Isle of Man - List of Foundation Dates Clubs

1885    Ramsey FC
1888    Peel AFC                        [founded Oct 1]
1889    Gymnasium AFC Douglas
1890    Douglas Rangers
1893    St Mary's FC Douglas
        Douglas AFC                     [founded as Gymnasium Swifts] 
1894    Douglas Wanderers AFC           [[disbanded Sep 1935]
        Old Douglas AFC       
1897    Castletown Metropolitan FC      [founded as Castletown FC]
        Foxdale FC                      [disbanded 1902]
        Port St Mary AFC 
1910    Laxey FC
        Rushen United FC Port Erin      [founded Sep 21] 
1912    Onchan AFC
1919    Colby AFC
        Michael United AFC Kirkmichael 
        St. George's FC Douglas
1920    Union Mills FC
1922    Malew AFC Ballasalla  
1923    Braddan FC 
1926    Douglas High School Oldboys AFC Onchan
1930    Corinthians AFC Douglas
1932    Pulrose United
1945    Ramsey Youth Centre Old Boys 
1947    St. John's United FC
1950    Marown AFC Crosby
1958    Ronaldsway AFC Ballasalla
1967    Ayre United                     [founded Apr 10] 
1981    Douglas Royal FC                [founded as Pot Black FC]
1989    Douglas Athletic FC             [founded as Police AFC] 
1991    Foxdale AFC
1992    Northern Athletic AFC Jurby     [founded as Jurby FC; disbanded 2009]
1995    Douglas and District FC         [founded as Barclay's FC Douglas]                       
2014    Governors Athletic FC Douglas

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