SEF Mediolanum Milano - Short Historical Overview 1898-1904

SEF Mediolanum Milano
City: Milano Italy
Colours: white with black edges and horizontal black strip on the shirt's
         bottom. City's badge (red cross over white field) in center of the
         chest /white/black

Current position:  no more competing

The SEFs (SocietÓ per l'Educazione Fisica - gymnastics) Soccer's Section
also known as SG (SocietÓ Ginnastica) Mediolanum Calcio was born in 1898 as
answer to the creation of Cricket and Football Club Milan.

1901 V Concorso Nazionale FGNI in Bologna - Italian Champion: 
     SG Mediolanum Milano.
     Final was: Mediolanum - SG Ferrara 3-1. 
     Formation: Magnani, Massaroni I, Bosisio, Torretta, Ghinelli (I), Magni, 
     Massaroni II, Meazza, Banderheirer, Luzzato, Ghinelli (II).
     I Categoria FIF eliminated: 
     Milano 14/4/1901 C&FC Milan - SG Mediolanum 2-0
     Ref.: De Roote.

1902 Concorso Federale Nazionale Football FGNI in Milano- Italian Champion:
     SG Mediolanum
     I Categoria FIF Lombardia-Piemonte eliminated:
     Genua 16/3/1902: C&FC Genoa - SG Mediolanum 2-0

1903 Only FNGI Tournaments

1904 VI Concorso Federale FGNI in Firenze: June, 2 1904 - eliminated.
     Many Italian players went to the US Milanese an other gymnastics-and-
     soccer team which refused foreign players.

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