruguay         5-2 Iraq                  Iran
    2003  Vietnam U-23    3-2 Kookmin Bank          Vietnam
    2004  Senegal         1-0 Nigeria               Nigeria
    2004  S.Korea Univ.XI 5-4 Vietnam     [aet]     Vietnam
13  2004  Libya           1-0 Jordan                Libya
    2005  Egypt           4-2 Senegal               Egypt
    2006  South Korea         Greece                Saudi Arabia
    2006  Uruguay         0-0 Tunisia     [3-1 pen] Tunisia
    2006  Iran (?)                                  Jordan
NB: apparently also the following tournament was organised by LG and part of the 

    2000  UAE                 South Korea           UAE

In addition there was at least one U-23 tournament.

    2005  Vietnam             Bulgaria              Vietnam

Moreover, a tournament for club teams also took place in 1999:

    1999  Saprissa        3-1 FAS                   Guatemala

A tournament in Tehran 2005 had been scheduled to be part of the series but
was eventually held without LG sponsorship for political reasons.

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