Madagascar 1999/2000

Regional Championship of Antanarivo


AS Adema
US Ambohidratrimo  
FC Atamob-Buffalo
COSFA (Forces Armées)
Domoina Soavina Atsimondrano (DSA)
Fortior 2A
JIRAMA (Antsirabe) 
COSPN (Policiers)
AS St Michel (Amparibe)       
Stade Olympique de l'Emyrne (SOE) 
Zatovon'i Bongolava (ZB)    

Round 3 [Nov 19]
US Ambohidratrimo                 -  FC BFV/SG
St Michel (Amparibe)              -  Fortior 2A 
Stade Olympique de l'Emyrne (SOE) -  FC Atamob-Buffalo   [at Mahamasina]
JIRAMA (Antsirabe)                -  Policiers (COSPN)
Zatovon'i Bongolava (ZB)          -  COSFA
Domoina Soavina Atsimondrano  bye due to championship match

Round 6 [Dec 5]
JIRAMA                           3-0 Zatovon'i Bongolava
Fortior Club 2A                  0-0 FC Atamob-Buffalo
ADEMA                            1-0 COSPN
[other matches postponed]

Current leader: JIRAMA (Antsirabe).

Round 7 [Jan 9] 
SOE                              0-0 Uscafoot
St. Michel                       1-0 COSFA
BFV-SG                           1-1 JIRAMA Antsirabe
ADEMA                            5-1 Zatovon'i Bongolava
Fortior Club 2A                  1-0 DSA

Round 9 [Jan 19-23]
BFV/SG                            -  ADEMA
COSFA                             -  Atamon Buffalo
Fortior 2A                       1-1 USCAF
COSPN                            4-1 Zatovon'i Bongolava 
JIRAMA                           2-0 AS St. Michel

Round 11 
JIRAMA                           1-0 Atamob
SOE                              0-1 Fortior 2A
COSFA                             -  DSA
ADEMA                            1-3 St. Michel
FC BFV                           2-0 COSPN   

Round 12
Zatovon'i Bongolava              1-1 Fortior 2A
DSA                              0-1 Atamob
SOE                              2-2 FC BFV

 1.JIRAMA  (unbeaten, scored 20 goals)
 2.Fortior 2A   9 points behind

   DSA conceded 4 goals in 7 matches

   Zatovon'i Bongolava last

Round 13 [Mar 5]
DSA                               -  JIRAMA                           
SOE                               -  US Ambohidratrimo
ADEMA                             -  Atamob
COSPN                             -  St. Michel
BFV                               -  Zatovon'i Bongolava

[May 6,7]
COSFA                             -  US Ambohidratimo
COSPN                             -  Fortior 2A
FC BFV                           bt  FC Atamob/Buffalo
Zolotovon'i Bongolava            0-2 DSA

[May 11?] 
DSA                              1-1 SOE 

Top of table:

 1.JIRAMA Antsirabe                      27
 2.FC BFV                                19
 3.Fortior 2A                            19
 4.Stade Olympique de l'Emyme            18
 5.US Ambohidratimo                      15
 6.AS ADEMA                              15

Towards the end of the championship, with Jirama only needing a couple of draws to
take the Antananarivo title, the formula was changed, due to various clubs having 
players in the national team ('Scorpions').  Apparently, several groups of three teams 
each were formed to decide the championship.

At the moment of abandonment, Zatovon'i Bongolava were in last place.
They apparently beat Fortior Club 2A in one of the 3-team groups (or
a qualifying match?).

FC BFV                           1-0 Saint-Michel      [may have been qualifying match]
COSFA                            1-1 FC Atamob-Buffalo
COSPN                            2-1 Adema

Semifinals [Aug 13]
FC BFV-SG                         -  COSPN
COSFA                             -  Stade Olympique de l'Emyme       

Championship of Antanarivo 2. Division

Playoff Semifinals
FC JEM Ambohidratimo             3-1 FITAPA Manjakandriana
USJF                             2-1 KFA

Final [Oct 15]
USJF                              -  FC JEM Ambohidratimo

Regional Championship of Toamasina 

AS Fortior has exercised its right to enter the quarterfinals of
the championship, thereby depriving AS Port of a spot.

Poule 1
AS Fortior
COSROM Olympique Varatrafo
ASPTT de Toamasina

Poule 2
4 teams (unknown)

AS Fortior      1-0     COSROM Olympique Varatrafo

AS Fortior were qualified for the national championship (as holders) no
matter how they do in the regional championship.

Ligue de Champions (national championship playoff)

Eliminated: Domoina Soavina Atsimondrano (Antananarivo)
            Stade Olympique de l'Emyrne (Antananarivo)

AS Fortior (Toamasina)       3-2 Club S Namakia        [aet]
  [Dada 65, 74, Lydien (2nd half extra time on penalty); Angelo 3, Livamiraho 5]

Coupe de Madagascar

Round 3 (1/8 Finals)

First Legs
FC Jirama Antsirabe           1-0      AS Port (Toamasina)
Atamob-Buffalo (Alarobia)     0-0      FC Djivan (Farafangana)
Akon'Ambatomena (Fianar)      3-4      FC Jirama (Ampasambazaha)

Second Legs
AS Port (Toamasina)           1-0      FC Jirama Antsirabe          [Port on pen] 
FC Djivan (Farafangana)       4-2      Atamob-Buffalo (Alarobia)
FC Jirama (Ampasambazaha)     4-5      Akon'Ambatomena (Fianar) 

FC Jirama (Ampasambazaha) qualified as best losers

[NB: locations may refer to stadiums/venues rather than towns;
 Atamob-Buffalo and Jirama Antsirabe are from Antananarivo (district?);
 FC Jirama (Ampasambazaha) and Akon'Ambatomena from Fianarantsoa]


First Legs
AS Port (Toamasina)           1-3      FC Jirama (Ampasambazaha)     
FC Djivan (Farafangana)       3-0      Akon'Ambatomena (Fianar) 

Second Legs
FC Jirama (Ampasambazaha)     2-1      AS Port (Toamasina)
Akon'Ambatomena (Fianar)      4-1      FC Djivan (Farafangana) 

Final [Stade d'Ampasambazaha Fianarantsoa]
FC Jirama (Ampasambazaha)     0-1      FC Djivan (Farafangana) 
  [Bob 53]

Coupe d'Antanarivo

Tiko SC Antsirabe             1-0      TSM Ambohidratrimo 
SNTPI Atsimondrano            bt       FC Caveau                   [on forfait]
Baoka Junior                  2-1      FITATAMPAMA Manjakandriana 
FC Solima                     1-1      Mahitsy AOM                 [5-2 on pen] [4-1 pen?]
FTMA Arivonimamo              4-0      Transfi Ambatolampy 
Egavi Ambohibary Sambaina     5-3      AS PTT 
AS Les Bariah Tsiroanomandidy 1-1      ASIP                        [5-4 on pen] [4-3 pen?]

1/8 Finals
Domoina Soavina Atsimondrano  0-0      Stade Olympique de l'Emyrne [4-3 pen]

1/4 Finals
FC Jirama                     3-1      USCAF
Domoina Soavina Atsimondrano  bt       USA        [?]

1/2 Final
Domoina Soavina Atsimondrano  bt       FC Atamob-Buffalo

Final [Aug 6, Mahamasina]
Domoina Soavina Atsimondrano  1-0      FC JIRAMA

Toamasina Cup Final (?)

[Jul 23]
AS Port                       1-0      AS Fortior (ASF)
  [Elysée 44]

Coupe de l'Amitié (organised by DRA)

Final [Jul 22]
Zatovo Milalao Antsinanana    1-0      COSROM Olympique Varatrafo (COV)

NB: winners also known as ZaMiA



list of champions

list of cup winners

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