Unione Sportiva Milanese - Short Historical Overview 1902-1928

Unione Sportiva Milanese
City: Milano Italy
Colours: white black quarters /white/black

Current position: no more competing

Born in 1902 as a Gymnastics Club created the Soccer's Team in 1903.

1905 Concorso Nazionale Straordinario FNGI: Champion SG Pro Vercelli,
     second US Milanese. The Club enrolled many players from the SG Mediolanum
     and signed for the FIF ranks too.
     I Categoria FIF - Lombardia Preliminary winner with 3 pts.
     Milano 12/2/1905: US Milanese - C&FC Milan 3-3 
     Ref.: Pasteur of Genova
     Milano 19/2/1905: US Milanese - C&FC Milan 7-6 
     Ref: Umberto Malvano of Torino
     Formation: Francesconi (De Simoni), Pirovano, Lanfranchi, Ghinelli,
     Cremonesi, Franziosi, Meazza, Recalcati, Varisco, Bojocchi, Magni.
     Final Rounds third with 3 pts.:
     Torino 5/3/1905: FBC Juventus - US Milanese 3-0 
     Ref.: Francesco Calý of Genova.
     Milano 19/3/1905: US Milanese - Genoa C&FC 2-3 Ref.: Sutter of Milano.
     Milano 26/3/1905: US Milanese - FBC Juventus 1-4 Ref.: Sutter of Milano.
     Genua 9/4/1905: Genoa C&FC - US Milanese 2-2 Ref.: Kilpin of Milano.

1906 I Categoria FIF - Lombardia - eliminated with no pts.
     Milano 7/1/1906: Milan C&FC - US Milanese 4-3 Ref.: Bosisio of Milano
     Milano 14/1/1906: US Milanese - Milan C&FC 1-2 Ref.: Sutter of Milano

1907 I Categoria FIF - Lombardia - eliminated with no pts.
     Milano 13/1/1907: Milan C&FC - US Milanese 6-0 Ref.: Sutter of Milano
     Milano 3/3/1907: US Milanese - Milan C&FC 0-1 Ref.: Bertinetti of Milano
     Formation: De Simoni, Pirovano, Varisco, Morbelli, Cremonesi, Pinardi,
     Besana, Meazza, Franziosi, Colombo, Boiocchi.

1908 I Categoria FIF - second with 5 pts. Matches: 
     22/3/1908 US Milanese - SG Andrea Doria 5-1: 
     29/3/1908 US Pro Vercelli - US Milanese 0-0; 
     3/5/1908 US Milanese - Pro Vercelli 0-1; 
     17/5/1908 SG Andrea Doria - US Milanese 1-2;
     FBC Juventus refused to play after two matches.

1909 I Categoria FIF - Lombardia - winner with 4 pts. 
     US Milanese - CFC Milan 3-1; US Milanese- FBC Internazionale Milano 2-0. 
     Formation: De Simoni, Boldorini, Varisco, Morbello, Cremonesi, Colombo, 
     Cagliani, Besana, Pizzi, Baiocchi, Recalcati.
     Semifinals winner with 4 pts. 
     Venice 21.2.1909 FC Venezia - US Milanese 1-7:
     21.3.1909 Milano  US Milanese - FC Venezia 11-2
     Vercelli 4.4.1909: US Pro Vercelli - US Milanese 2-0: 
     Milano 28.4.1909 US Milanese - US Pro Vercelli 1-1.

1909/10 I Categoria FIF 6th with 13 pts.

1910/11 I Categoria FIF Group Liguria-Lombardia-Piemonte 7th with 12 pts.

1911/12 I Categoria FIF Group Liguria-Lombardia-Piemonte 9th with 8 pts.

1912/13 I Categoria FIF Group Liguria-Lombardia 5th with 4 pts.

1913/14 I Categoria FIF Group Liguria-Lombardia-Piemonte 4th with 21 pts.

1914/15 I Categoria FIF Northern League Group E third with 9 pts.

1915/16 Coppa Federale Group A second with 2 pts.

1916/17 Coppa Lombardia Group 1 second with 5 pts. qualified. Finals 4th
        with 3 pts.

1917/18 Coppa Mauro 4th with 9 pts.

1919/20 I Categoria FIGC Lombardia winner of Group C with pts. 18.
        Semifinals North Group B second with 15 pts.

1920/21 I Categoria FIGC Lombardia Group C winner with 12 pts. Final Round
        Lombardia third with 11 pts. Semifinals Interregionali Northern 
        League Group B 4th with 2 pts.

1921/22 I Division North CCI Group A 8th with 20 pts.

1922/23 I Division North Group C 10th with 14 pts. Relegated.

1923/24 II Division North Group C 6th with 13 pts after playoff with FBC

1924/25 II Division North Group B 4th with 19 pts

1925/26 II Division North Group A 5th with 23 pts

1926/27 I Division (now second level) Group A 5th with 18 pts

1927/28 I Division Group B scond with 22 pts and promoted. The Club was
        forced to merge with FBC Internazionale Milano creating the AC
        Ambrosiana-Inter Milano.

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