Lokomotiv Moskva Tour of New Zealand 1990

Lokomotiv Moskva is a Russian football club, playing in Soviet Union's First League (Second Level) at the time of the tour. They finished the 1989 season 15th in the 16-team Supreme League (First Level) and were relegated. They were able to win promotion back to the Supreme League at the end of the 1990 season. They contested the USSR Cup final two months before touring New Zealand, where they lost 6-1 to Dynamo Kiev.

Yuri Gavrilov, one of the touring players, was the scorer of the Soviet Union's first goal in a 3-0 win against New Zealand during the 1982 World Cup. According to the reports, the tour was lead by Yuri Semin, who at the time was also in charge of the Soviet Union B team. The squad included Igor Chugainov, Alexei Arifullin and Andrey Fedin, all members of the USSR Olympic side, along with Andrey Solovtzov, who had played for the USSR Youth side. Included also was Dale Mulholland, who holds United States citizenship.


Vaclovas Jurkus     Vatzlovas Yourkus       LIT           GK
Khasanbi Bidzhiyev  Hasanbi Bidzhiev        RUS           GK
Alexei Arifullin    Aleksey Arifullin       RUS           DF
Sergei Bodak        Sergey Bodack           RUS           DF
Yevgeni Mileshkin   Evgeny Mileshkin        RUS           DF
Igor Chugainov                              RUS           DF
Yuri Gavrilov                               RUS           MF
Valeriy Plotnikov                           RUS           MF
Andrei Fedin        Andrey Fedin            RUS           MF*
Dale Mulholland                             USA           MF**
Dmitri Gorkov                               RUS           MF
Oleg Samatov                                RUS           MF
Artur Shamrin                                                 
Kirill Rybakov      Kerill Rybakov          RUS           FW
Sergei Sukhov       Sergey Sukhov           RUS           FW
Andrei Solovtzov    Andrey Solovtzov                  
Rashid Gallaberov
Pavel Nesterov
Yuri Semin          Yuri Syomin             RUS 

* - reported prior to the commencement of the tour as one of the 
squad members but did not play in any of the matches
**- occasionally reported as Dale Malholland


DATE        LOCATION       RESULT                                                
18- 7-1990  Auckland       New Zealand             1-1  Lokomotiv Moskva
22- 7-1990  Wellington     New Zealand             2-1  Lokomotiv Moskva
25- 7-1990  Napier         Napier City             0-5  Lokomotiv Moskva
28- 7-1990  Christchurch   New Zealand             0-1  Lokomotiv Moskva

Match Details

18/07/1990, Auckland, Western Springs
NEW ZEALAND         1 (Robert Ironside 43')
LOKOMOTIV MOSKVA    1 (Dale Mulholland 87')
New Zealand:        Clint Gosling, Anthony Ferris, Ceri Evans, Malcolm Dunford [c], Michael Ridenton, 
                    Michael McGarry, Robert Ironside, Daniel Halligan, Declan Edge, Noel Barkley, 
                    Perry Cotton (Darren McClennan 82').
                    Coach: Ian Marshall.
Lokomotiv Moskva:   Vaclovas Jurkus, Alexei Arifullin, Sergei Bodak, Yevgeni Mileshkin [c], Pavel Nesterov, 
                    Rashid Gallaberov, Dmitri Gorkov, Igor Chugainov, Oleg Samatov (Dale Mulholland 65), 
                    Sergei Sukhov (Kirill Rybakov 48), Artur Shamrin.
Referee:            Gary Fleet (Franklin, New Zealand).
Notes:              The pitch was "slippery and heavy". The weather was very cold and the there was a 
                    possibility of rain heavy enough to cancel the match. Fortunately, the match was 
                    completed despite the adverse weather conditions. Attendance was reported to be low. 
                    Alexei Arifullin limped off towards the end of the second half but was not replaced.  
                    Match kicked-off at 7:30 pm. 
22/07/1990, Wellington, Basin Reserve, 3000+
NEW ZEALAND         2 (Robert Ironside 34', 41')
LOKOMOTIV MOSKVA    1 (Kirill Rybakov 69')
New Zealand:        Clint Gosling, Anthony Ferris, Ceri Evans, Malcolm Dunford [c], Michael Ridenton, 
                    Michael McGarry, Robert Ironside, Daniel Halligan, Declan Edge, Noel Barkley 
                    (Darren McClennan 74') Perry Cotton.
                    Coach: Ian Marshall.
Lokomotiv Moskva:   Khasanbi Bidzhiyev, Andrei Solovtzov, Sergei Bodak, Pavel Nesterov, Dmitri Gorkov (Oleg 
                    Samatov 75'), Yevgeni Mileshkin, Igor Chugainov, Yuri Gavrilov, Kirill Rybakov, Artur 
                    Shamrin, Dale Mulholland (Sergei Sukhov 46').
Referee:            Ken Wallace (Auckland, New Zealand)
Note:               Some sources claim that Darren McClennan came on for Perry Cotton. New Zealand used 
                    the same starting line-up as in the first match. Match kicked-off at 2:00 pm.
25/07/1990, Napier, Park Island, 1500
NAPIER CITY         0
LOKOMOTIV MOSKVA    5 (Rashid Gallaberov 15', 34', Kirill Rybakov 24', 57', Artur Shamrin 35')
Napier City:        Clive Holmes, A Birchenough, G Locke, T Kenealy, Jason New (Chris Shakeshaft 55'), 
                    Martin Akers, Chris Jackson, A Rennie (A Richardson 84), Glen Whittington (Mike 
                    Mayo 88'), Mick Waitt, Gary Parker.
                    Coach: Keith Buckley.
Lokomotiv Moskva:   Vaclovas Jurkus, Andrei Solovtzov, Sergei Bodak, Yevgeni Mileshkin, Pavel Nesterov, 
                    Igor Chugainov (Valeriy Plotnikov 46'), Rashid Gallaberov, Yuri Gavrilov (Dale Mulholland), 
                    Dmitri Gorkov, Artur Shamrin (Sergei Sukhov 60), Kirill Rybakov.
Referee:            Barry Tasker (Wellington, New Zealand).                     
Note:               Match played in good weather on an "immaculate" pitch. Napier City were the defending 
                    New Zealand champions. They finished the 1990 season in 6th place. Match kicked-off at 
                    3:00 pm.

28/07/1990, Christchurch, Queen Elizabeth II Park, 3500
NEW ZEALAND         0
LOKOMOTIV MOSKVA    1 (Kirill Rybakov 90')
New Zealand:        Clint Gosling, Anthony Ferris, Ceri Evans, Malcolm Dunford [c], Michael Ridenton, 
                    Michael McGarry, Robert Ironside, Daniel Halligan, Declan Edge, Noel Barkley 
                    (Tony Laus 84'), Perry Cotton.
                    Coach: Ian Marshall.
Lokomotiv Moskva:   Vaclovas Jurkus, Pavel Nesterov, Sergei Bodak, Andrei Solovtzov (Oleg Samatov 15'), 
                    Yevgeni Mileshkin, Igor Chugainov, Rashid Gallaberov (Sergei Sukhov 59'), Artur Shamrin, 
                    Yuri Gavrilov, Kirill Rybakov, Dmitri Gorkov (Khasanbi Bidzhiyev 74').
Referee:            Lennox Sharp (Southland, New Zealand)
Note:               Fine conditions and firm pitch. Vaclovas Jurkus was sent-off after twice pushing the 
                    referee while disputing the awarding of a penalty. The penalty, taken by Noel Barkley, was 
                    saved by substitute goalkeeper Khasanbi Bidzhiyev. Straight after the match Jurkus apologised 
                    to Sharpe and gave him a team pennant. Match kicked-off at 2:00 pm.  

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