Netherlands - List of Women Champions

In July 1896, the B.L.F.C. (British Ladies Football Club) planned a tour to the continent and challenged two Dutch clubs, H.V.V. (Den Haag) and Sparta (Rotterdam), as well as some German ones (who, like H.V.V., declined), to play a match (in which the host sides would have fielded men).
Sparta initially accepted and started advertising the match, scheduled for 30 August 1896 in Rotterdam, but cancelled it after the executive committee (dagelijks bestuur) of the N.V.B. (Dutch football federation) forbade any of its members to participate in such a venture (on the ground of "bringing the game into disrepute"), on penalty of a one year suspension. At the general meeting of the federation on 11 October 1896, Sparta requested reimbursement of its advertising costs (13 Dutch guilders and 85 cents), but this was rejected after a vote among the club representatives present (20 against, 19 in favour, 1 abstention).
A first Dutch women football club was founded in May 1914 (Eerste Nederlandsche Dames Voetbal Vereeniging) but it only played friendly matches. A one-day event in 1934 may be considered a first unofficial championship; in 1955/56 a league organised by the N.D.V.B. (Nederlandse Dames Voetbalbond, founded 16 April 1955 in Utrecht) was contested but not all matches were played and the second edition planned for 1956/57 never took off.

1934     Chelsea (Den Haag)            [unofficial]
1955/56  Herbido (Utrecht)
1956/57    not contested
1957-73    not held
1973/74  vv Reutum
1974/75  Osdorp
1975/76  Blauw Wit
1976/77  RKSV Braakhuizen
1977/78  Sint Hubert
1978/79  Alkmania
1979/80  RKSV Braakhuizen
1980/81  RKSV Braakhuizen
1981/82  Puck
1982/83  RKTVC 	
1983/84  Groote Lindt
1984/85  UD/Weerselo
1985/86  KFC '71
1986/87  RKSV Braakhuizen
1987/88  RKTVC
1988/89  KFC '71	
1989/90  Rijsoord
1990/91  Den Dungen
1991/92  Den Dungen
1992/93  Den Dungen
1993/94  Den Dungen 
1994/95  Den Dungen 
1995/96  Saestum
1996/97  Saestum 
1997/98  Saestum 
1998/99  Saestum 	 
1999/00  Saestum
2000/01  vv Ter Leede
2001/02  Saestum
2002/03  vv Ter Leede
2003/04  vv Ter Leede
2004/05  Saestum
2005/06  Saestum
2006/07  vv Ter Leede

Eredivisie (professional)

2007/08  AZ
2008/09  AZ
2009/10  AZ
2010/11  FC Twente
2011/12  ADO Den Haag

BeNe League

2012/13  FC Twente
2013/14  FC Twente
2014/15  FC Twente

Eredivisie (professional)

2015/16  FC Twente
2016/17  Ajax
2017/18  Ajax
2018/19  FC Twente
2019/20    abandoned
2020/21  FC Twente
2021/22  FC Twente

Number of Titles (46; since 1973)
 8 Saestum (Zeist)
   FC Twente (Enschede)

 5 Den Dungen

 4 RKSV Braakhuizen (Geldrop)
   vv Ter Leede (Sassenheim)

 3 AZ (Alkmaar)

 2 Ajax (Amsterdam)
   KFC '71 (Delft)
   RKTVC (Tiel)
 1 ADO Den Haag
   Alkmania (Roelofarendsveen)
   Blauw Wit (Amsterdam)
   Groote Lindt (Zwijndrecht)
   Osdorp (Amsterdam)
   Puck (Deventer)
   vv Reutum
   Rijsoord (Ridderkerk)
   Sint Hubert

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