Makita Tournament (London-England) 1988-1994

The Makita tournament initially was a summer tournament in London, organized by Arsenal. In later editions the tournament was also organized by Leeds United and Tottenham Hotspur.
Originally called the Wembley International Tournament, and organised by IEP Tournaments, it was first staged in August 1988, with Arsenal beating A.C. Milan in the final.
All the matches were held at Wembley Stadium. It gained a sponsor in Makita the following year and the competition renamed accordingly.
Typically, it hosted a combination of English and Continental teams, and was held at Wembley until 1991.
Thereafter it was held at different venues around the country until the final competition in 1994.


  NºYear  Winners                  Runners-Up            
  1 1988 Arsenal FC              * AC Milan             
  2 1989 Arsenal FC            1-0 Liverpool FC         
  3 1990 Sampdoria UC          1-0 Arsenal FC
  4 1991 Sampdoria UC          1-1 Arsenal FC           
  5 1992 Sampdoria UC          1-0 Leeds United FC       
  6 1993 Chelsea FC            4-0 Tottenham Hotspur FC  
  7 1994 Arsenal FC            1-0 SSC Napoli            

Number of Wins

 3 Arsenal FC (ENG)
   Sampdoria UC (ITA)
 1 Chelsea FC (ENG)

Makita Tournament 1988

[all matches in Wembley Stadium]

Arsenal FC (England)
Tottenham Hotspur FC (England)
AC Milan (Italy)
FC Bayern München (Germany)

[Aug 13]
Arsenal FC    4-0 Tottenham Hotspur FC
  [1-0 Merson 32´, 2-0 Marwood 74´, 3-0 Marwwod 81´,
   4-0 Smith 88´].

AC Milan      1-0 FC Bayern München
  [1-0 Virdis 3´].
[Aug 14]
AC Milan      2-1 Tottenham Hotspur
  [1-0 Virdis 12´, 2-0 Van Basten 13´, 2-1 Fenwick 60´].

Arsenal FC    3-0 FC Bayern München
  [1-0 Smith 72´, 2-0 Smith 76´, 3-0 Lee Dixon 85´].

Winners: Arsenal FC (on superior record)

Makita Tournament 1989

[all matches in Wembley Stadium]
Arsenal FC (England)
Liverpool FC (England)
FC Porto (Portugal)
Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine)

Semifinals [Jul 29]
Arsenal FC	1-0 FC Porto 
  [1-0 Demol].

Liverpool FC	2-0 Dynamo Kiev 
  [1-0 Barnes (p), 2-0 Aldridge]. 

Third Place Match [Jul 30]
Dynamo Kiev	1-0 FC Porto 
  [1-0 Kontshelski 55´].

Final [Jul 30]
Arsenal FC	1-0 Liverpool FC 
  [1-0 Steve Bould 13´]

Makita Tournament 1990

Arsenal FC (England)
Aston Villa FC (England)
Sampdoria UC (Italy)
Real Sociedad (San Sebastián) (Spain)
Semifinals [Aug 10]
Sampdoria UC    1-1 Real Sociedad       [5-3 pen]
  [0-1 Larrañaga 26´, 1-1 Vialli 28´].
Sampdoria UC: Pagliuca; Mannini, Vierchowod, Pari, Bonetti; Dossena, Tonhinho Cerezo, 
              Katanec (Branca), Invernizzi; Mancini, Vialli (Dallingai).
R. Sociedad:  González; Górriz, Gajate, Alaba; Fuentes, Richardson (Dadie), 
              Bengoechea; Mentxaka, Larrañaga, Lumbreras (Lasa); Aldridge.
Arsenal FC      2-0 Aston Villa FC
  [1-0 Limpar 34´, 2-0 Campbell 75´].

Third Place Match [Aug 11]
Real Sociedad   1-0 Aston Villa FC
  [1-0 Larrañaga (p) 73´].
R. Sociedad:  González; Bengoechea, AJaba, Larrañaga, Górriz; Dadie, Richardson, 
              Irazoki, Lumbreras (Aguirre); Menchaca, Loinaz (Martínez).
Aston Villa:  Spink; Gage, Gray, Blake, Mountfield; Comyn, 
              Daley, Olney, Yorke; Cowans, Cascarino.

Final [Aug 11]
Sampdoria UC    1-0 Arsenal FC  
  [1-0 Dossena].

Makita Tournament 1991

[all matches in Highbury Stadium]

Arsenal FC (England)
West Ham United FC (England)
Sampdoria UC (Italy)
Panathinaikos AO (Greece)

Semifinals [Aug 3]
Sampdoria UC    6-1 West Ham United FC
  [Buso 4, T. Cerezo, Lombardo]
Arsenal FC      1-0 Panathinaikos AO
  [1-0 David Rocastle].

Third Place Match [Aug 4]
Panathinaikos   1-1 West Ham United FC  [ Panathinaikos 3-2 on pen.]

Final [Aug 4]
Arsenal FC	1-1 Sampdoria UC          [Sampdoria 2-3 on pen.]
  [1-0 Merson 18´, 1-1 Vialli 69´].
Arsenal FC:  Seaman; Dixon, Bould, Winterburn, Hillier; Adams, 
             Rocastle (Groves), Davis, Cole; Merson (Thomas), Limpar.
Sampdoria:   Pagliuca; Mannini (Invernizzi), Vierchowod, Katanec, Pari; 
             Lanna, Lombardo, Silas, Buso; Mancini (Vialli), Orlando.

Makita Tournament 1992

[all matches at Elland Road, Leeds]

AFC Leeds United (England)
Nottingham Forest FC (England)
Sampdoria UC (Italy)
VfB Stuttgart (Germany)
Semifinals [Aug 1]
Sampdoria UC     2-0 Nottingham Forest FC
  [1-0 Lombardo 35´, 2-0 Vierchowod 81´].
Leeds United FC  2-1 VfB Stuttgart
  [0-1 Fritz Walter 25´, 1-1 Rod Wallace 57´, 2-1 Rocastle 59´]. 

Third Place Match [Aug 2]
VfB Stuttgart    1-0 Nottingham Forest FC
  [1-0  Fritz Walter (p) 42´].

Final [Aug 2]
Leeds United FC	 0-1 Sampdoria UC
  [0-1 Jugovic 39´].

Makita Tournament 1993

[all matches at White Hart Lane, Tottenham]

Chelsea FC (England)
Tottenham Hotspur FC (England)
SS Lazio (Italy)
AFC Ajax Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Semifinals [Jul 31]
Chelsea FC      1-1 AFC Ajax            [Chelsea FC 4-2 on pen.] 
Tottenham H.    3-2 SS Lazio 

Third Place Match [Aug 1]
AFC Ajax        2-0 SS Lazio 
  [1-0 Litmanen 1´, 2-0 Van DEr Brom 7´].

Final [Aug 1]
Chelsea FC      4-0 Tottenham Hotspur FC
  [1-0 Cascarino 13´, 2-0 Cascarino 32´, 3-0 Peacok 38´,
   4-0 Cascarino 51´].

Makita Tournament 1994

[all matches in Highbury Stadium]

Arsenal FC (England)
Chelsea FC (England)
SSC Napoli (Italy)
Atlético de Madrid (Spain)

Semifinals [Aug 6]
Arsenal FC      0-0 Atlético de Madrid    [Arsenal FC 3-2 on pen.]
Arsenal FC: Seaman; Dixon, Bould, Adams, Winterburn; Jensen (Hillier), 
            Schwarz; MCGoldrick (Smith), Merson; Wright, Campbell.
At. Madrid: Diego; Esteban, López, Ferreira, Alejandro; Ruano (Manolo), De la Sagra, 
            Valle, Enrique (Kosecki); Alfaro (Solozábal), Benítez. 

SSC Napoli      2-0 Chelsea FC
  [1-0 Freddy Rincón 9´, 2-0 Agostini 86´].
Third Place Match [Aug 7]
Chelsea FC      1-0 Atlético de Madrid
  [1-0 Furlong 30´].
Chelsea FC: Kharin; Clarke, Spackman, Johnsen, Barnes; Jelberg, Burley,
            Holdle, Peacok; Wise, Furlong.
At. Madrid: Abel; Tomás, Rocha, Solozábal (López), Toni; Vizcaíno,
            Miquel Soler, Manolo (De la Sagra), Pirri; Kiko, Kosecki (Benítez).

Final [Aug 7]
Arsenal FC      1-0 SSC Napoli 
  [1-0 Ian Wright (p) 60´].

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