Copa Lipton

Played on twenty-eight occasions between 1905 and 1992 between Argentina 
and Uruguay. Decided by a single match.

 # Date            City         Field                        Score           Winner    Holder
 1 1905 Aug 15 Tue Buenos Aires Sociedad Sportiva Argentina  ARG 0:0 URU aet Shared    Argentina
 2 1906 Aug 15 Wed Montevideo   Parque Central               URU 0:2 ARG     Argentina Argentina
 3 1907 Aug 15 Thu Buenos Aires Palermo, Estudiantes         ARG 2:1 URU     Argentina Argentina
 4 1908 Aug 15 Sat Montevideo   Parque Central               URU 2:2 ARG     Shared    Argentina
 5 1909 Aug 15 Sun Buenos Aires Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima   ARG 2:1 URU     Argentina Argentina
 6 1910 Aug 15 Mon Montevideo   Belvedere                    URU 3:1 ARG     Uruguay   Uruguay
 7 1911 Aug 15 Tue Buenos Aires Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima   ARG 0:2 URU     Uruguay   Uruguay
 8 1912 Aug 15 Thu Montevideo   Parque Central               URU 2:0 ARG     Uruguay   Uruguay
 9 1913 Aug 15 Fri Avellaneda   Racing Club                  ARG 4:0 URU     Argentina Argentina
10 1915 Aug 15 Sun Buenos Aires Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima   ARG 2:1 URU     Argentina Argentina
11 1916 Aug 15 Tue Montevideo   Parque Central               URU 1:2 ARG     Argentina Argentina
12 1917 Aug 15 Wed Avellaneda   Racing Club                  ARG 1:0 URU     Argentina Argentina
13 1918 Sep 20 Fri Montevideo   Parque Pereira               URU 1:1 ARG     Shared    Argentina
14 1919 Sep  7 Sun Buenos Aires Club de Gimnasia y Esrima    ARG 1:2 URU     Uruguay   Uruguay
15 1922 Nov 12 Sun Montevideo   Parque Central               URU 1:0 ARG     Uruguay   Uruguay
16 1923 Jun 24 Sun Buenos Aires Sportivo Barras              ARG 0:0 URU     Shared    Uruguay
17 1927 Aug 30 Tue Buenos Aires Boca Juniors                 ARG 0:1 URU     Uruguay   Uruguay
18 1928 Sep 21 Fri Montevideo   Parque Central               URU 2:2 ARG     Shared    Uruguay
19 1929 Sep 28 Sat Buenos Aires San Lorenzo de Almagro       ARG 0:0 URU     Shared    Uruguay
20 1937 Nov 11 Thu Avellaneda   Independiente                ARG 5:1 URU     Argentina Argentina
21 1942 Aug 25 Tue Montevideo   Centenario                   URU 1:1 ARG     Shared    Argentina
22 1945 Jul 18 Wed Montevideo   Centenario                   URU 2:2 ARG     Shared    Argentina
23 1957 Jun  5 Wed Buenos Aires Huracán                      ARG 1:1 URU     Shared    Argentina
24 1962 Aug 15 Wed Buenos Aires River Plate                  ARG 3:1 URU     Argentina Argentina
25 1968 Jun  5 Wed Buenos Aires River Plate                  ARG 2:0 URU     Argentina Argentina
26 1973 May 17 Thu Buenos Aires Vélez Sarsfield              ARG 1:1 URU     Shared    Argentina
27 1976 Apr  8 Thu Buenos Aires Vélez Sarsfield              ARG 4:1 URU     Argentina Argentina
28 1992 Sep 23 Wed Montevideo   Centenario                   URU 0:0 ARG     Shared    Argentina

Rules and curiosities:
Sir Thomas Lipton donated the cup to Argentine FA to be played with Uruguayan FA.
Thomas Lipton asked that the first match be played in Buenos Aires.
Only players of Argentine and Uruguayan nationality, respectively.
In case of draw, both teams share the title, but last winner held the trophy. (Source: AFA annual reports). 
The matches had to be played on a Feast Day, not a Sunday. But this wish was broken 5 times.
The cup had to be called Charity Cup. 
It be competed in alternate years in Argentina and Uruguay. This wish was also forgotten.
The entire net proceeds of the “gates” would devote to charity.

Number of titles:

           Unshared    Shared        Total
Argentina  11       +  11       =    22
Uruguay     6       +  11       =    17
Shared     11

All time table:
#.Country   MP   W  D  L  Gf: Ga   P
1.Argentina 28  11 11  6  41: 21  33  
2.Uruguay   28   6 11 11  21: 41  23


Copa Lipton 1905

15 Aug Buenos Aires       Argentina 0:0 Uruguay   [aet, abandoned at 111m]
Only 21m of extra time was played due to lack of light.
The Uruguayans rightly objected to play extra time. 
The trophy had not arrived in Buenos Aires on Aug 15. (Source: The Standard)
The distribution of cups of the season took place on Dec 9. 
Both teams won the trophy but it remained in Buenos Aires. (Sources:
The Standard, Buenos Aires Herald, El Diario, La Argentina and La Nación).

Copa Lipton 1906

15 Aug Montevideo         Uruguay   0:2 Argentina

Copa Lipton 1907

15 Aug Buenos Aires       Argentina 2:1 Uruguay

Copa Lipton 1908

15 Aug Montevideo         Uruguay   2:2 Argentina

Title shared; Argentina held the trophy.

Copa Lipton 1909

15 Aug Buenos Aires       Argentina 2:1 Uruguay

Copa Lipton 1910

15 Aug Montevideo         Uruguay   3:1 Argentina

Copa Lipton 1911

15 Aug Buenos Aires       Argentina 0:2 Uruguay

Copa Lipton 1912

15 Aug Montevideo         Uruguay   2:0 Argentina

Copa Lipton 1913

15 Aug Avellaneda         Argentina 4:0 Uruguay

Copa Lipton 1915

15 Aug Buenos Aires       Argentina 2:1 Uruguay

Copa Lipton 1916

15 Aug Montevideo         Uruguay   1:2 Argentina

Copa Lipton 1917

15 Aug Avellaneda         Argentina 1:0 Uruguay

Copa Lipton 1918

20 Sep Montevideo         Uruguay   1:1 Argentina

Title shared; Argentina held the trophy.

Copa Lipton 1919

 7 Sep Buenos Aires       Argentina 1:2 Uruguay   [abandoned at 86m]

Copa Lipton 1922

12 Nov Montevideo         Uruguay   1:0 Argentina

Copa Lipton 1923

24 Jun Buenos Aires       Argentina 0:0 Uruguay

Title shared; Uruguay held the trophy.

Copa Lipton 1927

30 Aug Buenos Aires       Argentina 0:1 Uruguay

Copa Lipton 1928

21 Sep Montevideo         Uruguay   2:2 Argentina

Title shared; Uruguay held the trophy.

Copa Lipton 1929

28 Sep Buenos Aires       Argentina 0:0 Uruguay

Title shared; Uruguay held the trophy.

Copa Lipton 1937

11 Nov Buenos Aires       Argentina 5:1 Uruguay

Copa Lipton 1942

25 Aug Montevideo         Uruguay   1:1 Argentina

Title shared; Argentina held the trophy.

Copa Lipton 1945

18 Aug Montevideo         Uruguay   2:2 Argentina

Title shared; Argentina held the trophy.

Copa Lipton 1957

 5 Jun Buenos Aires       Argentina 1:1 Uruguay

Title shared; Argentina held the trophy.

Copa Lipton 1962

15 Aug Buenos Aires       Argentina 3:1 Uruguay

Copa Lipton 1968

 5 Jun Buenos Aires       Argentina 2:0 Uruguay

1971: the following two matches are often listed as having been played for
      the Copa Lipton but this is incorrect, they were 'normal' friendlies.

14 Jul Buenos Aires       Argentina 1-0 Uruguay
18 Jul Montevideo         Uruguay   1-1 Argentina

Copa Lipton 1973

17 May Buenos Aires       Argentina 1-1 Uruguay

Title shared; Argentina held the trophy.

Copa Lipton 1976

 8 Apr Buenos Aires       Argentina 4-1 Uruguay

NB: also counted for the Copa del Atlántico 1976.

Copa Lipton 1992

23 Sep Montevideo         Uruguay   0-0 Argentina

Title shared; Argentina held the trophy.

Match Details

Copa Thomas Lipton 1905

[Aug 15, 1905]
Argentina 0:0 Uruguay   at Sociedad Sportiva Argentina (Buenos Aires).
Note: Extra time was played, the first half for 15m and the second for only 6m 
due to lack of light.
ARG: José María Buruca Laforia; Jorge Gibson Brown, Juan Dodds Brown; Eliseo
     Brown, John Burnett Tannahill Rodman, Arturo Humphreys Forrester; Carlos
     Arturo Lett, Gottlob Eduardo Weiss, Carlos Edgard Dickinson, Pablo Frers,
     Juan José Moore.
URU: Cayetano Saporiti; Carlos Carve Urioste, Ernesto Boutón Reyes; Ceferino 
     Camacho, Luis Carbone, Arturo Rovegno; Carlos Cuadra, Alejandro Cordero,
     Aniceto Camacho, Juan Pena, Cándido Hernández Bentancor.
Ref. Guillermo Jordan (Argentina).
Copa Thomas Lipton 1906

[Aug 15, 1906]
Uruguay   0:2 Argentina at Parque Central (Montevideo).
[Alfredo Brown 28, José Tristán González 85]
URU: Cayetano Saporiti, Carlos Carve Urioste, Ernesto Boutón Reyes; Félix
     Lourtet, Carlos Cibils Juárez, Ceferino Camacho; Juan Pena, Pedro Zibechi,
     Aniceto Camacho, Alejandro Cordero, Cándido Hernández Bentancor.
ARG: Robert Lawrence Coulthurs; Jorge Gibson Brown, Zenón Díaz; Carlos Jaime
     Buchanan, Patricio Barron Browne, Carlos Edgard Dickinson; Gottlob Eduardo
     Weiss, Alfredo Carrow Brown, Juan Dodds Brown, José Tristán González,
     Eliseo Brown.
Ref. George Lovell Macfarlane (England).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1907

[Aug 15, 1907]
Argentina 2:1 Uruguay   at Palermo, field of Estudiantes (Buenos Aires).
[E. Brown 34, Jacobs 40; Zibechi 68]
ARG: José María Buruca Laforia, Jorge Gibson Brown, Juan Dodds Brown; Armando 
     Guillermo Ginocchio, Arturo Godfred Jacobs, Haroldo McDonald Grant;
     Ricardo Bernardo Pertino, Alfredo Carrow Brown, Arnaldo Pencilffe Watson
     Hutton, Eliseo Brown, José Claudio Susán.
URU: Santiago Demarchi; Marcos Frommel, Juan Carlos Bertone; Ceferino Camacho,
     Francisco Branda, Pedro Zuazú; Rafael de Miquelerena, Juan Pena, Aniceto
     Camacho, Eugenio Mañana, Pedro Zibechi.
Ref. Guillermo Leslie (ARG).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1908

[Aug 15, 1908]
Argentina 2:2 Uruguay   at Parque Central (Montevideo).
[E.Brown 22, M.Susán 60; A.Zumarán 28, J.C.Bertone 75]
ARG: Carlos Tomás Wilson; Jorge Gibson Brown, Martín Murphy; Patricio Barron 
     Browne, Carlos Jaime Buchanan, José Luis Alberto Vernet Amadeo; Maximiliano
     Antonio Susán, Alfredo Carrow Brown, Eliseo Brown, Juan Rossi, José Viale.
URU: Cayetano Saporiti; Juan Carlos Bertone, Marcos Frommel; Carlos Marques
     Castro, Luis Carbone, Ceferino Camacho; Vicente Módena, Pablo Dacal, 
     Alberto Cantury, Raúl Ribeiro, Alberto Zumarán. 
Ref. León Peyrou (URU).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1909

[Aug 15, 1909]
Argentina 2:1 Uruguay   at Gimnasia y Esgrima (Buenos Aires).
[A.Watson Hutton 25, E.Brown 26; A.Zumarán 88]
ARG: Carlos Tomás Wilson; Jorge Gibson Brown, Juan Dodds Brown; Patricio Barron
     Browne, Ernesto Alejandro Brown, Arturo Godfred Jacobs; Maximiliano Antonio
     Susán, Eduardo Rothschild, Eliseo Brown, Arnolldo Pencliffe Watson Hutton,
     José Viale.
URU: Cayetano Saporiti; Félix Lourtet, Carlos Ronzoni; Pedro Zuazú, Vicente
     Módena, Carlos Scarone; José Brachi, Aníbal Zapicán Falco, Pablo Dacal,
     Alberto Zumarán, Juan Carlos Bertone.
Ref. Guillermo Jordán (ARG).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1910

[Aug 15, 1910]
Uruguay   3:1 Argentina at Belvedere, field of Wanderers (Montevideo).
      [Pablo Dacal 22, Pedro Zibechi 49, Carlos Scarone 63; Juan Enrique Hayes 71]
URU: Cayetano Saporiti (Wanderers); Juan Carlos Bertone (Cap.) (Wanderers), José
     Benincasa (River Plate); Jorge Pacheco (Nacional), Oscar Sanz (River
     Plate), Juan Pena (Nacional); Vicente Módena (River Plate), Pablo Dacal
     (River Plate), José Piendibene (CURCC), Carlos Scarone (CURCC), Pedro 
     Zibechi (CURCC).
ARG: Carlos Tomás Wilson (San Isidro); Jorge Gibson Brown (Cap.) (Alumni), Juan
     Dodds Brown (Alumni); Ernesto Alejandro Brown (Alumni), Armando Guillermo
     Ginocchio (Newell's Old Boys), Haroldo McDonald Grant (Belgrano); Elías
     Fernández (River Plate); Maximiliano Antonio Susán (Estudiantes de Buenos
     Aires), Juan Enrique Hayes (Rosario Central), Arnoldo Pencliffe Watson
     Hutton (Alumni), José Viale (Newell's Old Boys).
Ref. León Peyrou (Uruguay).
Attendance: 8.000.

Copa Thomas Lipton 1911

[Aug 15, 1911]
Argentina 0:2 Uruguay   at Gimnasia y Esgrima (Buenos Aires).
[J.Piendibene 84, P.Dacal 88]
ARG: Carlos Tomás Wilson; Jorge Gibson Brown, Juan Dodds Brown; Haroldo McDonall
     Grant, Carlos Arturo Lett, Manuel Malbrán; José Viale, Maximiliano Antonio
     Susán, Ernesto Alejandro Brown, Juan Enrique Hayes, Elías Fernández.
URU: Cayetano Saporiti; Carlos Ronzoni, José Brachi; José Benincasa, Jorge
     Pacheco, Ramón Ríos; José María Durán, José Piendibene, Pablo Dacal, Ángel
     Romano, Pascual Somma.
Ref. Héctor Alfano (ARG).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1912

[Aug 15, 1912]
Argentina 0:2 Uruguay   at Parque Central (Montevideo).
[P.Dacal 24, C.Scarone 56]
ARG: Carlos Tomás Wilson; Jorge Gibson Brown, Juan Dodds Brown; José Morroni,
     Maximiliano Antonio Susán, Ernesto Alejandro Brown; Alberto Bernardino
     Ohaco, Antonio Ameal, Guillermo Federico Dannaher, Juan Enrique Hayes, José
URU: Cayetano Saporiti; Martín Aphesteguy, José Benincasa; Jorge Pacheco, José
     María Durán, Alfredo Foglino; Vicente Módena, Pablo Dacal, José Piendibene, 
     Carlos Scarone, Ángel Romano.
Ref. Álvaro Saralegui (Uruguay).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1913

[Aug 15, 1913]
Argentina 4:0 Uruguay   at Racing Club (Avellaneda).
[M. Susán 32, 45, 76, 87]
ARG: Carlos Tomás Wilson; Alejandro Aníbal Arturo Chiappe, Juan Dodds Brown;
     Ricardo Pepe, José Morroni, Alberto Olivari; Juan Manuel Rogers, Alberto
     Bernardino Ohaco, Maximiliano Antonio Susán, Donato Abbatángelo, José
URU: Cayetano Saporiti; Martín Aphesteguy, José Benincasa; Bernardo Savio, José
     María Durán, Jorge Pacheco; José Pérez, Pablo Dacal, José Piendibene,
     Ricardo Vallarino, Luis Altamirano.
Ref. José Claudio Susán.

Copa Thomas Lipton 1915

[Aug 15, 1915]
Argentina 2:1 Uruguay   at Gimnasia y Esgrima (Buenos Aires).
[A. Marcovecchio 62, J. E. Hayes 75; J. Piendibene 25]
ARG: Juan José Rithner; Alejandro Aníbal Arturo Chiappe, Juan Dodds Brown;
     Gerónimo Badaracco, Cándido García, Alberto Olivari; Rodolfo Fraga Patrao,
     José Viale, Juan Enrique Hayes, Alberto Andrés Marcovecchio, Alberto
     Bernardino Ohaco.
URU: Cayetano Saporiti; José Vanzzino, José Benincasa; Bernardo Savio, Jorge
     Pacheco, Manuel Varela; Pablo Dacal, Ángel Romano, José Piendibene, Martín
     Lázaro, José Pérez.
Ref. Hugo Alfano (Argentina).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1916
[Aug 15, 1916]
Uruguay   1:2 Argentina at Parque Central (Montevideo).
[Isabelino Gradín 28; Ernesto Hayes 35, Laiolo 80]
URU: Cayetano Saporiti, Alfredo Foglino, Manuel Marenco; Pascual Pascuariello,
     Alfredo Zibechi, Juan Delgado; Isabelino Gradín, Ángel Romano, Rodolfo
     Marán, José Piendibene, Pascual Somma.
ARG: Carlos Isola; Alejandro Aníbal Arturo Chiappe; Juan Dodds Brown, Enesto
     Matozzi, Alberto Felisari; Francisco Carlos Olázar, Juan Enrique Hayes,
     Ernesto Hayes; José Laiolo, Juan Nelusco Perinetti, Antonio Blanco.
Ref. José Di Luca (Uruguay).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1917
[Aug 15, 1917]
Argentina 1:0 Uruguay   at Racing Club (Avellaneda).
[Pedro Bleo Fournol “Calomino” 2]
ARG: Carlos Isola; Antonio Ferro, Armando Reyes; Francisco Carlos Olázar,
     Ernesto Matozzi, José Ventureira; Nicolás Rofrano, Pedro Bleo Fournol
     “Calomino”, Roberto Leonardi, Nicolás Vivaldo, Juan Nelusco Perinetti.
URU: Alfredo Balmelli; Manuel Varela, Antonio Urdinarán; Juan Delgado, Jorge
     Pacheco, José Vanzzino; Carlos Scarone, Rodolfo Marán, Ángel Romano,
     Isabelino Gradín, José Pérez.
Ref. Germán Guassone (Argentina).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1918

[Sep 20, 1918]
Argentina 1:1 Uruguay   at Parque Pereira (Montevideo).
[J. Calandra 50; C. Scarone 61]
ARG: Carlos Isola; Roberto Castagnola, Armando Reyes; Ernesto Mattozzi,
     Gerónimo Badaracco, Eduardo Blanco; Antonio Blanco, Alfredo Ángel Martín,
     Pedro Bleo Founol “Calomino”, Ernesto Hayes, Jorge Alberto Calandra.
URU: Cayetano Saporiti; Alfredo Foglino, José Benincasa; Alfredo Zibechi, Carlos
     Scarone, José Vanzzino; Isabelino Gradín, Juan Delgado, Ángel Romano,
     Héctor Scarone, José Pérez.
Ref. E. Scoteguazza (URU).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1919

[Sep 7, 1919]
Argentina 1:2 Uruguay   at Gimnasia y Esgrima (Buenos Aires).
[A. Badalini 56; H. Scarone 30, 42]
ARG: Emilio Araya; Roberto Castagnola, Humberto Juan Recanatini; Ernesto 
     Matozzi, Francisco Carlos Olázar (cap.), Enrique Macchiavello; Pedro Bleo
     Fournol “Calomino”, Atilio Badalini, Alberto Andrés Marcovecchio, Alberto
     Enrique Ochandío, Juan Nelusco Perinetti.
URU: Vicente Clavijo; José Vanzzino, Alfredo Foglino; Manuel Varela, Alfredo
     Zibechi, Pascual Somma; Pascual Ruotta, Héctor Scarone, Américo Carbone, 
     Isabelino Gradín, Ángel Romano.
Ref. Ernesto Palma (Argentina).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1922

[Nov 12, 1922]
Uruguay   1:0 Argentina at Parque Central (Montevideo).
[Á. Romano 26]
URU: Fausto Batignani; Antonio Urninarán, Domingo Tejera; Antonio Aguerre,
     Alfredo Zibechi, Pascual Somma; Ángel Romano, Rogelio Naguil, Felipe
     Buffoni, Norberto Casanello, Rodolfo Marán.
ARG: Américo Miguel Tesorieri; Pedro Castoldi, Juan Carlos Iribarren; Ángel
     Segundo Médici, Santiago Tomás Power, Emilio Solari; Pedro Bleo Fournol
     “Calomino”, Carlos Fernando Izaguirre, Edwin Clarcke, Raúl Echeverría,
     Julio Rivet.
Ref. Ricardo Vallarino (URU).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1923

[Jun 24, 1923]
Argentina 0:0 Uruguay   at Sportivo Barracas (Buenos Aires).
ARG: Américo Miguel Tesorieri; Ludovico Bidoglio, Ramón Alfredo Mutis; Juan 
     Evaristo, Roberto Seregni, Emilio Solari; Pedro Bleo Fournol “Calomino”,
     Carlos Fernando Izaguirre, Blas Saruppo, Ángel Domingo Chiessa, Cesáreo
     Juan Onzari.
URU: Manuel Beloutas; Alberto Nogués, Alfredo Zibechi; Pascual Somma, Gregorio
     Rodríguez, Juan Bérgolo; Ángel Romano, Héctor Olivieri, José Leandro 
     Andrade, Atilio Patiño, Fermín Uriarte.
Ref. Gerónimo Repossi (ARG).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1927

[Aug 30, 1927]
Argentina 0:1 Uruguay   at Boca Juniors (Buenos Aires).
[Héctor Scarone 75]
ARG: Octavio Juan Díaz, Humberto Juan Recanatini, Ludovico Bidoglio; Rodolfo
     Orlandini, Saúl Horacio Calandra, Ángel Segundo Médici; Alfredo Demetrio
     Carricaberry, Donato Alberto Penella, Gabino Sosa, Raimundo Bibiani Orsi,
     Manuel Seoane.
URU: Miguel Capuccini; Pedro Arispe, José Nasazzi; José Leandro Andrade, José
     Vanzzino, Álvaro Gestido; Juan Pedro Arremón, Pedro Cea, Pedro Petrone,
     Héctor Scarone, Zoilo Saldombide.
Ref. Servando Pérez (Argentina).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1928

[Sep 21, 1928]  
Uruguay   2:2 Argentina at Parque Central (Montevideo).
[Juan Emilio Píriz 72, Pedro Petrone 90pen; Juan Maglio 7, Jorge Alonso 79]
URU: Fausto Batignani; Ramón Bucetta, Domingo Tejera; Raúl Romero, Francisco
     Occhiuzzi, Carlos Riolfo; Juan Emilio Píriz, Antonio Sacco, Pedro Petrone,
     Juan Peregrino Anselmo, Zoilo Saldombide.
ARG: Ángel Bosio, Humberto Juan Recanatini, Pedro Omar; Pablo Juan Bartolucci,
     Adolfo Bernabé Zumelzú, Jorge Alonso; Pedro Marassi, Juan Félix Maglio,
     Carlos Desiderio Peucelle, Gerardo Caldas, Carlos Spadaro.
Ref. Domingo Lombardi (Uruguay)
Copa Thomas Lipton 1929

[Sep 28, 1929]
Argentina 0:0 Uruguay   at San Lorenzo de Almagro (Buenos Aires).
ARG: Ángel Bossio; Felipe Gabriel Cherro, Fernando Paternoster; Juan Evaristo,
     Adolfo Bernabé Zumelzú, Luis Felipe Monti; Miguel Ángel Lauri, Alejandro
     Scopelli, Manuel Ferreira, Juan Félix Maglio, Carlos Spadaro.
URU: Eduardo García; José Nasazzi, Pedro Arispe; José Leandro Andrade, Lorenzo
     Fernández, Álvaro Gestido; Santos Urdinarán, Conduelo Píriz, Pedro Petrone, 
     Héctor Castro, Juan Pedró Arremón.
Ref. Servando Pérez (Argentina).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1937

[Nov 11, 1937]
Argentina 5:1 Uruguay   at Independiente (Avellaneda).
[Herminio Masantonio 1, 36p, 84, Manuel Fidel 68, Enrique García 89; Agenor Muñiz 42]
ARG: Atilio Herrera; Oscar Eusebio Montañés, Lorenzo Gilli; Bruno Victorio
     Rodolfi, Celestino Martínez, Antonio Sastre; Carlos Desiderio Peucelle,
     Manuel Fidel, Herminio Masantonio, José Manuel Moreno, Enrique García.
URU: Juan Bautista Besuzzo, Agenor Muñiz, Alejandro Morales; Carlos Martínez,
     José Peláez, Eugenio Galvalisi; Adelaido Camaití, Segundo Villadóniga,
     Francisco Arispe, Oscar Chirimini, Roberto Porta. 
Ref. Isaac Caswell (England).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1942 xxx

[Aug 25, 1942]
Uruguay   1:1 Argentina at Centenario (Montevideo).
[Vázquez; Juan Carlos Muñoz 51]
URU: Juan José Carvidón; Héctor Romero (replaced by Blas Bas during the first
     half), Secundino Arrascaeta; Schubert Gambetta, Obdulio Jacinto Muiños 
     Varela, Raúl Rodríguez; Luis Ernesto Castro, José Antonio Vázquez, Oscar
     Chirimini, Manuel Antúnez (replaced by Roberto Porta during the second
     half), Bibiano Zapirain.
ARG: Sebastián Gualco, José Salomón, Ignacio Díaz; Norberto Antonio Yácono,
     Bruno Victorio Rodolfi, Alfredo Zárraga (replaced by Carlos Adolfo Sosa
     during the second half); Juan Carlos Muñoz, José Manuel Moreno, Norberto 
     José Pairoux (replaced by Jaime Sarlanga during the second half), Rinaldo
     Fioramonte Martino (replaced by Ángel Amadeo Labruna during the second
     half), Manuel Gregorio Pelegrina.
Ref. Aníbal Tejada (Uruguay).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1945

[Jul 18, 1945]
Uruguay   2:2 Argentina at Centenario (Montevideo).
[Obdulio Jacinto Varela (2); Rinaldo Fioramonte Martino 6, Pedro Young 16og]
URU: Aníbal Paz; Raúl Pini, Secundino Arrascaeta; Alfredo Young (General Viana),
     Obdulio Jacinto Varela, José Cajiga; Luis Ernesto Castro, José María
     Medina, Raúl Schiaffino (Nicolás Falero), Juan Pedro Riephoff (Raúl Sarro),
     Bibiano Zapirain.
ARG: Gabriel Mario Ogando, José Salomón, Nicolás Palma (Jorge Héctor Alberti
     1st H); Juan Carlos Fonda, León Strembel, José Pedro Battagliero; Juan
     Carlos Salvini, Norberto Doroteo Méndez, Juan José Ferraro, Rinaldo
     Fioramonte Martino (Ángel Amadeo Labruna 1st H), Ezra Sued.
Ref. Juan Carlos Armental (Uruguay).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1957

[Jun 5, 1957]
Argentina 1:1 Uruguay   at Huracán (Buenos Aires).
[A.Angelillo 64; C.Correa 76 pen]
ARG: Rogelio Antonio Domínguez; Pedro Rodolfo Dellacha, Federico Jorge Vairo;
     Juan Carlos Giménez, Juan Héctor Guidi, Ángel Osvaldo Schadlein (José 
     Varacka 57); Oreste Omar Corbatta, Antonio Valentín Angelillo, José
     Francisco Sanfilippo (Héctor Edelmiro Antonio 45 HT), Ángel Amadeo Labruna,
     Osvaldo Héctor Cruz.
URU: Walter Taibo; Carlos Correa, William Martínez; víctor Rodríguez Andrade
     (Edgardo González 45 HT), Néstor Gonçalvez, Luis Miramontes; Carlos Borges,
     Rodolfo Pippo, Oscar Míguez (Julio Acosta 56), Javier Ambrois, Walter Roque.
Ref. Esteban Marino (Uruguay).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1962

[Aug 15, 1962]
Argentina 3:1 Uruguay   at River Plate (Buenos Aires).
[Marcelo Ernesto Pagani 30, Daniel Alberto Willington 54, Alberto Mario González 69; José Mattera 83pen]
ARG: Rogelio Antonio Domínguez, José Manuel Ramos Delgado, Miguel Ángel Vidal;
     Carlos Alberto Sáinz, Antonio Ubaldo Rattín, José Varacka; Ernesto Humberto
     Juárez, César Luis Menotti, Marcelo Ernesto Pagani (Daniel Alberto
     Willington 45 HT), Ernesto Grillo, Alberto Mario González. 
URU: Roberto Sosa; Jorge Manicera, Emilio Álvarez; Luis Benítez, Rubén González
     (Walter Giménez 28), Ricardo Pavoni; José Mattera, Héctor Silva, Vladas
     Douksas, Mario Bergara (Eladio Benítez 52), Guillermo Escalada (Julio 
     Giménez 28).
Ref. Juan Brozzi (Argentina).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1968

[Jun 5, 1968]
Argentina 2:0 Uruguay   at River Plate (Buenos Aires).
[Roque Alberto Avallay 8, Rodolfo Fischer 71]
ARG: Carlos Adolfo Buttice (Rubén Omar Sánchez 2nd H); Luis Gregorio Gallo,
     Roberto Alfredo Perfumo, José Rafael Albrecht, Néstor Aníbal Sinatra 
     (Antonio Rosl 45 HT); José Demetrio Solórzano (Antonio Roberto Cabrera 45
     HT), Victorio Nicolás Cocco; Pedro Alexis González (Mario Pardo 45 HT),
     Rodolfo José Fischer, Roque Alberto Avallay, Daniel Alberto Willington.
URU: Ladislao Mazurkiewicz; Julio Dalmao, Mario Méndez, Juan Martín Mugica,
     Julio Montero Castillo; Víctor Espárrago (Jorge Prestes 45 HT), Néstor 
     Gonçalvez, Abayubá Ibáñez; Orlando Virgili, Pedro Virgilio Rocha, Julio 
     César Morales.
Ref. Guillermo Nimo (Argentina).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1973

[May 17, 1973]
Argentina 1-1 Uruguay   at Vélez Sarsfield (Buenos Aires).
[Miguel Ángel Brindisi 87; Fernando Morena 39]
ARG: Daniel Alberto Carnevali; Ernesto Enrique Wolff, Jorge Alberto Buzzo (Jorge
     Troncoso), Hugo Osvaldo Pena, Antonio Rosl; Miguel Ángel Brindisi, Roberto
     Telch, Carlos Alberto Babington (Norberto Osvaldo Alonso 45 HT); René
     Orlando Houseman (Ramón Héctor Ponce 45 HT), Rubén Hugo Ayala 8Roque 
     Alberto Avallay 2nd H), Carlos Alfredo Guerini. Coach: Miguel Ubaldo
URU: Héctor Santos; Luis Ubiña, Walter Olivera, Juan Masnik, Mario Zoryez;
     Víctor Espárrago, Alberto Cardaccio, Ildo Maneiro; Luis Cubilla, Fernando
     Morena (Omar Rey), Rubén Romeo Corbo (Francisco Bertocci 2nd H).
     Coach: Hugo Bagnulo
Ref. Oscar Veiró (Argentina).

Copa Thomas Lipton 1976

[Abr 8, 1976]
Argentina 4-1 Uruguay   at Vélez Sarsfield (Buenos Aires).
[M.Kempes 21, 57, L.Luque 50, H.Scotta 89; D.Pereyra 79]
ARG: Hugo Orlando Gatti; Jorge Mario Olguín, Daniel Alberto Passarella; Jorge
     Omar Carrascosa, Américo Rubén Gallego, Daniel Pedro Killer; René Orlando
     Houseman (Héctor Horacio Scotta 62), Osvaldo César Ardiles (Marcelo Antonio
     Trobbiani 62), Leopoldo Jacinto Luque, Ricardo Enrique Bochini, Mario 
     Alberto Kempes.
URU: Walter Corbo; Alfredo de los Santos, Rafael Villazán; Pablo Forlán, Saúl 
     Rivero (El Gráfico) or Juan Ramón Silva (AUF), Juan Vicente Morales (Manuel
     Keosseián 45 HT); José Eduardo Cruz, Julio César Jiménez, Fernando Morena,
     Darío Pereyra, Jorge Laclau (Daniel Torres). 
Ref. Arturo Ithurrralde.
Note: W. Corbo saved a penalty M. Kempes 11.

Copa Thomas Lipton 1992

[Sep 23, 1992]
Uruguay   0-0 Argentina at Centenario (Montevideo).
URU: Robert Siboldi; Guillermo Sanguinetti, Daniel Sánchez, Fernando Kanapkis,
     Nelson Cabrera; Gustavo Cristian Matosas (Héctor Morán 45 HT), Santiago
     Ostolaza, José Luis Zalazar, Gerardo Miranda (Diego Dorta 73); Walter
     Peletti, Romeo Guerra. Subs: Raúl Dos Santos, Da Luz, Héctor Rodríguez,
     Luis Alberto Barbat, Henry López Báez. Coach: Luis Cubilla
ARG: Luis Alberto Islas; Fabián Armando Basualdo, Sergio Fabián Vázquez, 
     Fernando Gabriel Cáceres, Julio César Saldaña; Diego Cagna (Alejandro
     Víctor Mancuso 72), José Luis Villarreal, Néstor Raúl Gorosito, Alberto
     José Márcico; Ramón Medina Bello, Alberto Acosta. Subs: David Carlos
     Bisconti, Jorge Horacio Borelli, Fabián Cancelarich, Néstor Oscar Craviotto,
     Roberto Carlos Monserrat, Julio Alberto Zamora. Coach: Alfio Basile. 
Ref. Félix Ramón Benegas Caballero (Paraguay).
Red cards: Fernando Kanapkis (U) 70, Néstor Raúl Gorosito (A) 70.

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