Montenegro - List of Regional Champions

Since 1968, there are three regional leagues (North, Center, South) in Montenegro, currently (since independence in 2006) the third league level (it was the fourth level within Serbia and Montenegro before). Note Podgorica was called Titograd until 1992.

Season    North                        Center                       South
1968/69   Jezero Plav                  Zeta Golubovci               Muo
1969/70   Gorštak Kolašin              Kom Titograd                 Orjen
1970/71   Ibar Rožaje                  Grafičar Titograd            Mogren Budva
1971/72   Jezero Plav                  Dečić Tuzi                   Mogren Budva
1972/73   Tekstilac                    OFK Mladost Titograd         Orjen Zelenika
1973/74   Berane                       Partizan                     OFK Petrovac
1974/75   Jezero Plav                  Zora Spuž                    Mogren Budva
1975/76   Komovi                       Dečić Tuzi                   OFK Igalo
1976/77   Berane                       Zabjelo Titograd             Cetinje
1977/78   Rudar Pljevlja               Metalac                      OFK Igalo
1978/79   Ibar Rožaje                  Metalac                      Mornar Bar
1979/80   Jezero Plav                  Titeks                       Arsenal Tivat
1980/81   Berane                       Zabjelo Titograd             Cetinje
1981/82   Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje       Crvena stijena Titograd      Bokakomerc
1982/83   Tekstilac Bijelo Polje       Dečić Tuzi                   OFK Igalo
1983/84   Ibar Rožaje                  Ribnica Konik                Arsenal Tivat
1984/85   Gusinje                      Gorštak Kolašin              Mogren Budva
1985/86   Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje       Grafičar Titograd            Mornar Bar
1986/87   Jezero Plav                  Dečić Tuzi                   Luka Bar
1987/88   Rudar Pljevlja               Crvena stijena Titograd      Arsenal Tivat
1988/89   Brskovo Mojkovac             Zeta Golubovci               Cetinje
1989/90   Jezero Plav                  Zora Spuž                    Otrant Ulcinj
1990/91   Gorštak Kolašin              Iskra Danilovgrad            Orjen Zelenika
1991/92   Brskovo Mojkovac             Zabjelo Titograd             Otrant Ulcinj
1992/93   Ibar Rožaje                  Zeta Golubovci               OFK Igalo
1993/94   Gusinje                      Zora Spuž                    Cetinje
1994/95   Polimlje Murino              Zeta Golubovci               OFK Igalo
1995/96   Komovi Andrijevica           Bratstvo Cijevna             OFK Grbalj
1996/97   Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje       Crvena stijena Podgorica     Otrant Ulcinj
1997/98   Jezero Plav                  Kom Podgorica                Cetinje
1998/99   Polimlje Murino              Gorštak Kolašin              Rumija
1999/00   Pljevlja                     Crvena zvijezda Danilovgrad  OFK Igalo
2000/01   Županica Rožaje              Drezga Piperi                Bijela
2001/02   Brskovo Mojkovac             Dečić Tuzi                   Otrant Ulcinj
2002/03   Tekstilac Bijelo Polje       Dečić Tuzi                   OFK Igalo
2003/04   Brskovo Mojkovac             Grafičar Podgorica           Cetinje
2004/05   Berane                       Zabjelo Podgorica            OFK Igalo
2005/06   Jezero Plav                  Zabjelo Podgorica            Otrant Ulcinj
2006/07   Tekstilac Bijelo Polje       Iskra Danilovgrad            Otrant Ulcinj
2007/08   Polimlje Murino              Ribnica Konik                Mornar Bar
2008/09   Gusinje                      Zora Spuž                    OFK Bar
2009/10   Pljevlja                     Iskra Danilovgrad            Cetinje
2010/11   Petnjica                     Blue Star Podgorica          Igalo
2011/12   Pljevlja                     Zora Spuž                    Arsenal Tivat
2012/13   Pljevlja                     Kom Podgorica                Cetinje
2013/14   Radnički                     Iskra Danilovgrad            Federal Ulcinj
2014/15   Brskovo Mojkovac             Grafičar Podgorica           Sloga Radovići
2015/16   Polimlje Murino              Čelik Nikšić                 Otrant Ulcinj
2016/17   Pljevlja                     OFK Mladost Podgorica        Arsenal Tivat
2017/18   Brskovo Mojkovac             Bratstvo Cijevna             Arsenal Tivat
2018/19   Ibar Rožaje                  Drezga Piperi                Cetinje
2019/20   Berane                       Mladost Donja Gorica         Igalo

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