Mexico 1922/23

Campeonato de Primera Fuerza de la Federación Mexicana de Football Association.

After the schism occurred in the 1919-20 season that caused the separation of the Real Club España from the Mexican League 
and that led to this club to form its own league named "Liga Nacional de Aficionados de Football".
After a period of 2 years in which both leagues competed independent tournaments that only managed to divide the fans 
and consequently kept them away from the stadiums, as well as the coverage of the press that practically disappeared 
soccer from the newspapers, on August 28, 1922, the officials of both leagues reconciled differences and reunified the 
tournament, which resulted in the creation of the "Federación Mexicana de Football Association", the first predecessor 
of the current "Federación Mexicana de Futbol".

As a request of RC España, the irregular titles of both (National and Mexican Leagues) of 1920-21 and 1921-22 
seasons were annulled.

All the teams from Mexico City.

Matches of 70 minutes

Regular Season

Round 1
[Oct 22]
Campo Asturias
América         2-0 RC España
 [José “Camote” Izquierdo 2t, Carlos Garcés 2t]

Round 2
[Oct 29]
Parque España (Reforma)
Club México     0-2 Asturias
  [Luis Argüelles 1t, n.n. 1t]
Guerra y Marina 2-0 Luz y Fuerza

Round 3
[Nov 5]
Campo Asturias
Tranvías        0-1 Germania FV
América         1-0 Club México
  [José “Camote” Izquierdo 1t]

Round 4
[Nov 12]
Parque España (Reforma)
Germania FV     1-0 Guerra y Marina
  [Kurt Friederich 1t]
RC España       2-0 Asturias
  [Juan Pardo 2t, Roberto Sisniega 2t]

Round 5
[Nov 19]
Campo Asturias
Tranvías        0-2 Luz y Fuerza
Asturias        3-1 América
  [Legorreta (1t og), Luis Argüelles 2t, Rafael Garza Gutiérrez (2t og); Alfredo García Besné 1t]

Round 6
[Nov 26]
Parque España (Reforma)
RC España       2-0 Club México
  [Manuel Lecanda 2t, Adolfo Pria 2t]
Guerra y Marina 0-1 Tranvías
  [Viamonte 1t]

Round 7
[Dec 3]
Campo Asturias
Germania FV     7-1 Luz y Fuerza
Tranvías        0-1 América
  [Rafael Garza Gutiérrez 31 2t]

Round 8
[Dec 10]
Parque España (Reforma)
Asturias        4-0 Guerra y Marina
  [Salvador Méndez 1t, Alberto Caso 2t, Lecanda 2t, Oscar Riquer 2t]
RC España       1-1 Germania FV
  [Juan Pardo 20 1t; Schwartz 67]

Round 9
[Dec 17]
Campo Asturias
Luz y Fuerza    2-2 Club México
América         7-0 Guerra y Marina
  [Adeodato López 1t, 2t, Alfredo García Besné (1t pen), 2t, José “Camote” Izquierdo 2t, 
   Esquivel 2t, Burkle 2t]

Round 10
[Dec 24]
Parque España (Reforma)
Asturias        2-0 Tranvías
  [Lecanda, Luis Argüelles]
Club México     0-1 Germania FV
  [Kurt Friederich 1t]

Round 11 
[Dec 31]
Campo Asturias
RC España       2-0 Luz y Fuerza
  [Adolfo Pria 1t, Manuel Lecanda 1t]
Club México     0-1 Guerra y Marina
  [Macía 2t]

Round 12
[Jan 7]
Parque España (Reforma)
Asturias        1-1 Luz y Fuerza
  [Lecanda 1t; Andrés García 2t]
Germania FV      –  América         [postponed  due to America's trip to Guatemala]

Round 13
[Jan 14]
Campo Asturias
América          –  Luz y Fuerza    [postponed]
Tranvías        2-1 RC España
  [Mauro Guadarrama 2t, Juan “Títere” López 2t; Juan Pardo 1t pen]

Round 14
[Jan 21]
Parque España (Reforma)
Club México     2-1 Tranvías
  [Galo Tejeda 10, Cornelio “Coneja” Cuevas 2t; Mauro Guadarrama 2t]
Asturias        1-0 Germania FV
  [Roldán 15]

Round 15
[Jan 28]
Campo Asturias
RC España       1-0 Guerra y Marina
  [Adolfo Pria 2t]
América         1-2 Germania FV     [rescheduled match Round 12]
  [Adeodato López (1t pen); Kurt Friederich 1t, Bachtle 1t]

Round 16
[Feb 4]
Parque España (Reforma)
RC España       0-1 América
  [Sarré 1t]

Round 17
[Feb 11]
Campo Asturias
Asturias        3-2 Club México
  [Manuel Aguilar 1t, Lecanda 1t, Austin 2t; n.n. 2t, Velázquez 70]
Luz y Fuerza    2-0 Guerra y Marina

Round 18
[Feb 18]
Parque España (Reforma)
Germania FV     3-1 Tranvías
  [Horacio Ortiz 1t, Kurt Friederich 1t, 1t; Mauro Guadarrama 5]
Club México     1-1 América
  [Galo Tejeda 67; José “Camote” Izquierdo 1]

Round 19
[Feb 25]
Campo Asturias
Guerra y Marina 2-3 Germania FV
Asturias        2-2 RC España
  [Lecanda 1t, 2t; Solana 1t, n.n. 1t]

Round 20
[Mar 4]
Parque España (Reforma)
Luz y Fuerza    1-0 Tranvías
América         0-1 Asturias
  [Herrero 65]

Round 21
[Mar 11]
Campo Asturias
Tranvías        2-0 Guerra y Marina
  [Mauro Guadarrama 2t, Raúl González 2t]
Club México     0-0 RC España

Round 22
[Mar 18]
Parque España (Reforma)
Luz y Fuerza    0-1 Germania FV
  [Hauer 66]
América         1-0 Tranvías
  [Adeodato López 68]

Round 23
[Mar 25]
Campo Asturias
Guerra y Marina 0-1 Asturias
  [Manuel Aguilar 2t]
Germania FV     1-0 RC España
  [Hauer 2t]

Round 24
[Apr 1]
Parque España (Reforma)
Club México     0-0 Luz y Fuerza
Guerra y Marina  –  América         [postponed due to trip of Guerra y Marina in Guadalajara]

Round 25
[Apr 8]
Campo Asturias
Tranvías        1-5 Asturias
Germania FV     3-2 Club México

Round 26
[Apr 15]
Parque España (Reforma)
Luz y Fuerza    2-3 España
Guerra y Marina 1-1 Club México

Round 27
[Apr 22]
Campo Asturias
Luz y Fuerza    0-1 Asturias
  [Guillermo Riquer 2t]
América         1-4 Germania FV
  [n.n. (pen); Bacht (3), n.n.]

Round 28
[Apr 29]
Parque España (Reforma)
RC España       3-1 Tranvías
  [Jesús Saro (pen 1t), Adolfo Pria 2t, Manuel Corral 2t; Mauro Guadarrama 1t]
Luz y Fuerza    0-2 América
  [Burckle 2t, Alfredo García Besné 2t]

Round 29
[May 6]
Campo Asturias
Guerra y Marina awd América         [rescheduled match Round 24; Guerra y Marina dns, awarded match to América 0-1]
Tranvías        0-0 Club México
Germania FV     1-2 Asturias
  [De la Cueva 15; Enrique Rodríguez (1t pen), Octavio Rimada 1t]

NB: Germania left the field with 25 minutes remaining in the game in protest of referee decisions, result stood.

Round 30
[May 13]
Parque España III
Guerra y Marina 0-3 RC España
América         2-0 Luz y Fuerza    [rescheduled match Round 13]


  1. Asturias		14	11	 2	 1	28	10	24 (champion)
  2. Germania FV	14	11	 1	 2	29	12	23
  3. América		14	 9	 1	 4	22	11	19
  4. RC España		14	 7	 3	 4	20	12	17
  5. Luz y Fuerza	14	 3	 3	 8	11	23	 9
  6. Club México	14	 1	 6	 7	10	18	 8
  7. Tranvías		14	 3	 1	10	 9	22	 7
  8. Guerra y Marina	14	 2	 1	11	 6	27	 5

Copa Eliminatoria 1922-23 (Cup Tournament) (Sponsored by "Casa Bauer")

NB: Aurrerá, a team from the Basque community joins the league

First Round
[May 27]
Campo Asturias
Germania FV     4-2 Luz y Fuerza
Asturias        2-1 Aurrerá
[Jun 4]
Campo Asturias
Guerra y Marina 3-1 Club México
RC España       3-1 América
  [Corral 1t, Noriega (2t pen), Roberto Sisniega 2t; Alfredo García Besné 2t]
Tranvías        bye

Second Round
[Jun 11]
Asturias        3-1 Tranvías
Germania FV     2-1 RC España
Guerra y Marina bye

[Jun 18]
Asturias        3-0 Guerra y Marina
  [Lecanda 1t, Aguilar 1t, n.n. (1t pen)]
Germania FV     bye

[Jun 25]
Parque España III
Germania FV     1-2 Asturias        [aet]
  [n.n. 1; Aguilar 1t, n.n. 140]

Changes for the next season:

"Federación Mexicana de Football" changes its name to "Federación Central de Futbol".

League competition changes its name to: "Campeonato de Primera Fuerza de la Federación Central de Futbol".

Guerra y Marina changes its name to Son-Sin (Sonora-Sinaloa)

On August 21, 1923 a new team was created from the merger between Tranvías and Luz y Fuerza: Necaxa.

Reforma Athletic Club comeback.



list of champions.

list of final tables.

list of divisional movements.

list of cup winners.

list of super cup winners.

list of topscorers.

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