Lokomotiv Moskva tour of Asia 1955

Match Overview

Date     Venue            Hosts                      Score

 6-11-55 Djakarta         Persidja                    0-5 Lokomotiv       [HT: 0-2]
10-11-55 Padang           PSP                         0-7 Lokomotiv       [HT: 0-2]
13-11-55 Medan            PSMS                        0-9 Lokomotiv       [HT: 0-5]
17-11-55 Djokjakarta      Indonesia B                 0-9 Lokomotiv       [HT: 0-2]
20-11-55 Surabaja         Persibaja                   0-4 Lokomotiv       [HT: 0-0]
24-11-55 Djakarta         Indonesia                   1-3 Lokomotiv       [HT: 0-1]
 1-12-55 Calcutta         Mohun Bagan                 0-5 Lokomotiv       [HT: 0-1]
 4-12-55 Calcutta         IFA Selection               0-2 Lokomotiv       [HT: 0-1]
 6-12-55 Rangoon          Burma                       1-7 Lokomotiv   
 9-12-55 Rangoon          Burma                      0-10 Lokomotiv   

NB: information on matches in Rangoon taken from Lokomotiv Info.

Squad Lokomotiv

NB: as listed in De Preangerbode on November 4, 1955 (some first names and patronymics added
    or corrected and some spellings adapted); last number between brackets indicates age.

Players (18):

GK Vadim Vsevolodovich Kublitskiy (27) [actually was 29 at the time]
   Grachov (29)
DF Yevgeniy Alexandrovich Rogov (right back, captain, 26)
   Gennadiy Stepanovich Zabelin (right back, 29)
   Andrei Krushenok (left back, 30)
MF Vitaliy Sergeevich Artemev (right half, 24)
   Yevgeniy Ivanovich Goryanskiy (right half, 26)
   Aleksandr Klimachev (mid half, 23)
   Yevgeniy Ivanovich Lyadin (left half, 29)
FW Viktor Nikolaevich Razumovskiy (outside right, 23)
   Vitaliy Nikitovich Zub (inside right, 27) [*]
   Viktor Fyodorovich Voroshilov (inside right, 29)
   Valentin Borisovich Bubukin (inside left or inside right, 22)
   Viktor Zaharovich Sokolov (centre forward, 23)
   Yuriy Fyodorovich Kovalyov (inside left, 21)
   Yuriy Korotkov (inside left, 27)
   Yevgeniy Malov (outside left, 26)
   Aleksandr Filyayev (outside left, 26)

[*] at the time, Zub played at another railway side, Lokomotiv Kharkov, but he was
    apparently ceded to the Moscow side for this trip.

NB: in addition a 19th player, outside right Iljin (25), is named, in spite of the fact
    that it is explicitly stated the team consisted of 18 players (12 in the possession
    of the title "master of sports") and Iljin does not appear in any match report.

Available Match Details

NB: information on the Lokomotiv Info site conflicts for all matches with that available
    from contemporary Java newspapers.  While it is quite possible that the local reporters
    made errors in identifying the Russian players, the discrepancies in match dates and
    half-time scores surely must be due to errors on the Lokomotiv Info site; therefore,
    these are given below as provided by the newspapers while for the Lokomotiv line-ups
    and goal scorers both versions are presented.

Persidja                    0-5 Lokomotiv

Nov 6, Djakarta, Ikada Stadion; ref: Mohd. Sarim (Djakarta)

Persidja: Davies; Tamaela, Kiat Sek, Him Tjiang; Moh. Bandi, Liong Houw;
          Wim Pie, Herman Pattipeilohy, Hasan, Djamiat, Jahn (20' Saelan)
Lokomotiv: Kublitskiy (Grachov); Rogov, Zabelin, Krushenok (Klimachev); Artemev, Lyadin;
           Razumovskiy (Korotkov), Voroshilov, Zub, Bubukin (Kovalyov), Filyayev
           NB: line-up according to Lokomotiv Info site; it would appear rather
               unusual that Lokomotiv made four substitutions (see also below).

Goals: 34' Lyadin 0-1, 43' Voroshilov (pen) 0-2, 85' Lyadin 0-3, 86' Filyayev 0-4,
       89' Filyayev 0-5
Half-Time: 0-2

NB: reports in the Java-bode and De Nieuwsgier give a rather different Lokomotiv line-up:
      Lokomotiv: Kublitskiy; Rogov, Klimachev, Krushenok; Goryanskiy, Lyadin;
                 Razumovskiy (46' NN), Bubukin, Korotkov, Kovalyov, Filyayev;    
    both papers state that the penalty was scored by the centre forward (identified as Korotkov)
    and the last two goals by the outside left Filyayev, but the Lokomotiv Info site credits both 
    the penalty and one of the final two goals to Voroshilov.

PSP                         0-7 Lokomotiv

Nov 10, Padang, Banteng Stadion; ref: N.N. (Russia) [presumably Timakov as on Nov 24]

PSP included: Amir (keeper), Nizar (centre half), Arifin (inside right)
Lokomotiv: Grachov; Rogov, Zabelin, Krushenok; Artemev, Zub (46' Lyadin); Razumovskiy,
           Voroshilov, Korotkov, Bubukin (46' Kovalyov), Filyayev
           NB: line-up according to Lokomotiv Info site, which omits Sokolov, who is
               however listed as goalscorer.

Goals: 15' Zub 0-1, 20' Bubukin 0-2, 51' Razumovskiy 0-3, 56' Voroshilov 0-4,
       84' Sokolov 0-5, Razumovskiy 0-6, Kovalyov 0-7
Half-Time: 0-2
NB: scorers according to report in De Nieuwsgier on Nov 11, with the exception of the first goal,
    which is credited to the left half "Jakovlevich" (obviously a patronymic but one that does 
    not correspond to any of the known ones); as the Lokomotiv Info site has Zub on that position
    in the first half, it is assumed he was meant; in addition, the Lokomotiv Info sites credits
    a goal to both Artemev and Filyayev instead of Voroshilov and Bubukin.

PSMS                        0-9 Lokomotiv

Nov 13, Medan, Teladan Stadion; att: 40,000; ref: De Graaf

PSMS included: Jusuf Siregar (inside left), Arsjan, Natsir
Lokomotiv: Kublitskiy; Rogov, Klimachev, Krushenok; Artemev, Lyadin; Zub, Bubukin (46' Sokolov),
           Voroshilov, Kovalyov (46' Malov), Filyayev
           NB: line-up according to Lokomotiv Info site.

Goals: Zub (3), Kovalyov (3), Voroshilov, Lyadin, Sokolov
       NB: goal scorers according to Lokomotiv Info site.
Half-Time: 0-5

Indonesia B                 0-9 Lokomotiv

Nov 17, Djokjakarta, Kridosono Stadion; att: 25,000; ref: Wensveen (Djakarta)

Indonesia B included: Marjoso (Pati, centre half) [20' Nazir (Padang) [75' Nazar (Medan)]],
                      Arsjan (Medan, outside left), Hasan (outside right), Sjamsuddin, Danu,
                      Sukanda (Djakarta, inside right) [46' Omo (Bandung)]
                      NB: the team consisted of players between 17 and 24 years of age
Lokomotiv: Grachov; Rogov, Zabelin, Krushenok; Zub, Lyadin; Razumovskiy, Voroshilov,
           Kovalyov, Bubukin, Filyayev
           NB: line-up according to Lokomotiv Info site, which omits Korotkov, who is
               however listed as (double) goalscorer; a report in De Nieuwsgier states
               Lokomotiv made multiple substitutions at half-time without identifying any
               (presumably Korotkov replaced either Kovalyov or Bubukin);
               the Lokomotiv Info site erroneously gives the match date as Nov 16.

Goals: 8' N.N. 0-1, 15' N.N. 0-2, 52' N.N. 0-3, 58' N.N. 0-4, 64' N.N. 0-5,
       70' N.N. 0-6, 76' N.N. 0-7, 82' N.N. 0-8, 83' Krushenok 0-9;
       a report in the Java-bode credited two goals to both Lyadin and right half Goryanskiy, 
       but the Lokomotiv Info side lists the scorers as: Korotkov (2), Lyadin (2), Voroshilov (2),
       Zub (2), Filyayev; presumably Zub and Goryanskiy (as well as Krushenok and Filyayev) were
       mixed up in one of the versions as newspaper reports agreed that only 4 of the 9 Russian
       goals were scored by forwards.
Half-Time: 0-2

Persibaja                   0-4 Lokomotiv

Nov 20, Surabaja, Tambaksari Stadion; ref: Murdijat

Persibaja included: Sunarjo (keeper), Sidhi, Sian Liong, Peng Gwan, San Liong, Sahetapy
Lokomotiv: Kublitskiy; Rogov, Zabelin, Krushenok; Artemev (46' Lyadin), Goryanskiy; 
           Malov (46' Kovalyov), Razumovskiy, Sokolov (Voroshilov), Bubukin, Korotkov
           NB: line-up according to Lokomotiv Info site;
               the Lokomotiv Info site erroneously gives the match date as Nov 19.

Goals: 57' Malov 0-1, 58' N.N. 0-2, 80' Artemev 0-3, 85' Artemev 0-4
       NB: goal scorers according to (identical) reports in Nieuwsgier and Java-bode; the
           Lokomotiv Info site lists scorers as Korotkov, Voroshilov, Razumovskiy and Goryanskiy.
Half-Time: 0-0 (the Lokomotiv Info site erroneously lists the half-time score as 0-2).

Indonesia                   1-3 Lokomotiv

Nov 24, Djakarta, Ikada Stadion; ref: Timakov (Russia) (linesmen: Wensveen, Mohd. Sarim)

Indonesia: Saelan (Makassar); Rasjid (Medan), Him Tjiang (Djakarta); Rukma (Bandung),
           Kiat Sek (Djakarta), Liong Houw (Djakarta); Witarsa (Bandung), Arifin (Padang)
           [46' Danu (Semarang)], Ramli (Medan), Djamiat (Djakarta) [46' Sjamsuddin (Medan)],
           Jusuf Siregar (Medan); unused subs: Davies (Djakarta); Nazir (Padang)
Lokomotiv: Kublitskiy; Klimachev, Zabelin, Krushenok; Artemev, Lyadin; Voroshilov, Filyayev
           (Korotkov), Zub (Razumovskiy), Bubukin, Kovalyov
           NB: line-up according to Lokomotiv Info site; a report in De Nieuwsgier (which
               does not give a line-up) identified the right back as (captain) Rogov rather
               than Klimachev; a report in De Java-bode stated that Lokomotiv only replaced
               Artemev at half-time (without identifying the substitute).

Goals: 30' Filyayev 0-1, 75' Bubukin 0-2, 76' Rukma 1-2, 80' Zub 1-3
       NB: goal scorers according to a report in De Java-bode on Nov 26; reports on Nov 25
           in both De Java-bode and De Nieuwsgier list the Lokomotiv scorers as Bubukin,
           Lialev (presumably Lyadin) and "the right half", in that order; the Lokomotiv Info
           states that both Kovalyov (28') and Bubukin (30') scored in the first half and 
           Razumovskiy (instead of Zub) in the second; clearly the timing of the second
           goal is mistaken by a half on the Lokomotiv Info site while the Djakarta papers
           may have missed a half-time substitution of Zub.
Half-Time: 0-1 (the Lokomotiv Info site erroneously lists the half-time score as 0-2).

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