Manila "Investment in Youth" Soccer Series 1965

Held at the Rizal Memorial Stadium, Manila.  The series consisted of a competition (for the
Mayor Villegas Trophy) along with a number of exhibition matches.

Competition matches (Mayor Villegas Trophy)

 3-Jun-65 Philippines         1-3 Vietnam Air Force
            [Julio Umadhay / Le Van Sang, Tat Quoc Kinh, Ang Van Thanh]
 3-Jun-65 Manila Chinese      0-1 Keum-Sung Textiles
            [Chung An-Wong]
 5-Jun-65 Philippines         2-3 Manila Chinese
 5-Jun-65 Keum-Sung Textiles  5-0 Vietnam Air Force
            [Kim Yung-Bae x2, ?]
 6-Jun-65 Philippines         0-3 Keum-Sung Textiles
            [Chung An-Wong x2, Kim Yung-Bae]
 6-Jun-65 Manila Chinese      0-0 Vietnam Air Force
 8-Jun-65 HMS Loch Killisport 3-3 Vietnam Air Force
            [Peter Dewey x2, Michael Palmer / Le Van Sang, Ho Thanh Cang, Ang Van Thanh]
 8-Jun-65 HMS Whitby          0-9 Keum-Sung Textiles
            [Park Soo-Il x5, ?]
 9-Jun-65 Philippines         7-3 HMS Whitby
            [Julio Umadhay x2, Johnny Romualdez x2, Alex Pacheco, Joey Villarreal, ? / Dennis Hewitt x2, Jimmy Ferguson]
 9-Jun-65 Manila Chinese      4-2 HMS Loch Killisport
            [Vicente Sy, Larry Chua, Pepe Teh, ? / Peter Dewey pen, ?]
10-Jun-65 Keum-Sung Textiles  8-0 HMS Loch Killisport
            [Cho Chung-Soo x4, Lee Soon-Myung x3, Kim Yong-Bae]
          Manila Chinese      w/o HMS Whitby
          Vietnam Air Force   w/o HMS Whitby
          Philippines         w/o HMS Loch Killisport
          HMS Loch Killisport w/o HMS Whitby

 1.Keum-Sung Textiles    5  5  0  0 26- 0 10  [South Korea]
 2.Manila Chinese        5  3  1  1  7- 5  7  [Philippines]
 3.Vietnam Air Force     5  2  2  1  6- 9  6  [South Vietnam]
 4.Philippines           5  2  0  3 10-12  4  [national selection]
 5.HMS Loch Killisport   5  1  1  3  5-15  3  [Royal Navy, UK]
 6.HMS Whitby            5  0  0  5  3-16  0  [Royal Navy, UK]

Exhibition matches

29-May-65 Keum-Sung Textiles  1-7 VfB Stuttgart [West Germany]
            [Seo Yun-Chan / Hartmut Weiß, Helmut Huttary, Gerhard Wanner x2, Hans Arnold, Dieter Höller, Manfred Reiner]
30-May-65 Vietnam Air Force   0-15 VfB Stuttgart
            [Dieter Höller x2, Helmut Siebert, Hartmut Weiß x5, Gerhard Wanner, Gerd Menne, Helmut Huttary x4, ?]
10-Jun-65 Philippines         1-3 Philippines Youth
            [? / Jesus Filoteo, Octavio Sy x2]
11-Jun-65 Vietnam Air Force   9-0 HMS Loch Killisport and HMS Whitby Combined XI
11-Jun-65 Philippines         0-3 Keum-Sung Textiles
            [Park Soo-Il x2, Kim Yung-Bae]
13-Jun-65 Philippines Youth   5-1 Thai Students XI
            [Jesus Filoteo, Jordan Guanzon, Eufemio Agustin, Octavio Sy, Rafael Villarreal / Thavatchai Sujakul pen]
13-Jun-65 Philippines         2-0 Manila Chinese
            [Julio Umadhay x2]

Philippines squad
 Player-coach: Orlando Plagata
 Players: Eduardo Fuertes (GK), Eddie Llamas (GK), Leonardo Sumaygaysay, Florentino Broce, Eufemio Servita,
          Jerry Vaflor, Rico Veloso, Eddie Pacheco, Joey Villarreal, Johnny Romualdez, Julio Umadhay,
          Jose Maria Dauden, Abelardo Limjuco, Rogelio Camacho, Cesar Brillantes, Alex Pacheco,
          Baltazar Dimasuay, Rafael Villarreal.

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