Mitropa Cup 1934

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First Round
Ferencvárosi FC          Hun  Floridsdorfer AC         Aut   8-0  2-1 10-1
SK Kladno                Tch  AS Ambrosiana Inter      Ita   1-1  3-2  4-3
AGC Bologna              Ita  Bocskai SC (Debrecen)    Hun   2-0  1-2  3-2
SK Slavia Praha          Tch  SK Rapid (Wien)          Aut   1-3  1-1  2-4
FK Austria (Wien)        Aut  Újpesti FC               Hun   1-2  1-2  2-4
Juventus FC              Ita  Teplicky FK              Tch   4-2  1-0  5-2
SK Admira (Wien)         Aut  AC Napoli                Ita   0-0  2-2  2-2x [5-0]
Hungária FC (Budapest)   Hun  AC Sparta Praha          Tch   4-5  2-1  6-6y [2-5]
Hungária FC (Budapest)   Hun  AC Sparta Praha          Tch   2-1  1-2  3-3y [1-1]
x tie decided by play-off
y tie decided by play-off; Hungária protested against Sparta having fielded 
  outside right Faczinek, who was ineligible, and the Mitropa Cup committee
  declared all three matches null and void and ordered the tie to be replayed;
  it was again decided by play-off, and, after that had been drawn (aet), 
  Sparta won by coin toss

Ferencvárosi FC          Hun  SK Kladno                Tch   6-0  1-4  7-4
Újpesti FC               Hun  Juventus FC              Ita   1-3  1-1  2-4
AGC Bologna              Ita  SK Rapid (Wien)          Aut   6-1  1-4  7-5
SK Admira (Wien)         Aut  AC Sparta Praha          Tch   4-0  2-3  6-3

Ferencvárosi FC          Hun  AGC Bologna              Ita   1-1  1-5  2-6
SK Admira (Wien)         Aut  Juventus FC              Ita   3-1  1-2  4-3

Final (Sep 5 & 9)
SK Admira (Wien)         Aut  AGC Bologna              Ita   3-2  1-5  4-7

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