Mongolia - List of Foundation Dates

1994    Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)                       [merged 2020 with Khaan Khuns Titem]
1996    Khangarid SC (Erdenet)
1998    Ulaanbaataryn Mazaalaynuud FC Ulaanbaatar) [founded as FC Mazaalai]
1999    FC Kharaatsai (Ulaanbaatar)
        Khoromkhon Club (Ulaanbaatar)              [founded as Heineken Club] 
2000    Selenge Press Club (Ulaanbaatar)           [renamed SP Falcons 2019]
2001    Ulaanbaatar Deed Surgul (Ulaanbaatar)      [aka Ulaanbaatar University]
        Ulaanbaataryi Unaganuud FC
2002    Selenge Press Falcons FC (Ulaanbaatar)
2006    Khasiin Khulguud  (Ulaanbaatar) 
2007    Khaan Khuns Crown Club (Ulaanbaatar)       [founded as Black Morgan FC] 
2008    Deren FC (Deren)        
        Khaan Khuns Titem FC (Ulaanbaatar)         [merged 2020 with Erchim]
        Western FC (Khovd]                         [founded May 20]
2009    Soëmbyn Barsuud FC (Ulaanbaatar)
2010    Arvis FC (Ulaanbaatar) 
        DMU FC
2011    FC Ulaanbaatar                             [founded May 19] 
2012    Gepro FC (Ulaanbaatar)                     [merged 2020 with Sumida FC]
2013    Anduud City FC (Ulaanbaatar)               [2017-18: Goyo FC]
2015    Shine Mongol Bayangol FC                   [founded as Bayangol FC]
2016    Athletic 220 FC (Ulaanbaatar)   
2019    Khukh Chononuud                            [aka FC Blue Wolves]
2020    Khaan Khuns-Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)           [merger of Erchim and Khaan Khuns Titem]
        Sumida-Gepro FC (Ulaanbaatar)              [merger of Gepro and Sumida]

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