Unione Sportiva Livorno - Short Historical Overview 1915-1960

Unione Sportiva Livorno
period: 1915-1960
City: Livorno, Italy (Leghorn)
Colours: all reddish-purple (amaranto) shirt

Current position: Serie B 2003-04.

1905 February. Birth of Virtus Juventusque Livorno (violet and white 
               halves shirt), a soccer and gymnastic team.

1906 January, 6. Birth of SPES Livorno (SocietÓ Per Esercizi Sportivi;
                 the acronym indicated also Hope in Latin) the green and
                 white stripes of Tuscany. Played in FIG (Federal 
                 Gymnastics) Tournaments.

1912-13 I Categoria Toscana 

Spes second with 7 pts. Virtus winner with 9 pts. Finals South League, 
Virtus 6th with no points, eliminated.

1913-14 I Categoria Toscana 

Spes winner with 26 pts, qualified for Finals. I Categoria Finals 
South 4th with no points, eliminated. Virtus was third with 19 pts.

1914-15 I Categoria Toscana

Spes 5th with 11 pts and Virtus 6th with 6 pts.

1915 February, 17. Spes and Virtus Juventusque merged in Unione Sportiva
                   Livorno (red-violet purple shirt with white collar, 
                   a color called "amaranto" in Italian).

1915-19 No official activities for War. In 1917 there was the first
        official Tournament of the so called "Unione": Coppa Toscana - 
        Livorno third with 3 pts.

1919 Birth of the city's second team Pro Livorno (green and white stripes
     as the old Spes).


Preliminary Round Central and Southern Italy - Toscana, 
US Livorno second with 15 pts. 
Semifinal Round group B: winner with 8 pts. 
Final Livorno - Fortitudo Roma 3-2 in Bologna.
Italian Central and Southern Champion. 
Final with Northern Team Internazionale Milano lost for 3-2 in Bologna. 
Pro Livorno winner of the group A - Sez. II  of III Categoria Toscana 
with 2 pts., promoted in II categoria.


Preliminary Round Central and Southern Italy - Toscana, 
US Livorno second with 24 pts. 
Semifinal Round group A: winner with 8 pts. 
Final on 3rd of July in Bologna Pisa-Livorno 1-0. 
Pro Livorno winner of the II Categoria Toscana group with 11 pts., 
promoted to the 1st level

1921-22 FIGC Championship Toscana 

Pro Livorno winner with 15 pts. 
Semifinal round group A: third with 1 pt. 
In the parallel CCI Tournament North League group A, 
US Livorno was 10th with 17 pts.

1922 US Livorno and Pro Livorno merged in the new Unione Sportiva Livorno
     (red-violet shirt with white collar and with an horizontal 
     white-green-white band).

1922-23 Northern League 

group C (A) third with 30 pts.

1923-24 I Division North 

Group A third with 27 pts.

1924-25 I Division North 

Group B fifth with 25 pts.

1925-26 I Division North 

Group B fourth with 25 pts.

1926-27 I Division North 

Group B fifth with 20 pts.

1927-28 I Division North 

Group B ninth with 17 pts.

1928-29 I Division North 

Group A seventh with 32 pts.

1929-30 Serie A 

Livorno 14th with 29 pts. (12 matches won and 5 ties).

1930-31 Serie A 

17th with 20 pts., relegated .

1931-32 Serie B 

7th with 36 pts.

1932-33 Serie B 

winner with 51 points, promoted with Brescia; only 3 matches
lost, topscorer the Hungarian forward Nekadoma with 26 goals.

1933-34 Serie A 

8th with 34 pts. (11 matches won and 12 ties).

1934-35 Serie A 

15th with 24 pts. On June, 2nd lost the last match with AC Torino in 
Torino: 0-1. AC Torino overtook US Livorno by one point and the
Unione relegated with Pro Vercelli.

1935-36 Serie B 

3rd with 47 pts.

1936-37 Serie B 

winner with 42 pts., promoted with Atalanta Bergamo. The "amaranto" player 
Arcari IV, scorer of 30 hits, played for the National Team.

1937-38 Serie A 

11th with 24 pts.

1938-39 Serie A 

15th with 24 pts. Relegated for the worst GD.

1939-40 Serie B 

2nd with 46 pts. Promoted.

1940-41 Serie A 

13th with 29 pts.

1941-42 Serie A 

14th with 24 pts. Recovered in the last match in Milano where won against 
AC Milano 2-0.

1942-43 Serie A 

a glorious 2nd place. The final placements were: Torino 44 pts. Champion, 
Livorno 43, Juventus 37.

1945 During the War there was a Campano-toscano Tournament with Napoli,
     Stabia, Livorno and Fiorentina.

1945-46 After the Second World War Livorno renamed the team Pro Livorno. 
        In Serie A group B 7th with 10 pts.

1946-47 Serie A 

15th with 33 pts.

1947-48 Serie A 

14th with 36 pts.

1948-49 Serie A 

20th with 26 pts., relegated to Serie B with Modena.

1949-50 Serie B 

8th with 46 pts.

1950-51 Serie B 

3rd with 47 pts.

1951-52 Serie B 

16th with 34 pts. For the first time relegated in Serie C (3rd level)

1952-53 Serie C 

7th with 35 pts.

1953-54 Serie C 

6th with 38 pts.

1954-55 Serie C 

winner with 45 pts. Promoted with Bari.

1955-56 Serie B 

17th with 22 pts. Relegated with Salernitana.

1956-57 Serie C 

12th with 31 pts.

1957-58 Serie C 

18th (last) with 25 pts. However the reform of the Serie C Tournament 
avoided a relegation in IV Serie (4th level)

1958-59 Serie C 

Group A 5th with 46 pts.

1959-60 Serie C 

Group B second with 46 pts. Overtaken by AC Prato by 1 pt.

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