Maldives - Club Directory

Clubs registered with FAM as of June 19, 2006

First Division (Zone 9)
 1.New Radiant Sports Club                     Malé
 2.Club Valencia                               Malé
 3.Victory Sports Club                         Malé
 4.Maziya Sports and Recreation club           Malé
 5.Island Football Club                        S.Hithadhoo
 6.Guraidhoo Zuvaanunge Jamiyya                K.Guraidhoo

Second Division (Zone 9)
 1.Hurriyya Sports Club                        K.Hura
 2.Club Eagles                                 Malé
 3.Sports Club Mecano                          Malé
 4.New Star Sports Club                        K.Maafushi
 5.Club Teenage                                Malé
 6.B.G Sports                                  Malé
 7.F.C Baaz                                    Malé
 8.Association for Dhehvadhoo (A.D.D)          Ga.Dhehvadhoo
 9.Ahlee Sports Club                           Malé
10.Vyansa                                      Malé
11.United Victory                              Malé
12.Sports Club Veloxia                         Malé
13.T.C.M.O                                     Malé
14.Sealand Sports Club                         Malé
15.Football Club Sicada                        Malé

Third Division (Zone 9)
 1.Malé Futsal Club                            Malé
 2.Zefrol                                      Malé
 3.Muiveyo Friends Club                        Malé
 4.Club Maldives                               Malé
 5.Galolhu Sports                              Malé

Haa Alif Atoll
 1.Kelaa Youth Forum                           Kelaa
 2.Maarandhoo Society                          Maarandhoo

Haa Dhaal Atoll
 1.Naavaidhoo School Ekuveringe Jamiyya        Naavaidhoo
 2.Hanimaadhoo Zuvaanunge Jamiyya              Hanimaadhoo
 3.Nellaidhoo Association or Youth             Nellaidhoo
 4.Past Students Association                   Nellaidhoo

Shaviyani Atoll
 1.Fokaidhoo Ekuveringe Jamiyya                Foakaidhoo

Noonu Atoll
 1.Landhoo Zuvaanunge Jamiyya                  Landhoo
 2.Manadhoo Vilares Club                       Manadhoo

Raa Atoll
 1.Maduhvaree Ekuveringe Club                  Maduhvaree
 2.Maakurath Sports Club                       Maakurath
 3.Baa Atoll             
 4.Hithaadhoo Youth Wing                       Hithaadhoo
 5.Lhaviyani Atoll             
 6.Hinnavaru Innovative Youth Association      Hinnavaru
 7.Lh.Atholhu Madharusaa Isdharivarunge Rooh   Kurendhoo

Alif Alif Atoll
 1.Sosun Club                                  Thoddoo

Meemu Atoll
 1.Mulee Zuvaanunge Jamiyya                    Mulee
 2.Mulaku Ekuveri Zuvaanunge Jamiyya           Mulaku
 3.Naalaafushi Zuvaanunge Jamiyya              Naalaafushi
 4.Kolhufushi Ekuveri Club                     Kolhufushi
 5.Veyvashu Zuvaanunge Gulhun                  Veyvah

Dhaal Atoll
 1.Reynees Ginthi                              Kudahuvadhoo

Thaa Atoll
 1.Veymandoo Zuvaanunge Gulhun                 Veymandoo
 2.Kibidhoo Zuvaanunge Gulhun                  Kibidhoo
 3.Ekuveringe Aurooh                           Thimarafushi
 4.Foundation for Vilifushi Development        Vilifushi

Laamu Atoll
 1.Gamu Mukurimagu Zuvaanunge Jamiyya          Gan
 2.Mundoo Zuvaanunge Jamiyya                   Mundoo
 3.Maavashu Zuvaanunge Jamiyya                 Maaavah
 4.Soccer Academy of Kunahandhoo               Kunahandhoo

Gaaf Alif Atoll
 1.Kissaru                                     Kondey

Gaafdhaal Atoll
 1.Thinadhoo Sports                            Thinadhoo
 2.Asaree Club                                 Gahdhoo
 3.Thinadhua United                            Thinadhoo

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