Nicaragua - Foundation Dates of Clubs

1917    Diriangén FC Diriamba                         [on May 15]
1926    Club Deportivo Granada
1932    Club Atlético Managua
        Alas FC Managua 
1961    Real Estelí FC                                [founded as Estelí FC]  
1967    Deportivo Masaya FC
1972    Club Deportivo América Managua 
1975    Chinandega FC
1977    Juventus FC Managua 
1982    Club Deportivo Masachapa San Rafael del Sur
        San Marcos FC
1985    FC Real Bautista Granada                      [founded as Deportivo Bautista]
1987    Club Deportivo Walter Ferretti Managua        [founded as MINT]
1995    Club Deportivo Jalapa
        Matagalpa FC
1996    Real Madriz FC Somoto 
1997    Club Deportivo Bluefields
2000    Atlético Estelí FC                            [dissolved 2006]                           
2002    Club Deportivo Ocotal
2006    Managua FC  
        Vicente de la Cruz Padilla Chinandega         [aka VCP Chinandega; dissolved 2010] 
2008    Fox Villa Jinotepe
2009    FC San Francisco Masachapa
2011    ART Municipal Jalapa FC
        Nandasmo FC
2014    CD Sébaco                                     [dissolved 2018]
2018    Export Sébaco FC

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