Netherlands - Roman Catholic Championships

In September 1915 a regional roman catholic football federation was founded for clubs from the diocese of Breda (R.K.V.B. Westelijk Brabant, later R.K.V.B. Breda); three months later, the diocese of Den Bosch followed with the R.K.V.B. Den Bosch. In 1916, the R.K.U.V.B. was created in the archdiocese of Utrecht and, at the end of that year, these three federations united to form the nationwide R.K.N.V.B. (Roomsch Katholieke Nederlandsche Voetbal Bond).
In the following years, roman catholic football federations were established in Limburg (R.K.L.V.B., diocese Roermond) and the diocese of Haarlem (D.H.V.B.); these also joined the R.K.N.V.B., which was renamed R.K.F. (Roomsch Katholieke Federatie) in 1920.

On 24 April 1932 the I.V.C.B. (Interdiocesane Voetbal-Competitie-Bond) was formed to organise the competitions above the diocese level (but not to represent the clubs, who remained members of the R.K.F.) from the 1932/33 season on, a task hitherto assigned to the Technische Sectie of the R.K.F.

During the entire interbellum these federations organised an annual competition for the national title between the champions from the highest regional leagues (with the precise set-up undergoing many changes over the years).

After the German invasion in 1940, the R.K.F. (as all other football federations hitherto independent of the K.N.V.B., such as the socialist N.A.S.B. (Nederlandsche Arbeiders-Sportbond) and the protestant C.N.V.B.) was dissolved (as was the I.V.C.B.); its member clubs were forced to join (one of the regional member federations of) the N.V.B. (which lost its royal first initial during the war).

Note that the R.K.F. also organised international matches against catholic federations in Germany, Belgium and Austria.


Season  Champions                       Runners-Up   
1915/16 Bredania (Breda)            5-4 Sparta (Gestel)
1916/17 Bredania (Breda)
1917/18   not contested
1918/19 Valkenburg (Valkenburg)         Wilhelmina (Tilburg)      
1919/20 Wilhelmina (Tilburg)        3-2 Sittard (Sittard)           [aet]
1920/21 M.U.L.O. (Helmond)              B.F.C. (Den Bosch)
1921/22   not completed
1922/23 Valkenburg (Valkenburg)         P.V.C. (Utrecht)
1923/24 Sittard (Sittard)               R.K.M.S.V. (Maastricht)
1924/25 M.U.L.O. (Helmond)      3-2 1-1 Volharding (Deventer)    
1925/26 P.V.C. (Utrecht)        3-2 2-1 R.K.T.V.V. (Tilburg)   
1926/27 M.U.L.O. (Helmond)      6-2 3-3 Wilskracht (Amsterdam)   
1927/28 Wilskracht (Amsterdam)  3-2 1-1 Venlo (Venlo)   
1928/29 M.U.L.O. (Helmond)      1-0 3-1 V.V.Z. (Zaandam)  
1929/30 R.K.T.V.V. (Tilburg)            D.H.L. (Delft)
1930/31 R.K.T.V.V. (Tilburg)            D.H.L. (Delft)
1931/32 Caesar (Beek, Lbg.)     5-1 1-1 T.Y.B.B. (Haarlem)      
1932/33 Wilhelmina (Weert)              D.H.L. (Delft)
1933/34 Valkenburg (Valkenburg)         Volendam (Volendam)
1934/35 Volendam (Volendam)             Kerkrade (Kerkrade)
1935/36 Brabantia (Eindhoven)           Volendam (Volendam)
1936/37 Brabantia (Eindhoven)           V.V.A. (Nieuwendam)
1937/38 Volendam (Volendam)             Brabantia (Eindhoven)
1938/39 Spartaan (Rotterdam)            Kerkrade (Kerkrade)
1939/40   not completed

Number of Titles (20, since 1918; runners-up finishes between square brackets))

 4      M.U.L.O. (Helmond)

 3 [ 2] R.K.T.V.V. (Tilburg)      [includes Wilhelmina (Tilburg)]
 3      Valkenburg (Valkenburg)

 2 [ 2] Volendam (Volendam)
 2 [ 1] Brabantia (Eindhoven)

 1 [ 1] P.V.C. (Utrecht)
 1 [ 1] Sittard (Sittard)
 1 [ 1] Wilskracht (Amsterdam)
 1      Caesar (Beek, Lbg.)
 1      Spartaan (Rotterdam)
 1      Wilhelmina (Weert)

   [ 3] D.H.L. (Delft)
   [ 2] Kerkrade (Kerkrade)
   [ 1] B.F.C. (Den Bosch)
   [ 1] R.K.M.S.V. (Maastricht)
   [ 1] T.Y.B.B. (Haarlem)
   [ 1] Venlo (Venlo)
   [ 1] Volharding (Deventer)    
   [ 1] V.V.A. (Nieuwendam)
   [ 1] V.V.Z. (Zaandam)

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