Micronesian Games 1998

The first football tournament of the Micronesian Games, held in July and August 1998 in Koror (Palau). The tournament was actually an exhibition/demonstration event only, and did not have official medal status within the Games. The formal name of the football tournament was the 'W.C.T.C. Shell Soccer Exhibition'.

Teams were 9-a-side and the matches were 80 minutes in duration and were played on a pitch which was below regulation size.

 Northern Marianas
 Palau A
 Palau B

NB: Yap and Pohnpei are two states in the Federated States of Micronesia (F.S.M.).
    Yap played with a real selection from the island, while Pohnpei featured
    foreign players with little connection to Pohnpei.
    The Yap team may be considered a national selection of the F.S.M., but the first
    real internationals of F.S.M. only took place in June 1999 on Guam (0-3 and 1-4
    losses against the hosts).
    Palau B consisted of Bangladeshi players based on Palau.
    The Northern Marianas team also included some foreign players employed on Saipan.

Matches were played at the Emmaus High School Field in Koror.

Group Stage:
27-Jul-98  N.Marianas  8-0 Palau B
27-Jul-98  Palau A     7-1 Yap
27-Jul-98  Guam       16-1 Pohnpei
28-Jul-98  Guam        4-0 Palau B
             [Toby Irish 22', Danny Palomo 26', Solo Siewart 29', Matt Naputi 60']
28-Jul-98  N.Marianas  8-0 Yap
28-Jul-98  Palau A     7-1 Pohnpei
30-Jul-98  Guam        2-1 N.Marianas
30-Jul-98  Palau B     8-3 Palau A     [unconfirmed]
30-Jul-98  Yap         4-3 Pohnpei     [unconfirmed]
31-Jul-98  Guam       15-0 Yap
31-Jul-98  N.Marianas 12-1 Palau A     [unconfirmed]
31-Jul-98  Palau B    13-2 Pohnpei     [unconfirmed]
 1-Aug-98  Guam       15-2 Palau A
 1-Aug-98  Palau B     6-3 Yap         [unconfirmed]
 1-Aug-98  N.Marianas 11-2 Pohnpei     [unconfirmed]

Final Table (unconfirmed):

 1.Guam                5  5  0  0  52- 4  15
 2.Northern Marianas   5  4  0  1  40- 5  12
 3.Palau B             5  3  0  2  27-20   9
 4.Palau A             5  2  0  3  20-37   6
 5.Yap                 5  1  0  4   8-39   3
 6.Pohnpei             5  0  0  5   9-51   0

Fifth place match
 3-Aug-98  Yap         drw Pohnpei          [5-4 pen]
             [Note: it is unclear whether 5-4 was the penalty shootout score only,
                    or the overall score including the penalties.]

Third place match
 3-Aug-98  Palau A     6-3 Palau B
             [Stephen Stefano scored 5 goals for Palau A]

 3-Aug-98  N.Marianas  3-0 Guam             [HT 2-0]
             [Charles Kewo 5', Chris Leon Guerrero 15' ??']

Official awards:
 Top goal scorer      - Matt Naputi (Guam)    - 13 goals
 Most Valuable Player - Nizamuddin (Palau B)

Northern Marianas squad (incomplete)
 Francisco Alvarez (GK), Charles Kewo, Adam Wollmer, Stefan Bossler [captain and coach],
 Chris Armstrong, Chris Leon Guerrero

Guam squad
 Coach: Jim Santos
 Players: Kevin Blundell (GK), Atsushi Yamada, Toby Irish, Dylan Irish, Danny Lee, Solo Siewart,
          George Lee, Jack Kido, Kit Yolpan, Matt Naputi (also given as Vince Naputi), John Lee,
          Kevin Knaeble, Andre Ursua, Choi Park, Danny Palomo

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Sources included : the Pacific Daily News, Marianas Variety

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