Dutch East Indies Tour of Manila XI 1935

After an N.I.V.B. side had entered the Philippines Championship 1935, a Manila selection, supposedly closely resembling the national team, paid a return visit in spring 1935. At the time, the N.I.V.B. was in its death throes: it had only 5 member federations left, including only one of the traditional big four: Soerabaja, Malang, Djokjakarta, Solo and Tegal. On June 9, the day before the match in Malang against the N.I.V.B. XI, the board of the N.I.V.B. resigned in its entirety, while simultaneously the N.I.V.U. was formed at the stedenwedstrijden in Batavia. The N.I.V.B. was liquidated in July 1935.
The tour was organised by Mr. Weisz.
Matches in the Dutch East Indies

on Celebes

21- 5 Makasser          M.V.B. XI        5-3 Manila XI        [HT: 1-2]

on Java

25- 5 Soerabaja         T.H.O.R.         1-5 Manila XI 
26- 5 Soerabaja         E. Java Chinese  1-4 Manila XI 
29- 5 Tegal             V.T.O. XI        1-3 Manila XI        [HT: 0-3]
30- 5 Semarang          Midden Java XI   2-3 Manila XI 
 1- 6 Solo              V.B.S. XI        1-2 Manila XI 
 2- 6 Solo              Vorstenlanden XI 1-1 Manila XI 
 5- 6 Djokjakarta       V.B.D. XI        1-4 Manila XI 
 7- 6 Soerabaja         H.B.S.           4-1 Manila XI        [HT: 2-0]
 9- 6 Malang            V.M.O. XI        3-3 Manila XI        [HT: 3-1]
10- 6 Malang            N.I.V.B. XI      2-4 Manila XI        [HT: 0-2]

on Celebes

13- 6 Makasser          M.V.B. XI        2-2 Manila XI        [HT: 1-0]

Total Record Manila XI:   12   7  3  2  35-24  17

Squad Manila XI

Players (16):

  A.Villanueva (goal keeper)
  R.Ygoa (goal keeper)
  Cerilo Guzman (defender)
  Jesus Suárez (defender)
  Sebastian Ugarte (defender; playing coach, only player who also took part in the 1927 tour)
  Charles Hagedorn (midfielder)
  Manuel Miranda (midfielder)
  Antonio Pacheco (midfielder)
  Paulino Ugarte (midfielder)
  Charles Borck (forward)
  Emilio Heredia (captain, forward)
  Premitivo Martínez (forward)
  Joaquim Méndez (forward)
  Joaquim Ortigas (forward)
  Abelardo Reyes (forward)
  Angel Villareal (forward)

NB: apparently most players were from La Salle College

10- 6 N.I.V.B. XI      2-4 Manila XI

NB: the board of the N.I.V.B. had resigned one day prior to this match; only five city
    federations (S.V.B., Soerabaja; V.M.O., Malang; V.B.D., Djokjakarta; V.B.S., Solo;
    V.T.O., Tegal) had remained members.  The N.I.V.B. selection to play Manila did not
    contain players from clubs (H.B.S., T.H.O.R.) or city selections who had played the
    tourists in earlier matches (e.g. Mo Hien, the first choice 'keeper from Malang, 
    did not play because he had been in the V.M.O. selection on the previous day), and
    so was by no means representative even for the very weakened N.I.V.B.; only some 
    players are known: Loekiman (goal keeper, Malang), De Jongh (back, Djokjakarta),
    Breedveld, Dorphorn and Hagensteyn (all forwards; Hagensteyn scored 1-2 early in the
    second half, Dorphorn 2-4 near the end of the match).  On the same day as this match
    was played, the stedenwedstrijden in Batavia finished, with Soerabaja's strongest
    players (mostly from Tiong Hoa, which had left the S.V.B.) finishing third after
    losing the final match to Bandoeng.

Manila XI tour 1927

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