Netherlands promotion/relegation

Eredivisie - Eerste divisie

           Relegated from     Promoted from
           Eredivisie         Eerste divisie
           ------------------ ------------------
1957       Willem II          Blauw Wit
           Eindhoven          ADO
1958       GVAV               SHS
           BVV                Willem II
1959       NOAD               Sittardia
           SHS                Volendam
1960       Volendam           GVAV
           Sittardia          Alkmaar
           Blauw Wit          NOAD
1961       Elinkwijk          Volendam
           Alkmaar            Blauw Wit
           NOAD               De Volewijckers
1962       DWS                Heracles
           Rapid JC
1963       Willem II          DWS
           De Volewijckers    Go Ahead
1964       Blauw Wit          Sittardia
           Volendam           Telstar
1965       Sittardia          Willem II
           NAC                Elinkwijk
1966       Heracles           Sittardia
1967       Elinkwijk          Volendam
           Willem II          NEC
1968       *1                 Holland Sport
           *2                 AZ'67
1969       FSC                SVV
           Volendam           Haarlem
1970       GVAV               Volendam
           SVV                Excelsior
1971       AZ'67              FC Den Bosch
           Haarlem            FC Groningen
           *3                 Vitesse
1972       Volendam           Haarlem
           Vitesse            AZ'67
1973       Excelsior          Roda JC
           FC Den Bosch       De Graafschap
1974       NEC                Excelsior
           FC Groningen       Wageningen
1975       Haarlem            NEC
           Wageningen         Eindhoven
1976       MVV                Haarlem
           Excelsior          FC VVV
1977       Eindhoven          Vitesse
           De Graafschap      Volendam
1978       FC Amsterdam       MVV
           Telstar            PEC Zwolle
1979       Volendam           Willem II
           FC VVV             Excelsior
1980       Vitesse            FC Groningen
           Haarlem            FC Wageningen
1981       Excelsior          De Graafschap
           FC Wageningen      Haarlem
1982       MVV                Helmond Sport
           FC Den Haag        Fortuna Sittard
           De Graafschap      Excelsior
1983       FC Twente          DS'79
           NAC                Volendam
           NEC                FC Den Bosch
1984       Helmond Sport      MVV
           Willem II          FC Twente
           DS'79              NAC
1985       PEC Zwolle         Heracles
           NAC                FC VVV
           Volendam           NEC
1986       Heracles           FC Den Haag
           NEC                PEC Zwolle
           MVV                Veendam
1987       Excelsior          Volendam
           Veendam            Willem II
           Go Ahead Eagle     DS'79
1988       DS'79              RKC
           FC Den Haag        Veendam
           AZ                 MVV
1989       Veendam            Vitesse
           VVV                FC Den Haag
           PEC Zwolle         NEC
1990       Haarlem            SVV
           BVV Den Bosch      SC Heerenveen
1991       NEC                De Graafschap
           SC Heerenveen      VVV
1992       VVV                Cambuur Leeuwarden
           De Graafschap      BVV Den Bosch
           FC Den Haag        Go Ahead Eagles
1993       Dordrecht '90      VVV
           Fortuna Sittard    SC Heerenveen
           FC Den Bosch       NAC
1994       Cambuur Leeuwarden Dordrecht '90
           VVV                NEC
1995       Dordrecht '90      Fortuna Sittard
           MVV                De Graafschap
1996       Go Ahead Eagles    AZ
1997       AZ                 MVV
1998       FC Volendam        AZ
           FC Groningen       Cambuur Leeuwarden
1999       NAC                FC Den Bosch
2000       FC Den Bosch       NAC
           MVV                FC Groningen
           Cambuur Leeuwarden RBC Roosendaal
2001       RBC Roosendaal     FC Den Bosch

*1 Xerxes/DHC'66 withdrew at the end of the season
*2 Fortuna'54 and Sittardia merged to FSC, which stayed in the eredivisie
*3 Holland Sport and ADO merged to FC Den Haag, which stayed in the eredivisie

Eerste divisie - Tweede divisie

           Relegated from     Promoted from
           Eerste divisie     Tweede divisie
           ------------------ ------------------
1957       EBOH               Leeuwarden
           Emma               RBC
1958       EDO                Heracles
           Xerxes             ZFC
1959       Haarlem            DHC
           Roda Sport         Go Ahead
                              't Gooi
1960       De Graafschap      Be Quick
           Rigtersbleek       EBOH
                              Enschedese Boys
                              SC Heerenveen
1961       EDO                Haarlem
           Helmondia '55      Hilversum
1962       AGOVV              Velox             Two Eerste divisies are merged
           Alkmaar                              Tweede divisie is split in A and B
           Be Quick
           FC Wageningen
           Hermes DVS
           SC Heerenveen
           't Gooi
1963       Roda JC            BVV
1964       BVV                Alkmaar
           Fort. Vlaardingen  NEC
1965       Excelsior          Cambuur
           Veendam            Xerxes
1966       FC VVV             FC Den Bosch      Two Tweede divisies are merged
                              De Graafschap
                              FC Zaanstreek
                              SC Drente
1967       De Graafschap      FC VVV
           SC Drente          Haarlem
1968       FC VVV             FC Wageningen
           Velox              Helmond Sport
1969       Eindhoven          De Graafschap
           FC Wageningen      Excelsior
           RBC                Fort. Vlaardingen
1970       De Volewijckers    FC Wageningen
           Fort. Vlaardingen  SC Heerenveen
1971                          De Volewijckers     Tweede divisie is discontinued
                              FC VVV
                              Fort. Vlaardingen
                              Roda JC

Professional - Amateurs

There are several possibilities why a club went from professional to amateur soccer: withdrawal, relegation, bankrupcy and, in 1971, 11 teams were forced to return to the amateurs because of a restructuring of professional soccer in the Netherlands. Merged are not given in the table below. In the column LL, the level where the club played in their last year, is given.
           From professional  From amateurs
       LL  to amateurs        to professional
       --- ------------------ ------------------
1955   1B  Brabantia
1958   2A  Emma               Velox
1959   2B  Oosterparkers
       2A  DOSKO
1960   2B  Rheden
       2B  Velocitas
       2A  ONA
1961   2   Rigtersbleek
       2   De Valk
       2   Zeist
1962   1A  Helmond            Xerxes
       1B  EBOH
       2   UVS
1963   2A  Oldenzaal
1964   2A  Be Quick
1965   2B  LONGA
1967   2   Tubantia
1968   E   Xerxes/DHC'66
       2   Hilversum
1969   2   Zwolsche Boys
1971   2   NOAD
       2   SC Gooiland
       2   SC Drente
       2   AGOVV
       2   RCH
       2   EDO
       2   Hermes DVS
       2   ZFC
       2   Limburgia
       2   Baronie
1981   1   FC Vlaardingen
1982   1   FC Amsterdam
1983   1   SC Amersfoort      RBC
1984                          RKC
1985                          Emmen
1990                          VC Vlissingen
1991                          TOP
1992   1   Wageningen
       1   VCV Zeeland

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