Micronesia 2011

Pohnpei | Yap

NB: no data on Chuuk and Kosrae


Pohnpei League | Liberation Day Tournament 

Pohnpei League

Group Stage

Round 1 [Aug 18]
SDA United               -  Inter FC                
Island Pitbulls          -  COM                     
Islands Warriors        bye

Round 2 [Aug 21]
Islands Warriors         -  SDA United              
Inter FC                 -  Island Pitbulls         
COM                     bye

Round 3 [Aug 23]
COM                      -  Islands Warriors        
SDA United               -  Island Pitbulls         
Inter FC                bye

Round 4 [Aug 25]
Inter FC                 -  COM                     
Islands Warriors         -  Island Pitbulls         
SDA United              bye

Round 5 [Aug 28]
Inter FC                 -  Islands Warriors        
COM                      -  SDA United              
Island Pitbulls         bye

Semifinals [Aug 30]
1st placed team          -  4th placed team         
2nd placed team          -  3rd placed team         

Third Place Match [Sep 1]

Final [Sep 1]
SDA United              bt  Island Pitbulls         

Winners: SDA United
Runners-Up: Island Pit Bulls

Liberation Day Tournament

   Island Pit Bulls 
   Inter FC [aka International] 
   Islands Warriors        
   COM (College of Micronesia FSM)

Third Place Match [Dec 11]
COM                     bt  Nanmohs

Final [Dec 11]
Island Pitbulls         bt  International



Yap Games 2011

NB: first edition; 2 participants; 5-a-side tournament

[Jul 2]
Maap                    3-2 Outer Islands 
[Jul 4]
Maap                    8-3 Outer Islands 

 1.Maap                2   2  0  0  11- 5   6  Winners
 2.Outer Islands       2   0  0  2   5-11   0

NB: Maap is a municipality of Yap; Outer Islands are the atolls east of the main island.




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